Important message: stay strong

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Important message: stay strong

So this is something that I just posted on Tumblr as part of the recovery blog I have ( ) but I want you guys to see it too. Now this does mention issues that some of you may be struggling with so if you're triggered by these kinds of things then don't read this but it's in no way promoting them, or bringing them up in a way that I think would be triggering but I obviously can't be 100% sure on that it's the opposite really. This is why you shouldn't do it, I want to help people with this. But I understand if this gets removed.

Why is it okay to glamorize self-harm and eating disorders?

Why are the cuts on wrists and thighs “tragically beautiful”?

Or the protruding bones of those clearly severely underweight something desirable?

What’s so fascinating about suicide and depression?

Or how anxiety, bi-polar disorder and OCD have become “cute” and “quirky” personality traits?

Yes, it’s fine to vent here and express your feelings, I know this may be the only place you feel safe but egging someone on is wrong on so many levels.

Instead of making gifs or your cuts for notes why not bandage them and seek help. Bloody sheets and razor blades could trigger someone else.

By taking pictures of the thigh gap you obtained by losing so much weight the muscle of your legs literally wore away and posting it to be a “thinspiration” could potentially kill someone. Honey, I hate to break it to you but as human beings we need food to function, without it we lose energy, concentration, our bodies functions slowly fade away, you may lose the ability to ever have kids or worse; you’ll die trying to get skinny.

Making a gif of yourself taking a blade to your neck, wrist or thigh could easily kill you if you go too deep and give someone the idea that they can do it too.

Depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, are far from “glamorous” and “quirky”. Is staying in bed all day without motivation to do anything or the will to live because a huge gray cloud has sucked all the joy out of life weighing you down to a point where even if you wanted to get up you simply do not have the energy to do “appealing”? Are heart palpitations, trembles, sweaty palms, nausea, severe distress and breathing difficulties due to the extreme paranoia that no one likes you, you do not want to be outside, you do not want to be around people, the thoughts of facing the outside world scare you into extreme panic everyday “fun”?. The demons telling you that; you’re annoying, everyone hates you because you’re some worthless freak and everyone wishes you could just go away and stop being such a burden something “cute”? Are severe highs and lows ranging from hysterical mania, sleepless nights yet high energy to crippling depression bringing an overwhelming sense of hopelessness simply just a a “personality quirk”?

No. No it’s not.

As a person you are beautiful, your cuts are not, your cuts are reminders of the damage you have inflicted upon yourself which you do not deserve.

Is “fat” the worst thing a person can be? Worse than being a horrible person? Does your body define your worth? Your body is your vessel to carry you through this life, all bodies are beautiful because your beauty radiates from within you, it’s your smile, your laugh, the spark in your eyes. Not the flatness of your stomach or the distance between your thighs. Natural beauty is pretty; natural frailness is just as sexy as curves.

If you are struggling talk to someone, seek help, ask for help. Don’t spend hours glued to your computer posting pictures of the new dip forming on your hips due to the “diet progress” your making, or making gifs if the blade tearing your skin because the blood is somewhat attractive now, again talk to someone. Don’t go around claiming that suicide is tragically beautiful because it’s tragic, the person was beautiful but their death was not.

Once your dead you can’t come back, that may sound appealing right now but do you really want to abandon all hope? Abandon the possibility of seeing the world? Getting married? Living your dreams? Watching your kid take their first steps? Kissing in the rain? Going to collage? Your first date? Another Halloween or Christmas? Another New Year? Never seeing your favourite band? Never listening to music again? Never lying in your warm bed hearing the rain pelting off the roof? Never living to see the Harry Potter remakes complaining that Emma Watson will always be Hermoine to you? Or watching the sun set or the Northern Lights? You think these things will never happen to you but we can’t see the future, aren’t you even a tiny but curious as to what’s in store for you?

Remember that someone out there loves you, and cares about you. Nothing will be the same if you go because we effect the lives of every one around us; some people like friends and family majorly, perhaps your a background character to people in school or on the street but you still have a role to play. Let go of this idea that this is something you deserve, that your not worth more than this, that all your problems revolve around the number on the scale, the demons in your head are right and the blood shed is something you have to do. You can overcome this,

Anyone who promotes these hings, fills your head with obtuse ideas that these disorders are romantically sad and tragically beautiful need to re-evaluate their ideas or anyone who tells you that you deserve this pain need to get out of your life. Remove negativity, we don’t need someone else to pull us down, and you’re not a “bitch” for avoiding toxic people, your well being and recovery come first but the only one who can save you is you. Trust me, it’s hard but so worth it in the end and remember that it is possible to get better.

Stay Strong x