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"It's nice."
"Just nice?"
"Just nice."

My small carrier bag plopped onto the floor, causing dust to rise up in a plume.

"Rethink it for a few minutes."

The dust reached my nostrils, causing me to retract with disgust.

"Still just as nice as I said the last one was. And the one before that. And the one before that."

My attitude adjusted itself to the apartment with ease, reassuring every part of me that I would never have a permanent home. The word apartment suited me just fine, though. I was meant to be apart from this world. Compared to my sisters, I hadn't a grain of trust in my human abilities.

The apartment had its ups and its downs, its pros and its cons. Overall, I still couldn't find myself pleased anymore with this one than I did the last. I lived in a traveling circus.

Figuratively of course.

"It's a tad beat up, but it's vintage!" Mom exclaimed, smiling widely as she examined the finish on the walls. I smiled grimmly, biting down on my lip.
"I feel like we live in West Side Story now," I laughed, placing a loose hand on my hip.
"Humor me," Mom replied, looking at me through hard eyes.
"Anyone could just climb up those rusty old stairs to get to our rooms. And there are wells between buildings. I'll never sleep soundly again..." I trailed off, adopting a look of horror.

Our things had yet to arrive, which gave a vacant and empty feeling to the place. It felt cold and mundane just like the rest.

"Well you get first pick of your room, so hurry before your dad and sisters get here." she smiled at me. I felt a smile creep on my face as well and a sense of eagerness grow inside me.

Growing up with 2 sisters and a new temporary home every few months, I always got the short end of the stick. Sadie felt superior, being the oldest. Denise felt deprived, being the youngest.

I was that dumb middle kid. The place no one wants to be,

"Maybe I do like this place," I shrugged, darting up the stairs.

I entered the second room on the left and it immediately became mine the second I breathed its air. The old and stained wooden floors creaked as I slid across it.
"This is great," I mumbled to myself with a sense of glee. I was going to have this room to myself.

I walked over to the window, sporting powder blue curtains that flowed like ghosts away from the frame. As I approached the open window, my hair blew backwards, giving me chills down my body. My fingertips splintered across the wood of the frame, tempting to pull it closed, until something across the way caught my eye.

A building, approximately 10 feet away from my building, honed windows of the like all down the side. Identical to ours. The window directly across mine had its curtains pulled back and its blinds pulled up, revealing the body inside.

Simply a woman, folding clothes.

"Perfect." I whispered to myself, poking my head through the open window. Car horns and stray cats- the best way I can describe it. An alley placed itself nicely between the two buildings, while stairs trickled upwards, giving me heartburn.

Maybe I'll get to watch some drug deals go down, who knows. Though, I would never sleep knowing some creep could possibly be watching me at night from my window. I had that happen before, when I was really young back at a house we had in Oklahoma. We didn't stay there too long.

"My room." I smiled, pleased with everything I saw. I pulled the window closed and it landed with a thud.

"I'd move your things in now, make it yours." I heard someone say behind me. I swiftly turned to meet my mother. I held my heart with my hand, gaping at her. "Don't sneak up on me like that," I scolded. She rolled her eyes, stepping closer to me. "Nice choice," she smiled, her cheek bones high as ever.

"It's small though," she said, her smile fading.
"I like it that way." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. She laughed, setting a hand on my shoulder.
"Well, here." she dropped my bag into my arms, grinning warmly at me. She exited without another word.

I gripped my bag tightly, holding it like someone would a newborn. Something inside of me felt strange, as if the good vibes I was getting from this new home weren't all they were cracked up to be. With a wet of my lips, I began to whistle, listening as the hollow sounds bounced off the walls.

Two boys stood talking in the room, talking so prevelent with their hands. The taller, lengthier boy seemed frustrated. The other boy, whose face I couldn't see as well seemed calm. I watched with little interested until the shorter boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag.

I knew it. We had moved into a city of drug dealers.

The lengthy kid pulled out money, and soon disappeared from sight. I raised an eyebrow at the transaction, feeling a bit guilty for watching. Before I could walk away, though, the remaining boy turned around instantly making eye contact with me.

I gasped, feeling stupid. It's not really like me to get stereotypical, but I couldn't help but feel he might pull out a gun and shoot me. I stood there dumbly, gripping the window frame. He stood there as well, raising his eyebrows at me. I couldn't make out much facial features, but from what I could tell he didn't look like a friendly guy.

To my surprise, he smiled. But before I could gain any sense of hope, it slipped into a mean sarcastic smile...with a sarcastic wave to go along with it. Gulping, I waved back.

My mom always called me a punk for wearing ripped up jeans and band shirts, but that's not the real kind of punk. The real kind of punk is drug dealing, defying the law, and disregarding athority. It had nothing to do with the clothes you place on your back.

Since I'm not good at making good decisions, I pulled the window down with a tug, taking the blinds down with it. Stepping back, I breathed deeply.

"Note to self- keep window closed forever."

"What'd you say?" I heard an unmistakable voice say. I turned around to see my sister Sadie leaning against my door frame.
"I said...stay out of my room."
"That's not what you said."
"That's what I'm saying now." I scowled.

She huffed a laugh