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Hey guys! This is a taste of my new fanfic! I REALLY hope that you guys like it!

We thought that we should record how this all happened. To have someone know how this hell of a world started. Hello, my name is Audry Ross A.K.A Envious Angel. And this is the story of how i died.

Thunder clapped overhead. Dark looming clouds swirled and threatened to open up and drown us.

'Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Sarah, James and Lucy Ross, mother, father and sister to Audry Ross and commit the departed to the hands of our Lord God.'

I felt numb. No, scratch that. I couldn't feel anything. My eyes were red and swollen, my body ached with dread, my limbs as stiff as if they were made up of wood. I stood there, racked with pain and suffering. My heart, was broken and shattered and the only people that could fix me were about to be lowered into the ground.

Rain began to spit angrily onto us. The sky was dark blue and angry. The skies, crying for me and with me.
'We must say goodbye to the loved ones that are lost to us.'
The flowers on the coffins glistened in the rain. The bright red roses were almost painful to look at. They looked so happy. The glossy wood of the coffins shone, completely decieving.

'Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust, may you rest in peace.' They began to lower the coffins into the ground. I fell to my knees. 'Oh god.' I thought. 'Please just let me be with them. Just let me be with them. Let me die. Please.'

Tears burned my eyes and tightened my skin as they dropped from me to the Earth. I felt people from the service come and squeeze my shoulders or pat me on the back.
The crowd of people slowly vanished and I was left there, just like I was going to be from now on, completely, and utterly alone.
After what seemed like hours I finally stood up. I turned my back to the freshly opened Earth and began to walk away.
'You know it doesn't have to be this way you know.'
I turned to see a bald man with cold grey eyes staring down at me. He looked so painfully familiar.
'What do you mean?' I croaked.
'You don't have to spend the rest of your life destroying yourself over what happened to your family. It doesn't have to be this way. It wasn't your fault.'
'Yes it was,' I said, rage searing through my body. Who was this man, this stranger who knows nothing about me, to judge wether or not the death of my family was mine or not? 'I should have been there. I should have died with them.'
'No. That's not true. The people who killed your family were ruthless killers. They are dangerous people that need to be brought to justice.'
Finally, I remebered who he was.
'Your Korse, from Better Living Industries aren't you?' Better Living Industires was a thriving new industry that was supposed to be giving order to the chaos in our world. They claimed they would make things, well, better, but so far they've just been causing pain for people. They gave out medication that was supposed to make you a better, perfect person. They were relatively new, and hadn't expanded throughout the enitre country yet.
'Why yes I am.' He said.
'Well Korse, I don't need you to tell me what is and isn't my fault. I can do that perfectly on my own thank you very much.'
I turned to walk to my car.
'Oh Miss Audry?' he said. 'I think you do need me.'
I stared at him, confused.
'How so?' I said, confused.
'You see, you need me because I know exactly who killed your family. Their a violent rebelious group called 'The Fabulous Killjoys'. And if you come with me, you can bring justice to them and avenge your family.'
I stood there, my mouth hanging open.
'I will give you some time to consider my offer. I assure you, you will have a family with us at Better Living Industries. Here's my card. I will need a response from you by the end of this week. Good day Mrs. Audry.'
He handed me a card with the white smiley faced logo on it and walked away. I memorized the number and seared it into my brain. I didn't need a week to think about it. My mind was made up. I was going to find these Fabulous Killjoys and avenge my family. There was no where to run. I would make them pay.

I should have known that Korse was lying. But i was completely blinded by my grief. I should have never listened to him. I should have walked away on that dark say in the cemetery. But I didn't. It all started here.

Hey guys! Leave comments and tell me if you liked it or not! This is just the prologue and ill start making the other parts when The Only Hope For Me Is You is done, I hope you liked it!!
P.S im not trying to portray the killjoys as villans, their good and im not trying to promote BLI AT ALL!
thanks guys!
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