Teen rock band Smash Mystery

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Teen rock band Smash Mystery

I apologise for my shameful self promotion! But this is my band if you would like to listen to us!

Smash Mystery are a young band with a passion for pumping music that’s
infectious. Since they began – when three girls and a guy got together for a jam
at a garage in the small NSW town of Bellingen in mid-2010 – they’ve written a
wad of catchy, rockin’ tunes, reached the top 5 in the rock charts of Triple J’s
2011 Unearthed High competition, recorded an EP that’s selling like hot cakes, and
seen their track Dolls has become the theme tune for the local Roller Derby team.
Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Acacia Pip, 15 is a frontwoman with sass and
style. Kayla Spazz, 14, channels Joan Jett with her white Gibson. Jemima, 15, is a
lead guitar goddess. NoahBoy, at the tender age of 13, pounds the drums like Dave
Grohl or Marky Ramone. The girls share bass duties; everyone writes songs and
sings backup vocals.

Smash Mystery create pumping tunes that echo a surprising mix of influences for
kids of such a tender age – you hear a pinch of 50s rock n roll here, some 60s
girl group sounds there, doses of 70s punk rock and plenty of 90s grunge
influences – all done with an ear for a catchy pop tune. Think the Ramones
having a party at the Pixies’ house while Dave Grohl and Jack White supervise
and the Runaways run amok when the adults are distracte

The energy and girl power attitude of Smash Mystery and the Coffs Coast Derby
Dolls are an obvious match. The band played at a Derby Dolls fundraising event
and wrote the track Dolls soon after to the delight of the roller gals.
So what’s next for Smash Mystery? More gigs, another session in the recording
studio to capture their newest batch of tunes, world domination… Grab a copy of
the EP before they sell out or catch a gig soon. So you can say you were there
before they were huge.

Kayla Spazz - Guitar, bass, backing vocals
Acacia Pip - Lead vocals, guitar, bass
Jimi Jemima - Backing vocals, guitar, bass
NoahBoy - Drums, backing vocals

We've been together for about a year and a bit and in that time we have recorded a self-titled EP. Including 5 tracks:
-We're All Weird
-You Come Here Man (Joey & Kurt)

If you are interested, you can order our EP here:

More info:
Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/smashmystery
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/smashmystery
Email: thesmashmysteryfour@gmail.com