Total Desolation Part 53

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Total Desolation Part 53

When I woke up I found faces floating all around me, hurrying around trying to rouse me, trying to heal me, trying to help me. My eyes fluttered a lot and I groaned, I had never felt so horrible in my entire life. As soon as each person registered that the groan had come from me everyones eyes settled on me.
“What happened back there!? I was struggling with the Reapers and then next thing I knew you were there and Aagneya followed you in and then all hell broke loose! What happened!?” Waterfall Bomb was practically screaming at me.
I groaned again and then I saw Dawn had brought Astrid here and she hushed Bomb.
“It was the power of The Chosen One, but not any ordinary power, no, this was a very special power, this was power coming right from her heart, power that came from wanting to protect the ones she loved.” Astrid smiled at me and I tried to smile back but failed. Though it was true I still couldn’t believe it.
After an hour of laying motionless with everyone staring at me I finally managed to bring myself to speak. “The spirits, the ones that were in my dagger, when it broke they came out and threw themselves at me. Who were they and what does that do to me?”
Astrid thought about the question. “Hmmm, I’m not sure, I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years, you have so much power and then spirits flying into you voluntarily, that shouldn’t happen, I could see the Reapers but that was because you pulled them into you.”
“What happens to them when I pulled them into me?” I asked.
“I would have to assume that that’s why your blood is so dark, all the evil coursing through your veins, and now they seem darker yet,” She picked up my arm to look at it “if that’s even possible and I can see them rushing around in there.” Astrid dropped my arm again.
I fell back asleep after that, god I was so tired.
When I woke up again I was again in complete darkness. I looked around the room and saw that everyone had also fallen asleep but at this point no one had anything else to worry about so they could sleep as much as they wanted and I felt they didn’t actually want to sleep, they just wanted to see that I got better.
Just then I felt as if I were choking. I tried to scream but found it impossible, something was choking me from the inside. I clawed at my throat, trying to make it stop. The feeling wouldn’t stop and I continued clawing at my throat in desperation. I could feel my skin tearing under my sharp fingernails and I felt the sticky substance of blood covering my throat and hands. I could even taste the copper taste that comes when I smell blood though I didn’t know how I could smell when I couldn't breathe.
I ripped my throat open, feeling all the muscles and tendons in my throat, the blood gushing out and then suddenly I fell still.
When I opened my eyes I saw my body sprawled across the bed, my throat ripped open and my blood still being sucked up by the sheets. I knew then that I was dead. Truly dead this time. There was no Black Parade for me now. But I saw something that I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. I saw the thirteen spirits inside me, they were all wedged up in my throat, trying to escape and finally be at peace, but now that I was dead, they too were dead. We were all dead, all thirteen of us. But the one thing that I had actually set out to do had happened, my family was safe, finally, they had The Black Parade to enjoy, no more fighting, they had peace, and that was all I could wish for.

The End

And there's part 53! The final part! Thanks so much if you read this! I appreciate it!

-Acidic Venom