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Personal Stuff

on January 14, 2016 - 10:16am

Another loved star died this week; Alan Rickman... I found out during my first class and about threw my laptop across the room. Just doesn't seem fair... Bowie... Rickman... both gone in the same week...
Let's move on to a different topic before I upset myself again! I've been listening to a lot of FNAF songs and mashups today. That's pretty much all I've done the past hour and a half to two hours. I'm supposed to be working on Khanacademy because we have a sub in math, but I'm not feeling up to it, so instead, I'm on my email and listening to youtube!

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on January 13, 2016 - 12:19pm

Images, flashing
Memories, fleeting.
What is happening to me?
Sitting in a classroom,
yet I see trees.
Listening to the lecture,
but I hear my name
on his lips

Please go away…
No longer should you be
in my mind, speaking to me.
These years that have passed,
meant the pain shouldn’t last.
Why do I still feel
these memories that reel?

In a bush,
hidden from sight.
No here….
No, I’m in a classroom,
listening to the lecture…
Your lips, shall no longer utter
this name that you once muttered.
~ ©Jade Trisdale
8:24am 1/12/16

*I wrote this yesterday when I was having a flashback of a certain bad

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Personal Stuff

on January 12, 2016 - 7:07pm

I decided that I'm going to title my blogs on my personal life "Personal Stuff", and my blogs about poetry will have the title of the poem.
So here's some personal stuff:
This week has not been kind to me. Nor me to it. I just want to curl into a ball and cry my eyes out. I just found out I'm failing Alg 2. My teacher emailed my mum today and mum is P.I.S.S.E.D.... So I didn't get to go to the school basketball game tonight.

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on January 11, 2016 - 6:53pm

As a temptress
I fill you with carnal desire
to give in to your human ways.
Forget your God for the nights you’re with me.
I can be your expression of sin.

They may call me a succubus.
A demon that steals the hearts of Innocence.
Teases you with childish abandon.
Acting ashamed of my deeds

Your God may hate me,
but it is my kind that keep him in business.
Acting on our pleasures
while you stare-

Your God keeps you pure
Pureness is not so easily tempted,
but I can try.
I can try.
and Succeed…
~ ©Jade Trisdale

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Game Over

on January 10, 2016 - 1:24pm

What I have realized is,
that when someone tells me
they love me more than anything,
they really mean I’m just another
chess piece in their game of life...

And it's true...
For again, and again I have
witnessed it, heard those words drip
from a pair of lying honeyed lips.
Tasted the bitter sweetness of a lie
called "Love".

As you write over and over,
on tables, on desks;
what were those words you so love?
"Life is a cruel lie, Death is the heartless truth"
I know those aren't word for word.
But you will understand it.

Because life is a cruel, and decent lie
when contrasted to the unpitied



Friday January 08, 2016 
| Posted by: lostn'foundagain

You are intoxicating,
when I get close, I feel high
high upon the world where
no one can reach me.
As if I could jump and fly.
Blow away my problems
Fly towards the key
to my heart.
Of which i hand to
You are intoxicating,
whenever you’re near,
I become drunk off your
Brush off my fear
of seeming insignificant,
you make me soar high
high off this joy
at not being derelict.
Not being nondescript by
You are perfect.
From your grin
right down to when you fidget
with your hands.
The way your eyes soften
whilst gazing down at mine,
or how you caress my hair
out of my face.
It all makes me want to hold
~ ©Jade Trisdale

Thursday January 07, 2016 
| Posted by: lostn'foundagain

I wish you peace
I wish you love,
I wish I could
envelope you
in a hug.
I wish you grace,
I wish you strength,
I wish I could
kiss your face.
I wish you long,
happy days,
I wish you love
in so many ways.
I wish you Good Morning,
I wish you Good Night,
I wish you warning
against all that’s not right.
I wish you peaceful dreams,
and never a fear,
Oh how I wish
you were here.
~ ©Jade Trisdale

Thursday January 07, 2016 
| Posted by: lostn'foundagain

Hey lovelies! I forgot I was planning on doing a poem a day sort of blog, but.. Things happened and I forgot. I'm sorry!! If you guys would like me to, I could try again...?
Lots of my poetry is depressing, so for the ones that are obviously so, I shall place a Trigger Warning in the title.

Wednesday January 06, 2016 
| Posted by: lostn'foundagain

Sadly, I don't get to sleep in anymore, but now I have more opportunity to blog! Another sad thing... I have no classes with any of my friends :( BUT I have last hour with the guy I like, so... hopefully that doesn't get changed. I've also got an Acting class, I'm hoping that is fun.
I hope you guys are having good times and listening to good music.

Monday December 21, 2015 
| Posted by: lostn'foundagain

Hey guys! These are my two favorite authors, and I'd like you to check out their works! ^-^
Ellen Hopkins~ This author writes some Fantastic books! Her "Crank" series is one of the best series' that I've ever read. If you love poetry and/or books about serious issues such as drug abuse and depression, etc, you would love her work.

Andrea Berthot~ Andrea Berthot is a local writer from where I'm from, and her book "The Heartless City" is AMAZING! It takes place in London in the 1900's and follows the story of two young adults, Elliot and Iris. The characters make the story one that you will Fall in love with! I don't want to elaborate more for fear of giving away too much of the story! If you're looking for a good read, this is it.

Sunday December 20, 2015 
| Posted by: lostn'foundagain

This poem has a possible trigger warning, so if you're sensitive to depressive poetry, please beware. So! Second day that I've posted a poem, feel free to comment and criticise; this one is one of my older ones.

Secrets out that shouldn’t be.
The blood washed off, the smiles faked.
In plain sight, yet never spake.
But can you not see?
The pain in her eyes?

Then, you took off her trainers,
Now, you bandage her lifeless wrists.
It was in plain sight, yet never spake.
Couldn’t you see?
All the pain in her eyes?

She had laughed, smiled, and cried.
Tears of loneliness, regret, and despair.
She was in plain sight, she never spake.
Why couldn’t you see?
All the pain in her eyes?