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two weeks.
two weeks, fourteen days, 168 hours, 10 080 minutes, 604 800 seconds.
thats how long it's been since i left. since ive started running again.
i keep trying to convince myself that im going to be okay, that if i keep going a little further it will all be better, that it will all be okay. but it wont. i feel as if nothing will ever be okay again.
i have some good days, where i tell myself that i would have had to leave anyway, but there are other days where it all seems so hopeless.
i keep feeling like i should hate gerard for what he did, but i just cant bring myself to, because i know, it's all my fault. i got too attached, too comfortable. when you start to love people, its amazing, when you get used to them being there, it's great. but when their gone, you feel lost without them.
i had a chance for another family, i had a chance to have people who loved me and... i let it slip right through my fingers. i destroyed my own life, my own family.
just like the last time.
but i cant think about that. i can never think about that, it hurts too much.
these past few days have been... difficult to say the least.usually, im strong, but every now and then, i fall apart.and to ame it harder, ive been waking up thinking that i'll find combabt baby acidic wolf lethal rosebudd the guys and toxic art getting ready to dog pile on me, or being really careful when i creep into the bathroom, trying to be as quiet as possible and not wake them up.
and thats when it hits me the hardest. im completely, utterly alone out here in this fucking deserted desert. no one's there for me anymore, knowing that there's not one person on this earth that has my back anymore.
realizing that, it rips me too shreds. everything made sense for a while, and now all of a sudden, it doesnt anymore.

ive been walking for a while now and i look up at the sky. its getting dark and i need to find some sort of shelter. i walk a couple of more miles and i realize, theres nothing out here. just sand and dirt.
i drop down and i roll my jacket up into a pillow, and i bring my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around myself. i look around at my surroundngs as i tryy to ignore the tears that are streaming down my face.


party posion looked out the diner window as the sun began to set. kobra kid, fun ghoul and jet-star sat in a booth beside him.
'i wonder how acid's doing. i hope she's okay. she's been gone for a while now.'
'well duh,' mikey said angrily 'you kinda kicked her out'
party poison rolled his eyes and scoffed 'do you honestly think i'd actually kick her out? she's family, and you DONT do that too family.'
'what the fuck are you talking about gerard?' mikey said standing up.,
'didnt frank tell you the plan? we're just pretending to kick her out. the plan was that she'd come back in 12 days, i radioed the killjoy gang that lives on the outskirts of zone 6, they were supposed to take her in for the time that she was away.' gerard said in a matter-of-fact tone.
'no as a matter of fact he didnt!'
'what do you mean he didnt?!' gerard demanded. he turned around to see frank sneakingg out of the room. 'FRANK!' he screamed. 'you were supposed to tell mikey, ray and scarlett the plan! how is she supposed to know to come back now?!'
'AWWWW CRAAAPPPP!" they all said together.