Revenge for my little sister

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Revenge for my little sister

So this girl in my little sisters class is picking on her. She pays my sister out because of her name, height, clothes and the fact that she reads. In my eyes my sisters is unique, pretty, awesome and a good person. She's my little MIkey.

This little brat who is teasing her is being a total idiot. My sister is scared to dress too out-there because she thinks she will get teased. As good big sister I am making it my responsibility to deal with this girl.

No one should be judged for anything! Not their name, Not their height. Not their weight. Not their nationality. Not their clothes. Not their hair. Not their music taste. NOTHING! This girl has got something coming at her. Time for revenge.

I love you little sis! Don't be afraid to be unique or different. I'll deal with anyone who teases you! x