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Bury Me In Black: The Fanfic Collection by Inoyu49

on October 12, 2012 - 1:09pm

here's a collection of mini fanfics based off of specific MCR songs. Hope u like!

1.Bury Me In Black: "I'm sorry, the number you've dialed is not available. Please leave a message at the tone. If you would like to leave a call back number, press 5." - "Hey honey, it's me, Gerard. Look i'm sorry about what happened, about all the stuff i wrote about killing you. I'm sorry i was always drunk, but i promise, i'm trying to change. Look, i've been calling you all week. I know you got my messages. I've left a thousand. Sorry, if you feel like i'm smothering you, but i don't want things to end.

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on October 11, 2012 - 5:02pm

Hey readers, yesterday i ended my drama story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge with Pt.13/Finale. It ended at 13 partly because i wanted to pay homage to the fact there was 13 songs on the album. Besides from the main 13 entries, there also part spin-off. I also thought you guys would be interested in the story BEFORE the story. Here u go!

Gerard showed up at Helenas apartment wearing his ski-mask. He knew he looked suspicious. But it was better than letting everyone see the face of Gerard Way, the famous murderer and robber. He knocked on her apartment door.

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on October 10, 2012 - 12:42pm

The 13th and... (sniffles) last entry to my drama story based on the great album. this is the last entry because i feel if i drag this story out much longer i would have a brain fart and it would become ultimately boring and/or aggrevatingly stupid. Enjoy... 4 the last time.

Gerard and Helena stood side by side as their backs inched closer to the firey gates. Helena kept the demons and Satan at bay and unable to stop them with Satans deadly pitchfork. Helena and Gerard were both only a foot from the firey gates. Gerard kept his eyes glued on Satan in case he tried something.

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on October 9, 2012 - 5:12pm

The 12th part of my drama story. enjoy! I included 2 pictures since this one's a little short!

Helena looked passed Satan and the two demons and saw the fire filled entrance to Hell. It was guarded dozens of demons. But Helena saw it as their only hope. She said, "Gerard, behind them!". Gerard looked passed them and saw what Helena saw. He thought the same thing as she did. As the two demons neared closer on Satans command, Gerard put his brain to work. Helena, however, already had a plan. She ran to the other way. The two demons chased her. Gerard was left to face Satan.

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on October 8, 2012 - 7:12am

to clear the misconception that my last entry to this story was to be the last entry, i'll tel u all now, it wasn't. This is the 11th part to my drama story based on the great album... enjoy!

Helena lay in a pit of tears against the hot stone wall as she was whipped across the stomach. Gerard could only watch, for how was he going to get them out of this mess? If Satan hadn't tried to cheat him into bringing him innocent souls, Gerard would still have a chance. Gerard stood shirtless against the hot wall as he was whipped. Then slowly Gerard hatched a plan.



Wednesday October 03, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

this is a ONE TIME ONLY spin off to my story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge based off of the great album... enjoy!

Frank and Mikey walked down the street smoking their newly acquired marijuana. "Frank." Mikey said. "Yeah?" Frank replied. "Well," Mikey started, "do you think we're really cut out to be druggys like this? I mean like, stealing your parents alcohol is one thing, buying pot from a class mate is another." "Shut up and get the spraypaint out of my backpack." Frank replied. Mikey went behind Frank and opened his backpack to retrieve the green and red spraypaint. They were'nt planning to do anything worse than write a few curse words. Well, at least Mikey wasn't. Frank was plotting to go around the corner to gang territory to spraypaint a rival gangs logo and get them all fired up. He thought it would be funny. But even while he spraypainted "Shit" on a brick wall, Mikey had misfeelings about it. He didn't think what he was doing was right. He knew if he said something, though, Frank would just call him a pussy and boss him around. It was around this time Frank spotted out of the corner of his eye a threatening man a few years older than himself come strolling down the street sporting a leather jacket and long black hair. Frank found him self surprised when the man approached the two boys. The man said, "You boys looking to try something a little harder?" and displayed a bag of cocaine. "Hell yeah!" Frank said almost instinctively. Mikey could already see the turnout. "Frank," he said, "are you sure about this? Cocaine's some hard shit. You know what they do to guys like us in prison." it was then that Frank had blocked out the rest of Mikeys rant from his ears. When he snapped back realizing Mikey had stopped talking he said, "Shut up. Don't be a pussy" and turned to the man. "How much?" he asked. "This times free." the man said as he poured cocaine into mini bags and handed them to both boys. The man hurried away. Frank said, "C'mon, Mikey. Let's get out of here and try this shit on for size!" They went back to Franks house and jetted passed his parents up to his room. Frank got the drugs set up for both to take. "Y-you go f-first" said Mikey. "Whatever, pussy" said Frank as he snorted away. Mikey watched the look of accomplishment come across Franks face. Just as Mikey started to consider actually trying it, Frank fell over, seemingly from an overdose. Mikey knew he was dead. He just stared in awe until calling Franks parents to come up stares.

Just a note for all my readers, this story won't make as much sense unless you read pt. 4 and 5 of my story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. :)

Tuesday October 02, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

The 7th part of my drama story based on the great album! Please enjoy...

Gerard realized by the time he left the police station that the sun was up and lights started to go on in houses. He had to kill time, and hopefully people, untill night when he wouldn't be seen behind the police station with whatever supplies he would bring. He didn't know how to travel incognito all day, though. The months before that he had been collecting souls he had never been suspected of any crimes, let alone been on the news. Gerard realized he still had the drugs. It would be even worse for him if he got caught with them during the day. Especially laced drugs! He had to be especially careful. He wondered around that day in alleys and backstreets to avoid being seen by the small population of the public that actually cared about crime in that town. The majority of residents were gangbangers and robbers themselves. When it finally got slightly dark, Gerard saw two thugs with opposing gang colors on get into a knife fight, Gerard drew his knife. He heard them yell things throughout the fight and finally put it together the the fight was over one of their "hoes". He speedwalked over and broke up the fight by cutting the larger ones throat first. As the man fell to the ground, the other man attempted to cut his arm. Gerard turned around and gave the man a deathly stare. The man didn't seem impressed and tried again to cut him. Gerard stabbed him in the face and dragged him into an alley. Gerard stripped the man of his clothes and bandana and traded clothes with the man. Gerard attempted to bundle his large amount of hair into the mans Green bandana so as to hide his easily recognizable hair. He entered the market with his new unknown apearance and purchased gasoline and matches. He left and by the time he arrived at the police station it was dark enough to strike he went back to the same window he was at yesterday and observed the room was empty and the window was unlocked. Gerard entered the window and started pouring gasoline on the floor. He peered out of the office, saw the hallway was empty and tiptoed down the hallways while spilling gasoline. He peered into another office, which was occupied, but the one next to it wasn't. He walked in and poured gasoline on the floor and desk. He exited only to be noticed by a cop who had noticed the gas on the floor as well. Gerard pulled his knife. The cop attempted to shoot him, but it did nothing. Gerard ran forward cutting the mans throat and almost slipping on his own gasoline. He ran down the hall and out the front door spilling gasoline the whole way. He had been seen by a number of cops. He through a match directly before leaving the building. It went up in flames, illuminating the night sky. Gerard had no time to look though. He ran to a safe very dark alley far away, abandoned his gasoline and matches, and ran towards another far away alley where he rested. The deed was done.

Monday October 01, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

The 6th part of my drama story based on the album. This one is dedicated to all of those who've supported me, whether it be one person or 1,000! enjoy!

Gerard was walking down a street. He didn't know what street, he had dozed off and stopped paying attention. Sure enough, he passed the cemetary. Gerard thought about it, but decided not to go in. But as he walked away, Satans voice hit his head like a ton of bricks. "Gerard!" he yelled. Gerard jumped in surprise. His vision went black. "Helena is still waiting. And at the pace you're moving, it's almost like... well, like you don't care!" Satan said to Gerard. Gerard yelled back, "Don't you dare say that, you bastard!" Satan just laughed. As Satans laugh faded, however, Gerard realized he was right. He was moving so slowly. Gerard could only imagine Helenas dissapointment and agony. Gerard had to keep moving! After his vision returned, he ran to find someone. As he ran down the street, he passed a house with an open curtain through which you can see the TV. Something caught his attention. He stopped and stared at the TV. His face was all over the news! He must've made too much of a scene at the tavern. Not that he was really worried about what the cops would do to him, but it would definately be a setback to luring people into traps if they new who he was and what he had done. The worst part was the sun was almost up all the way and people would be flooding the streets soon. He found his way to the police station and went around back. He knew it was dangerous, but he wanted desperately to find a reason to kill them all to kill two, no, in fact, three birds with one stone: He would get the cops of his back, add new souls to his list, and all the criminals would come running free thinking they could do what ever they wanted, meanwhile Gerard was just waiting. He peered into a window to an office and saw a small couch with a green blanket on it and two lumps moving beneath it. Then, a cop and a dirty woman emerged from beneath it. The cop handed her a lump of money and left. Over the course of 45 minutes, several other cops entered and exited with the same routine. PROSTITUTION! CORRUPTION IN THE FORCE! This was gold! Gerard would do something, but not that morning. He would wait until if fades to black, then he would really give em hell, as Satan had said. Now, if only he could figure out a way to set a fire...

Sunday September 30, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 5th part of my drama story based on the great album... really hope u like!

Gerard looked down at the bloody corpse of the man who had stolen the drugs and killed his dealer. He looked down at his bulging pocket and pulled the cocaine from it. He had a devilish idea at that moment that almost made him smile. But he didn't think he could smile again until he saw Helenas face. He went to the market about 1 mile away. He walked in and slowly paced up and down the isles looking for something. Finally, he spotted it: clear rat poison. He purchased the poison and little bags and left the store. He went about a block away and found a dark alley with no one in it. He sat beside a trash can, hiding his face from the brighter side of the alley. He pulled the cocaine from his pocket and the rat poison from the shopping bag. He opened the bag of cocaine and poured the rat poison in the bag. He closed the bag and mixed up the cocaine. He opened the bag and sat for a little while to let it dry. He deserted the empty bottle of rat poison and paced the city streets to find someone interested in buying his laced cocaine. He spotted two kids smoking marijuana acroos the street from him while the spraypainted graffitti. He approached them and said, "You boys interested in trying something a little harder?". "Like what?" The older boy replied. Gerard displayed the bag of cocaine. The older boy smiled and said, "Hell yeah!" but the younger one looked worried and said, "Are you crazy, Frank? That's some mean shit!". "Don't be a wuss, Mikey." replied the older one. "C'mon", the younger one continued, "You know what they do to guys like us in prison! Young, scrawny, we're prime targets for... well you know." "Shut up." said the older one and turned to Gerard, "How much?" "This time's free." said Gerard as he poured a little of the cocaine into two of the smaller bags he purchased from the market. He handed them the bags and put away the big bag. The older one smiled at Gerard and said, "Thanks!". Gerard kept the same blank expression and walked away. That oughta kill them off, Gerard thought as he walked away to find more "customers". He just hoped their souls were worth his time.

Saturday September 29, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

I was SUPPOSED TO go to a Misfits concert on Oct. 21st in Allentown, but IT got f-ckin cancelled! Now, i gotta find another date, cuz there is no way in hell i am NOT going to see the Misfits sometime in October . "__"

Saturday September 29, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 4th part to my drama story based on the album... enjoy!!

So, now Gerard was at 34 souls. But out of 1,000, that wasn't that much. As he walked farther away from the tavern, he saw the clouds start to gather, but through them he could still see the sun slowly come up. Gerard thought he should expand from this town Satan had placed him in, but first he wanted to milk it for all it was worth. He wanted to drain it of the entire hellbound population. He passed by the bowling alley. As he walked passed, he heard noise coming from behind the building. It sounded like laughing. Gerard went to inspect. He peeked around the corner of the building and saw a happy drug dealer handing a large amount of cocaine to a man. His happier customer looked as though he was reaching for his money, but instead pulled a revolver and shot two shots into the upper chest of the dealer. The man took the drugs and ran around the corner of the building only to come face to face with Gerard. The man thought nothing of it as he shot Gerard and ran the other way. Gerard walked towards him. The man, who had not gone far yet, heard Gerards footsteps in the gravel. He turned back around to see him walking unaffected by the bullet and come to a pause. The man stared in confusion and awe. "What the hell are you?" he said. Gerard replied by drawing his knife. The man, who can not see the kinfe correctly through the newly risen fog, said, "What do you got there?". "I'll give you a hint," said Gerad, "It's not a fashion statement." Gerard ran at the man and pounced on his chest with the knife, which drove through his torso like nothing. Gerard got back on his feet and said to the dead man, "It's a f-cking deathwish".