Love Wears Evil Underneath Its Clothes;

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Love Wears Evil Underneath Its Clothes;

Love wears evil underneath its clothes.

Love is a subjective case of the sickening mind twisted into a knot of severe hatred. Love is an outrage of simple conditions that whips all of us out of our minds and into the arms of others. Then in the break of night time weariness we succumb to our thoughts of precocious actions in spite of those who have wretched our hearts and WE are the victims. Many have taught themselves to overthrow these thoughts, though I am still plagued.

I’m not saying love is an awful, nasty, unpleasant, disagreeable, horrid, terrible, dreadful, obnoxious, offensive, atrocious, monstrous, contemptible, detestable, despicable, or beastly kind of thing…in fact, love is wonderful and inspiring!

What I’m saying is, you need to be cautious of who you give your love to. That is where most people go wrong.

xo -draye