something HILARIOUS i found on tumblr

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something HILARIOUS i found on tumblr

Mum (looking at a poster of MCR I have): Aw, pretty pretty boys. Frank’s especially pretty. I’ll give him a big hug and lick his face.

Me: Tumblr! I’m tumblring that!

Mum (laughing): Go on, I dare you!

Me: You’re weird.

Mum: And they’re pretty! I wanna cuddle them and put them in my pocket and carry them around with me everywhere.

Me: Uh... I don’t think they make rock bands in pocket-size.

Mum: Frank’s already pocket-sized.

Me: Well, that’s true...

Mum: They’re such pretty, special snowflakes. (humming) Every snowflake’s different just like you, I’ll sing about it if you ask me to...

Me: Fuck, weird doesn’t even cover it anymore.

i give credit to the O.P