Things to do before you die; meaning reason's to keep on living

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Things to do before you die; meaning reason's to keep on living

First of I'm a nosy fuck so I wanna know what you guys wanna do before you die but secondly and more importantly whenever you feel like life isn't worth living think about all the things you've dreamed of doing and you'll see that you can't die without actually doing (or at least trying) those things so make sure you try to do as much as you can, then and only then can you die but you'll be like 80 by then so it wont be a long wait. If you feel like you can't go on make a list of all the things you've always wanted to do and then figure out how you're gonna do them! My list is really fucking unrealistic, it probably sounds stupid but it's worth a shot so please comment with what you wanna do!

Meet MCR and thank them for saving my life
See MCR live (yeah that's not gonna happen but there's a little hope so it's staying...)
Go to California in 2019 and dress up as a Killjoy!
Get to at least year free of not doing... something bad... and getting an orange butterfly tattoo to celebrate (if my parents will let me)
Be in a band - I've kinda-ish done that
Get a Les Paul
Learn how to play piano and drums
Build a studio in my house!
Write books - trying and failing miserably at doing that
Go to Disneyland Florida and meet Peter Pan (he just seems so fucking cool!)
Go to Disneyland Paris - check!
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (I only went to the first floor....)
Go to Harry Potter World (which is also in Florida)
Get tattoo'd by Kat Von D
Get a half sleeve of tattoos
Help people!!
Use a band to help people the way MCR helped me!
Be a motivational speaker about the effects of bullying
Get a decent camera so I can make videos
Try acting in something somehow
Direct something
Go to New York - I did that twice already!!
Go an actual American High School for a while (I'm sorry schools in Ireland are shit so I wanted to see what it was like...) And yes I did manage to do that!
See The Lion King, Les Miserables and Oliver on Broadway
Be in an actual production of Les Mis
Go to Central Perk
Go to Warped Tour in New Jersey
Play on Warped Tour (I can try!)
Go to Reading & Leeds festival
Headline Reading & Leeds with Ray!! (I can dream, can't I?)
Make a concept album(s) (I can try!)
Fall in love
Live in New York, LA or New Jersey
See as much of the world as I possibly can!
Get married
Have kids

And I want to make damn sure I don't end up in a shitty dead end job in an office resulting in me waking up at 40 with bitter realization that my life was practically lead by other people and having mid-life crisis
Because I don't want:
a job society expects me to have
live my life in a certain way that I'm expected to instead of the way I want to
be ashamed of who I am and change to fit in again
give up on music and writing all together
get married for the sake of getting married instead of for love
fall into a depression again and ultimately killing myself
self-harm again
have the same ignorant, idiotic assholes currently in my life staying there forever
to die filled with regret knowing that I could have lead a completely different life but didn't even try

Hence the reason why you have to keep fighting because you can't change the past, and the present probably sucks but you have infinite potential meaning you can do anything in the future and that is why you shouldn't resort to suicide because you'll have eliminated all the chances to do all the amazing things you want to do and be as happy as you deserve to be in life!
Stay Strong and Keep Running!
- Scarlet Shadow