Dead! Part 19

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Dead! Part 19

Frank's POV:

"Just turn this way" I directed to John, I was giving him the "directions" to Gerard and Mikey's house when in reality I was leading him to the middle of nowhere. The plan was to lock him in the car, I figured I'd work that out in the moment, and then just burn it. Before he came out I covered in in petrol but I had more in the back seat. I convinced him it was there to "exterminate" the ways so it looked like he'd bought everything.
"What do you have against their dad?" I asked, he acted like he didn't hear me. "If you don't tell me I'm not gonna do this!" I snapped. He rolled his eyes, "why do you care?" he asked, "just tell me!" I said losing my patience. Gerard and Mikey should know what he had against them. He sighed, "we were close one time. I suppose you could say we were scientists but he had different ideas than I had. This is the most important thing I've ever asked you to do. We invented a way to bring back the dead, it was by complete accident but brilliant. Not only did it bring the dead back but it made them stronger than when they were alive and the best part? They can never die and neither can I. He was absolutely horrified thinking that we had no right to play God but I wanted to go further with it. It tore us apart, he ended it by destroying the chemicals that allowed it to work and getting rid of the formula. I swore I'd make it again someday, and I did on you, and when he was least expecting it I'd get him".
I wasn't sure how to respond to that so I just said nothing for a while. "What chemicals?" I asked, hoping to find out if I would die or not. "You don't need to know that" he answered, I signed there was only one way to find out. I told him to pull up outside a random house. We decided earlier that we were going to it there since no one lived there, it looked like John honestly taught we were at the right place. "Stay here" I said as I got out of the car.

Mikey's POV:

The night they had set to kill John seemed to last forever. Gerard, Ray and I just sat around outside waiting and making sure we were hidden, the whole thing had to be timed perfectly so we could only come out when we saw Frank. I decided to go since it could be the last time I'd ever see him.
My heart sank when I saw Frank getting out of the car, we were posted behind it and had to hope that John didn't see us. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, Frank "accidently" dropped the petrol like he was suppost to. As he bend down to "pick it up" he pulled out a lighter, I felt Gerard's arm brush agaisnt mine as he pulled out one too. At this point we're crouched behind the car, Frank winked and nodded to Gerard but he was shaking. "move back" Gerard hissed at me and Ray. Within seconds the entire care was engulfed by flames. I cringed as John screamed and trashed wildly inside, I had to remind myself that he deserved it.
Suddenly the flames blew out and the car was scattered with ashes, I felt relieved until I heard Frank cry out in pain and fall to the ground. "Frank!" we all screamed simultaneously and ran over. He was doubled over and moaning, "Frank?" I asked, my eyes filling with tears. He moaned again in response. It went on like that for a few minutes, I felt completely hopeless but gradually the pain seemed to subside. We helped him up, he staggered a little but it seemed like he would be okay.
We didn't think he'd be immortal anymore but that didn't matter, that hellish demon of a person was gone for good.