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So there's this movie called Cyberbully with Emily Osment in it and I haven't actually watched the whole movie yet but I did skip towards the end of it. Have any of you guys seen it? If not be warned you should have a box of tissues next to you at all times if you're gonna watch it. I sat there trembling and fucking bawled my eyes out at one particular part. I've always felt strongly about bulling and tried to show people how serious it is and help people who are being bullied so I'm glad that someone out there realises the effects of bullying and made this movie about it, because people really need to see how badly their actions affect people. Every form of bullying is unacceptable and a movie like this really shows that. There could be a lot going on for someone and they can't cope anymore, they could have family problems, be under a lot of pressure, or had a horrible past and being bullied could push them over the edge.

The thing with cyber-bulling is that you come home from school after yet another day of being treated like shit, you turn on your phone or go on the internet and it starts all over again. You begin to feel like it doesn't matter what you do or where you go because these people are still gonna be able to hurt you. It's like your trapped and after a while start to see only one way out. Which is why so many kids (including myself) contemplate suicide as an escape and unfortunately too many of them succeed in doing so. Even one person ending their life is too much. But Nia Lovelis once said that that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem which is probably one of the best things I've ever heard because you can't have you life back after you've taken it. Yeah I'll admit some days I wonder why I didn't do it but I know that one day I'll be so glad I'm still here.

But enough about me. Bullying has never been taken seriously enough, a kid commits suicide and everyone's like "omg they were so beautiful" "why did they have to go" "society sucks" but a week later they've it forgotten about and a lot of the time the same people continue to bully someone else. And what's even worse is that some schools (especially my school) say they've "a great anti-bullying policy" when really they don't. It takes a lot of guts to tell someone you're being bullied (personally I'm not that brave) so when a kid makes a complaint or a parent they expect something to be done about it and a lot of the time nothing is, leaving the kid to face the "you fucking told on us" crap and making the situation worse. I've said this time and time again but if people just stood back and thought about what they were doing then so many people would still be alive today. Treat others how you want to be treated. Bullying can lead to self harm, eating disorders, drug abuse, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder and ultimately suicide. And suicide isn't "cowardly" what's fucking cowardly is hiding behind a computer screen trying to hurt others because your jealous or bored of your own pathetic life.

So to anyone who is being bullied or wants to end their life hold on. I've learned that even though I'm not quite there yet that I'm a lot stronger than I ever though I was and you will too. It get's better, school doesn't last forever and the people who waste their time hurting others almost always end up living some dull and boring life while your out living you dreams but you've got to stay fighting. They may be on top in school but the real world is different. Karma's a bitch, but if you treat others how you wanna be treated everything will work out in the end. If there's anyone who needs to talk my inbox is always open. x
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