dont know the name yet...

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dont know the name yet...

I'm running. Running so fast it feels like my lungs are going to explode. I see something off in the distance. It's blurry but i think its a buildin but i cant really tell. All of a sudden there's a sickening shot fired and my stomach explodes in a world of complete agony. i let out a garbled cry. come on, just a few more feet and your there keep going it will be okay.

i finaly reach the building. with all my remaining strength i pound on the doors.
i hear something like a lock giving on the other side of the door and i know that there is someone coming to my rescue.

a man opens the door, he has a concerned look on his face and a glitter of a memory flashes through my mind. i know this man, but from where?
'whats-' but before he can finish his sentence i let out a scream of pain and my legs buckle. i fall forward and the man with the familliar face and red hair catches me. he lays me down on my back and swears. hes seen the blood. he rips open my jacket and sees the wound. it went clean through my stomach. he yells for help.

three men come running in the room. he screams 'get jade, she'll know what to do!' the man with the glasses runs out of the room.

i black out, i see flashes of hazel, eyes and insanely curly hair.
'hold on helps coming soon, whats your name?'
i look up and try to focus on the man with the red hair's face
'scarlett' i manage to say, before im sucked into a world of complete blackness.

-end of part one
so what do you think? should i continue?
p.s ik it kinda sucks its my first time writing something like this!!!