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new movie

on November 22, 2012 - 7:54pm

hey guys, im seeking support for a new independant film me and a friend are making. It might possibly feature a snippet of a Bullets song in the credits, so i thought it would be appropriate to put it up here! i've attatched one of the trailers i made. it really is my passion to my movies with my friends and i work as hard as i can. So i'd appreciate if you guys kept on the lookout for my upcoming syfy/mystery Frozen Hell and my friend Trevors new horror Asylum. The link for his trailer is below. thx guyz!

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on November 7, 2012 - 5:43pm

i KNOW some of you just saw The Voice just now. and you HAD to have heard that team butcher SING. wtf? the song didn't fit anyone of them. i was so excited once the music started. and then they all had GREAT voices, but that song was not fit for them. they BOMBED it. whatevz...

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on November 3, 2012 - 9:33am

i think it's funny that in Conventional Weapons, Number One has the gun on the cover, but Number Two has the song Gun. on it and a knife on the cover. dafuq?

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on October 23, 2012 - 12:47pm

i no i haven't been writing recently. i sat down a bunch of times to write more min-fanfics but they all sucked. Im not in a creative state of mine to start a whole know fanfic. But just be on the lookout.

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on October 15, 2012 - 8:36am

Another short collection of mini-fanfics. this is a sequel to Bury Me In Black: The Fanfic Collection. Two of these three stories are sequels to stories from Bury Me In Black. ENJOY!

1.Bury Me In Black Pt. 2- "I'm sorry the number you've a dialed is not available. Please leave a message at the tone. If you would like to leave a call back number, press 5". "Hey, Gerard, it's Helena. F--k you."

2. Vampires Will Never Hurt You Pt. 2:Vampire Money-Gerard and Helena had planned another attack on the hangout for that afternoon. Being it was daylight, vampires were naturally not as strong.



Wednesday October 10, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

The 13th and... (sniffles) last entry to my drama story based on the great album. this is the last entry because i feel if i drag this story out much longer i would have a brain fart and it would become ultimately boring and/or aggrevatingly stupid. Enjoy... 4 the last time.

Gerard and Helena stood side by side as their backs inched closer to the firey gates. Helena kept the demons and Satan at bay and unable to stop them with Satans deadly pitchfork. Helena and Gerard were both only a foot from the firey gates. Gerard kept his eyes glued on Satan in case he tried something. But it seemed Satan didn't need to try anything for something funny to happen. Even the demons were surprised at the following events. It seemed as though Hell was collapsing: in the distance Hells volcanos erupted, the biggest mountains were experiencing avalanches. The fires in the pits and at the gates raged enough so suddenly that Gerard and Helena flinched and looked behind them. But even the demons were to confused and awe stricken to try anything while Gerard and Helena had their backs turned. Then everything slowly became silent. Even the avalanches didn't make a noise. And then Gerards vision went completely black. And it stayed that way for a while. It seemed like all his senses failed. Silence. Darkness. Nothingness... and then Gerard faintly heard it. He heard alot of talking, too quiet to make out what they were saying. And then he heard carts moving and faintly a machine beeping. And then the voices grew louder. A man said, "We're losing him!" Another man yelled, "Hold on! ... clear!" and then a shock sound came. The man again yelled, "Hold on... clear!" and then the shock. Only this time Gerard felt the shock. And then his vision returned, very blurry. He saw a two men and a woman hovering over him, with blood on their shirts. They were all wearing the same matching blue gowns or... scrubs. They were all wearing matching mouth masks to protect from bacteria and bloody rubber gloves. And then Gerards vision was fully repaired. He was in a hospital. He was confused. Where was Satan? Where was Helena? Where was Hell? And then a memory came to him. Helena and him had had a fight in her apartment after escaping the bank robbery. Gerard had tried to hit her and she... shot him. Which explained the hospital. And then it became clear that Hell had all been a dream. Gerard then realized what was gonna happen. He dreaded the prison cell he was gonna occupy when the police found out they had the famous Gerard Way, bank robber and murderer, in hospital custody. And as the doctors smiled at the life they had saved, Gerard cried. But he wasn't going down alone. He was gonna take that bitch Helena down with him. That's what she gets for trying to kill him. And he was actually trying to save her from Satan only 10 minutes ago.


Tuesday October 09, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

The 12th part of my drama story. enjoy! I included 2 pictures since this one's a little short!

Helena looked passed Satan and the two demons and saw the fire filled entrance to Hell. It was guarded dozens of demons. But Helena saw it as their only hope. She said, "Gerard, behind them!". Gerard looked passed them and saw what Helena saw. He thought the same thing as she did. As the two demons neared closer on Satans command, Gerard put his brain to work. Helena, however, already had a plan. She ran to the other way. The two demons chased her. Gerard was left to face Satan. Gerard ran forward and passed Satan, towards the gates... and the demons. Satan and chased and Gerard became surrounded. Gerard didn't care about the demons. He would not turn his back to Satan for a second, for he was the most dangerous. However, it was the demons behind him that pounced him to the ground. And as he lay there being beaten dizzy by the demons that sat on top of him, he saw through the blur Helena running toward him followed by both demons. But Helena had something... Satans pitchfork. She ran past Satan knocking him out of the way with his own pitchfork. She scared all the demons off of Gerard and helped him up. The smiled quickly at each other and then inched slowly towards the gates away from the demons.

Monday October 08, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

to clear the misconception that my last entry to this story was to be the last entry, i'll tel u all now, it wasn't. This is the 11th part to my drama story based on the great album... enjoy!

Helena lay in a pit of tears against the hot stone wall as she was whipped across the stomach. Gerard could only watch, for how was he going to get them out of this mess? If Satan hadn't tried to cheat him into bringing him innocent souls, Gerard would still have a chance. Gerard stood shirtless against the hot wall as he was whipped. Then slowly Gerard hatched a plan. "Helena," said Gerard "do you remember that day when we met, you told me it gets harder?" "Yeah" replied Helena. "Well, it did" said Gerard as an evil smile came across his face. Helena was confused at first, until she realized what he was doing. "You have a plan, don't you?" said Helena. Gerard nodded with the smile still glued to his face. Gerard waited til the scorching whip came to his face and caught it in his mouth, burning his mouth and almost cracking his teeth. But as much as Gerard wanted to squeal in pain, he couldn't open his mouth or the plan would be ruined. He pulled the whip toward him using his mouth, dragging the demon who controlled the whip with him. And when the demon flew forward onto his knew, Gerard mercilessly stomped out the evil angels head. The other demon rushed to stop Gerard, but Gerard kicked him into the range of Helenas' feet so she could stomp him out. Helenas' demon had the keys to he chains on a belt. Helena attempted to kick the keys off the belt and into Gerards' hands. She succeeded and Gerard twisted his hand in an odd position so he could take the right chain of his right hand. He unlocked his left hand and then went to assist Helena. But after Helena was rid of both chains, Satan appeared in front of them and both of he demons they had stomped got back up. None of them looked happy.

Sunday October 07, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 10th part of my drama story based on the album. sorry i skipped writing the story yesterday but i had some crappy ideas and some writers block and i didn't want to give u guys less than i was capable of. enjoy please!

Gerard went snooping around the house in search of a reason to kill off this woman. He found absolutely nothing. He decided to drop the case until as he was tip toeing out of the house het came over his body. He stripped himself of the hoody which he had stolen from the gang member and threw it over his shoulder. He was still sweating like crazy. Then he was surrounded by fire. He was in Hell. Satan appeared in front of him, startling Gerard. Satan grabbed Gerard and shook him. "What the hell are you doing?!" Satan yelled. "What?" Gerard yelled back. "That woman is evil." Satan yelled. As Satan ranted about the sins she's committed in her lifetime, Gerard started to think that Satan had lied to Gerard about his last two victims and that Gerard was bringing him innocent spirits. He also thought Satan was planning to lie in the same way to get him to kill this woman. Gerard displayed this idea to Satan, but it only angered him. "That's it, Gerard. Times up. You and Helena are through. You guys are gonna have to settle for spending eternity in Hell together!" And as demons came behind Gerard to drag him to the fire pits, Satan laughed as he looked into his eyes. Gerard ended up next to his lover for the first time in months. Helena smiled, even as she was being tortured. Gerard smiled too for the first time since this had all started. But both of their smiles faded when they realized they were both doomed if they were both in Hell at the same time! Gerard was chained next to Helena against a burning stone wall and whipped with a burning whip as his punishment. He had to come up with a plan. Both his and Helenas' souls depended on it.

There you go guys! I think my creativity struggle is over.

Friday October 05, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 9th part to my drama story based on the album. srry if this one sucks, i've been having a little creativity struggle recently. plz enjoy!

As Gerard stared down at the mutilated corpse of this woman who had cheated on her husband, he felt like he had done something good. That was the only time, alive and dead, he enjoyed and was proud of killing someone. Mostly because he took it so personally, due to his own experience with his ex-girlfriend. He turned around to see the bleeding corpse of the neighbor man. He turned back around and decided to hang around this house for a while. It would give him a secure place to live that cops wouldn't suspect because other people own, well, ownED the house. He didn't have to go snooping around alleys as much. He checked the fridge and learned it was stocked conveniantly. He checked the dead mans wallet to learn his name was Matt Pelissier. He through Matts and the womans bodies into the basement and cleaned up the mess just in case anyone did suspect him and came snooping around. Gerard found his way to a computer room with a couch in it. After looking around the web to see just how famous his reign of crime has become, it had gotten late and he fell asleep on he couch. He dreamed of Helena being on that couch right next to him. When he woke up his vision was still slightly blurry from the deep sleep. He woke up to see two faces in a picture on the computer desk. He made out the first face: Matt. After squinting a bit, he made out the second face: a blonde haired woman. It then hit him that they were in formal clothes... at a wedding. Gerard feared the worst. He tip toed through the house to the bedroom and peered in. His fears were confirmed. There was the same blonde haired female face sleeping in that bed. The man he killed had a wife and she was bound to notice her husband missing soon... unless he found a reason to kill her too.

Thursday October 04, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 8th part of my drama story based on the great album.. enjoy! THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF PT. 7, NOT PT. SPIN OFF!!

Gerard rested into it got slightly light outside. He was at a definate 38 souls including the gang members he killed, the police officer in the station and the one kid who actually took the cocaine. He didn't suspect the other kid, Mikey he recalled his name was, would actually take it, for he seemed skeptical. Gerard couldn't wait to see how many he took out in the police station. He found when peering through a window of a house at the TV that the total body count of police were a wopping 59! 59+38=97. He was almost 1/10 of his way done. Even at such a low number, it sounded like more than it was. As he walked out of the back yard, he saw a woman come from around the front side of the house into the backyard. He quickly jumped into a tool shed to avoid being seen. It was then, of all the times worst times, that Satan cme to him. First he just heard Helena yelling, then came Satan laughing, then finally the image of Helena in the pit of fire called Hell. Then Satan came to him and spoke to his face. Hey, Gee, just catching you up again. Don't forget where Helena is. Hell! At least you showed me and her you cared with that daring police stunt." Satan blurted. He continued, "But still, you've a long way to go. So, just because you've made me proud with that last stunt, i'll give you some assistance. Peer out of the shed." Gerard did as he was told. "You see that lady who lives in this house?" Satan said. "Yeah". replied Gerard. "Well, she's been cheating on her husband with her neighbor. There, now you have a reason to kill 'em both." Said Satan. Gerard almost said thanks, but then he remembered who he was talking to. Gerard snapped out of the vision, almost at tears from the sight of Helena, and drew his knife. The lady was bent over in the opposite direction watering her plants. Gerard raised his knife up high and drove into her spine, paralyzing her. He decided to torture her before killing her because he felt for her husband. He knew what it felt like to be cheated thanks to a girlfriend he had prior to Helena. He put the girl over his shoulder and barged into the neighbors house. He could only imagine the neighbors confusion. He laid the paralyzed girl on the couch next to him, shocking the neighbor. He dragged the man by the hair into the view of the paralyzed neighbor woman and quickly cut his throat. He then slowly walked over to the woman and and raised his knife. The rest is pretty obvious...