99 problems...

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99 problems...

...and they all bitches!
OK maybe I don't have 99 problems...but I do have problems and they are all bitches.

Today was the first day I got put on antidepressant medication. This is problem number one. A few hours earlier, I had taken 2 Dramamine to help me sleep. Basically, because I was depressed and just wanted to sleep. My mom finally took me to the doctor who put me on adolescent antidepressants. He asked me if I was on any other medication and of course I said, "no" because...what am I supposed to own up to taking 2 Dramamine pills? "Yes doctor, I only wanted to sleep. Is that so wrong?"

So I took my dose and went on my way. But my problems grew larger. When I got home, I unleashed my stash of 4 lokos and drank 2 of them. I haven't died yet and low and behold...I can type just fine. Let's just say it takes a while for the alcohol to kick in. I don't get drunk too fast...or else id'a literllay be tpying like thisf...because when I'm drunk, I'm piss drunk.

So I'm not dead. Cool...what now? I feel like no matter how much shit I do to my body...it just won't quit. It's my body's way of telling me, "You're not done yet, kid. Keep running!" ...and so I keep running. I'm only 17 and getting into this shit. Wonderful. What's next? Cocaine? No...that shit's serious. That shit's dangerous! I'm starting to wish the B.L.I Medication did exist...so I can take it and feel no more. Till then...I'm stuck doing this.

This blog made no sense. Maybe it's because I'm drunk.