THE ONLY HOPE FOR ME IS YOU! part blah blah blah

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THE ONLY HOPE FOR ME IS YOU! part blah blah blah

Narrators point of view:

'i will ask you this question one more time' korse said quietly to a nearly unconsious juliet. 'how are you alive?'
'whatever do you mean?' she asked wittily.
'you weren't breathing and now you are. you were dead and now your not. you were dead for almost two days. would you care to explain how that happened?'
'i sincerely dont know. but believe me, if i did you would be the first person that i would tell.'
korses face went bright red and he punched her hard in the stomach.
'you really know how to treat a girl, dont you korse?'
he roared in frusration and slapped her across the face.
juliet groaned in pain.
'you think this hurts now killjoy? just wait till im done with you.'
her head fell. she was so tierd. if only she could just sleep and forget that she was here, if only she could escape from here, this awful place. but she couldnt escape this nightmare.
'you killjoys are all so weak. you let yourselves be objected to emotion, wich clouds your judgement and gets you killed, but most of all, you fight for a cause that will never be won.and your willing to die for it.'
'killjoys fight for what is good and right and we will save this world from you.'
'you know, you dissapoint me. you could have been such a memorable member to this society. but now since you've made the desicion to live, eat and breathe with the fabulous killjoys, you will die with them as well. oh wait, your going to die here, alone. my mistake.'
juliet shook her head as if she was trying to get him out of her head.
'they will come for me, they will come for me, they will come for me, they will come for me,' she began to whisper to herself over and over and over again.
'see that's where your wrong deary.' he said. 'they wont.'
korse turned and left romeo vs juliet alone again in the darkness.
acid shock's point of view:

the cool air whipped softly around me and the soft blue moonlight streamed across my face and along the floor. i sat at an open window in the mansions attic. it seemed like it was the only place that i could be alone.
i sat there, frozen like a statue staring out the window into the nothingness of the desert. at first, i felt nothing at all, like a bli citizen on the pills. then i felt overwhelming grief and i wished that there were pills that i could swallow to make it all go away. i missed my friends and i missed how it all used to be. we were just a bunch of kids fooling around. i smiled at the memories of them. tears slowly went down my face. i hated this. i hated every single minute of this. i put my head in my hands and cursed. 'fuck this' i thought.
i stood up and stretched my stiff feeling limbs. i looked around the room for the first time. there were boxes upon boxes all stacked on top of each other at the back wall and there were randomly thrown boxes on the floor with all kinds of stuff in them. note books old recipts and some old pictures from the 50s. i picked one up and smiled. it was a little family, a mother wearing her pearls and her little children, a boy and a girl, both hugging her legs and smiling up at her like she was the most wonderous person in the world. then, there was her husband standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist, hugging her from behind. i dont know why, but this picture made me happy. they looked so happy and i couldnt help but be happy with them.
'those are my grandparents and my mom and uncle.' a voice said behind me. i whipped around and pulled my gun on her. she didnt even flinch.
'sorry to scare you.' she said. i couldnt tell if she was being sarcastic or not.
'why are you up here alone?' she asked. 'because i want to be.' i responded flatly.
'your going to have to get over them sooner or later you know.' she said softly.
i turned to face the window. 'maybe, maybe not.'
Narrators point of view:

'wake up killjoy. foods here.' a bli citizen said laying a plate of probably poisened food down in front of her.
'eat.' he said.
'i cant without my hands.' she said. he gave her a look. 'come on where the hell am i going to run to?' she said.
the citizen bent down and released her hands from the chains. she reached forward for the plate. the citizen turned around. 'you know, its your own fault that you in here. you chose the weak side to fight on. yoou should have chosen our side. were so much stronger-'
juliet smashed the plate over his head. 'if your so damn strong, why are you the one thats knocked out?' she asked sweetly. she grabbed his keys and freed her legs and feet. the door was opeen and she bolted through it. she looked into the hallway. it was empty except for the security guard at the end of the corridor. she snuck up behind him and stuck a glass shard in his arm. she grabbed his gun and took off running.
everything was a painful bright white and every door, hallway and cell looked the same. she knew that she had to find the elevator and take it up towards the ground level. it was her only chance. she turned a corner, expecting to find an elevator, but all julie saw was more doors and hallways stretching out in font of her. it was like a maze in here!
she ran down the hallway to her left, and then the one to her right. she was back in the same place she started! except, the security guard and the citizen were gone.... a chill went up her spine. juliet knew that they were probably looking for her and that she didnt have much time.
she this time went to the corridors only on her left, but she ended up at the beginning again.
'whats going on? what the hell?' she said, getting more scared by the minute. she ran in a random direction and then thumped into numerous bodies. she picked herself up off the ground. it was the gang!
'i knew youd come looking for me!'
'of course we did!' acidic wolf said, hugging her friend.
'guys no time for reunion now.' acid shock said, her blue eyes twinkling.
'time to get outta here!' kobra kid said.
they ran to their right and saw the elevator. they all climbed in one, by one. juliet was the last one to get in the elevator. she pushed the button and turned to her friends. except..... they were gone. everyone except for party poison.
'poison.. where did-'
party poison morphed into korse.
'i told you. their not going to come for you. the sooner you realize that, the better.' she then felt something crack against her skull and she crumpled to the floor, unconsious.