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it was three or four in the morning, and we had just come back from the raid. acidic wolf was handing out coffee and everyone else was either sitting or standing in front of me, with their hands hovering over their weapons. like i was dangerous. like i was a threat to them.
'so acid,scarlett, whoever you are, you are going to tell us who the HELL you are and how the hell every killjoy's enemy knows you. personally.'
i stood there, unmoving, not saying anything, refusing to co-operate.
'well?' he demanded.
'you know me.' i said through gritted teeth. 'you know me, you trust me, im not a danger to you. yo any of you.'
'really? because the evidence and recent events suggest otherwise.' kobra said scowling at me.
'start explaining.' lithium said.
'fine. it started when i was four.' i said.
twelve years earlier
age four.

'scarlett! scarlett baby wake up, come on!' my mother said hysterically, practically screaming.
my eyes opened, scared and wide. my perfect, brave fearless mother, looked terrified.
'honey scarlett, get up we have to go. your daddys downstairs getting everything ready for the trip.'
'where are we going mommy?' i asked.
'somewhere safe.' she whispered, barely audible.
'so were not safe here anymore?'
'no baby, no we're not.' she said putting her hand to my cheek.
i nodded and climbed out of bed.
'okay honey, get your bag ready, and lets go.'

'you ready? you got your sweater on? it's cold out there.' she said zipping up my favorite bright pink sweater with hearts on it.
there was a smash from downstairs and footsteps thumped on the floor, followed by angry voices and screams.
'oh god their here..' my mother said as the color drained from her, a horrified look on her face.
she picked me up and pressed me against her chest rocking back and forth slightly.
'its gonna be okay honey, their not gonna hurt you. im not gonna let them hurt you.' she chanted over and over again.
she was still holding me close to her when we heard the gunshot.
'oh god, your father....' she sobbed.
'is daddy gonna be okay?' i asked. she sniffled, wiping the tears from her eyes and said 'yes daddy is going to be fine.'
there were more footsteps and they sounded like they were getting closer to my room.
'scarlett get in the closet. hide in there and do not open that door for anyone except for me you understand?' she said practically shoving me in the closet. she kissed me on the forhead and stood up and put her finger to her mouth, her eyes telling me not to make a sound. she then shut the door tightly and the whole world seemed to go pitch black. i whimpered and pulled my legs up to me, rocking back and forth and back and forth. everything went quiet.
then suddenly the sound of my door bursting open and my mothers screams pierced the silence around me.
'you are not taking her! shes not even here! no! just leave us alone! please!' she screamed once more, but this time in pain and there was a sound of a body hitting the floor.
the door of the closet opened and moonlight streamed across my face. 'i found her' a man dressed in black said. he was surrounded by other men, wearing white clothes. i looked up to see their faces and my blood turned to ice, they had black hair and fangs. i started to cry.
'take those masks off!' the man in black bellowed. they took their masks off and he lifted me up. i looked around and saw my mother, on the ground, her eyes shut as if she were sleeping. i couldnt tell if she was just sleeping or... or if she wouldnt wake up again. i screamed and bit the man holding me so hard that he dropped me and i ran to my mother and poked her. 'mommy wake up.' she didnt wake. 'mommy wake up!' i said, my voice getting higher. i kept expecting her to wake up and scoop me up in her arms. 'mommy wake up please! mommy please wake up!' i screamed shaking her violently. 'mommy please no! dont leave me here! mommy please!' the man grabbed me and walked out the door. 'mommy!' i screeched. he took me downstairs and i saw daddy face down on the floor. 'daddy please!' i screamed. i felt something sharp enter my skin and everything went fuzzy and i went to sleep.
six years earlier
age ten

'come on honey! your gonna be late for school again!' my mom shouted up the stairs.
'okay mom be down in a second!' i shouted back down to her.
'oh and dont forget your pills honey! i put them all on the desk for you with some water to take them with!'
'okay mom thanks!' i screamed.
i walked over to my desk quickly took a sip of water and popped the pills into my mouth one after the other.
as soon as i swallowed them i felt better.
i felt..... perfect.
fouur months ago
age sixteen

'scarlett get down here! your gonna be late for work again!' mom screamed.
' dont forget to take your pills too!' she added.
'i wont mom!' i said flushing them down the toilet. 'i promise.'
i ran downstairs,slung my bag over my shoulder kissed my mom and dad on the cheek, and headedd for the main bli building.

jacob greeted me as i walked through the doors.
'hello there acid.' he said in a monotone voice. 'how is your day going?'
'perfectly' i responded in the same flat monotone voice.
'korse is looking for you by the way. hes waiting in his office.'
i nodded and got in the elevator, pushing the button for the 27th floorr.
it wooshed up and i was there very quickly. the door opened with a ding.
i rushed out and knocked on korses office door.
'enter' he said. i walked in. 'oh hello scarlett how wonderfull to see you.' he said kissing my cheek on each side of my face. 'i need you to run this file downstairs for me, in the resricted section, so i have to give you acess.' he said handing me a seven acess card. he gave me the file and told me 'not to peek.' i turned to walk out the door. 'oh and scarlett? dont be late you have an execution to carry out at noon.' i smiled and nodded when i looked at him, but when i turned away, i cringed slightly and walked out the door.

i rode the elevator down to the restricted file floor and swiped my card. 'acess granted.' the voice recording said happily.
i found the section where the file was to be stored and i turned to walk out but i bumped my elbow on the shelf. 'oh fuck!' i yelped! i bent down to get the file and something caught my eye. the file had my name on it.
i gasped and opened it and sat down. i looked around to make sure no on was coming and started reading.

Scarlett jones.
age : 16
height: 5'11
weight : 130 lbs.
eye color: blue
hair color: brown.

i flipped a couple of more pages. it read ;
'Scarlett Jones. Given to Mary and John Jones.' wait... given? i stopped reading. all of a sudden, a sharp agonizing pain went through my head. i saw a flash of something. an image of a house, of a little girl's room. i kept reading. 'at age four Scarlett was delivered to Mary and John on April the fourth at eight in the morning.' another flash came into my mind. i saw to people, and a little girl but i couldnt see their faces properly. i screamed in pain. my head pounded and blood pounded in my ears, my pulse quickening. i tried to focus and read on. i gasped and almost lost conciousness.
the file said 'Scarlett was stolen from her real parents on april the second and her memory has been erased. her family were killjoys.'
'killjoys?' i mumbled. but killjoys were dangerous. my mind whirred at a mile a minute. nothing i knew was real, my whole life was a lie, my parents werent really my parents, my real parents... were dead? killed only because the bli coperation wanted me? i looked down at the page once more it read: korse ordered for the parents to be killed and the child to be taken here.' i stood up, dropped the file, ran towards the elevator and punched the button for the ground floor. i got to the main floor and burst open the main doors, and my eyes were blinded by the sunlight. i stumbled a little at first because i couldnt see, then i started running. and i didnt stop.
'thats why korse knows me' i said.
everyone was quiet with grave looks on their faces, clearly uncomfortable.
'how do we know that your telling the truth?' lindsay asked.
'its true.' the girl from bli piped up. 'shes telling you the truth. she isnt lying. ive seen the file myself.'
'and why should we even trust you?' lindsay asked, not rudely, but she was being cautious.
'because she is the reason that your still alive.' i said.
'okay, but what did korse mean when he said "im surprised that their not dead yet. dont you remeber what happened last time". ?'
'when i left they took my family and tortured them for information. they sent me recordings of their screams. im almost positive that their dead.' i said, a tear rolling down my cheek.
'oh acid. im sorry we ever doubted you.' they said hugging me.
'so what happened to your real parents?' lindsay rosebudd asked. 'do you remeber what they looked like?' 'no.' i said 'their faces are blurrred. everything is blurred i dont really remeber anything.'
'what about you?' party asked the bli girl. 'do you know?'
'no sorry.' she said. 'i never got enough clearence to see the end of the file.'
'i know where your real parents are.' dr d said wheeling in.
'what?' we all gasped.
'where are they?' i asked. adam came up to me and took my hand in his for support. he kissed me on the cheek and whispered 'i never doubted you for a second.'
'your parents are right there.' he said, pointing at gerard and lindsay.

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