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I'm gonna be out of school for a while

on December 19, 2013 - 7:51am

Hey guys,

So, I'm gonna be out of school for a while. On December 30th, five days a week, 9-3, I'll be at Mclean's DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) day program. The program is four weeks long, so I won't be in school or online much during January. Hopefully this will help me get better and know what to do when I feel unsafe. I'll try to check my messages as much as I can.

xoxo - Z

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on December 3, 2013 - 4:18pm









Chpeverill-conti (Z)
please repost for your support.

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on December 1, 2013 - 11:44am

I can feel it, I'm sinking, I'm falling, I'm going there again...
- Z

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on December 1, 2013 - 11:44am

I can feel it, I'm sinking, I'm falling, I'm going there again...
- Z

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Poem I Wrote...

on November 28, 2013 - 5:49am

Listening to your voice
Brings back the taste of your lips
As I hear you apologize
I remember our last kiss
Still dreaming, still hoping
Since nine months ago
I really wish you could know
That I can't love another
For that reminds me of you
Come back to me, come back
You're all I have to lose.
I wrote that about J...



Thursday April 25, 2013 
| Posted by: chpeverill-conti

[Post edited: Please refrain from posting about self harm as it is against the rules you agreed to when you signed up for the website and is distressing for others]

3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit or You can also contact The Trevor Project at or by calling their Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

Wednesday April 17, 2013 
| Posted by: chpeverill-conti

I just posted a blog (I think) but I'm SO bored! I live in MA, but I'm in florida now. And I had to leave my closest friend, Iris at home. Iris is a Epiphone Les Paul, and she's a beauty. Just changed the strings a little while ago too. I miss her so much! I've been writing songs like crazy so I can have fun with her when I get home, but it's killing me to be away from her for so long! I wish I wasn't here right now. It's painful. My fingers are twitching and I'm not the best at guitar, but I've only been playing for almost 2 years and people constantly tell me that I'm doing really well for 2 years but I wish I was better. I hope I don't lose what sanity I have left from being away from her!
- PlasmicPhilosophy

Wednesday April 17, 2013 
| Posted by: chpeverill-conti

Hey there fellow killjoys,
I keep on thinking that I want to do music when I have to choose a career path. MCR has taught me what music means, and how it can effect a person and make everything okay. I want to be able to help people like they helped me. Because I am far from "normal." I want other people to understand that they really aren't all that screwed up, and even if they are they are perfect. MCR is still helping people and changing lives. I hope to do that too. Any tips on how to start a band when my friends don't play music? I already write songs too :)
Thanks for reading/responding
- PlasmicPhilosophy

Monday March 25, 2013 
| Posted by: chpeverill-conti

Today in spanish class I was on the verge of tears. I was singing "the light behind your eyes" to myself subconsciously and then came "one day I’ll lose this fight as we fade in the dark just remember you will always burn as bright be strong and hold my hand time becomes for us you’ll understand we’ll say goodbye today and we’re sorry how it ends this way." I kept singing, but really slow and really quiet because it made me so sad. But then I remembered the whole band, how they'd want me to be strong. The only hope for me is them, but are they really gone? "And though you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on." We can't let them die guys. It's all up to us now. "Cause you only live forever in the lights you make." They made a light on us, and the world better hide their eyes cause we're gonna shine tonight. Be strong, everyone. Killjoys will live on as long as we don't give up the music. Sing it for the world. Sing it for My Chemical Romance.

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