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Revolution: MCR Pt. 3

on December 7, 2012 - 6:59pm

The 3rd part to my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny was exhilerated to have been accepted so quickly and easily among them. But she knew they were not stupid, so when they gladly asked her test questions about MCR and punk in general, she answered whole-heartedly and with respect. So, she finally asked, "What's next? I mean, what is our next plan to fight for punk acceptance"? Debrah, the skeptical snob, answered, "Well, we were gonna go buy some pot and kick a few homeless people." the others looked surprised. The ugly one said, "What are you talking about?

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started a band 2

on December 6, 2012 - 5:24pm

this is my second upload about my band. i thought i'd give you guys an example of our bassist: me! i'm TRUELY sorry if i make some retarted faces whil i'm playing, but ti do that unintentionally when i play sometimes.enjoy! :)

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on December 6, 2012 - 5:22pm

i recently started a punk/alt. band called Sociopath Anatomy. I recently completed the first song i wrote for guitar instead of bass so i thought i'd share it. I'm also going to upload my fifth or sixth bass line soon.please enjoy!

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 2

on December 6, 2012 - 4:52pm

The 2nd part to my new epic drama! please enjoy...

Jenny was on a greyhound to Marlyland. She lived in New Jersey, so it was easier than going to Colorado. She wanted to find them, the MCRmy, and be part of them. But with the police on the hunt, it wasn't like she could ask around for them. It was starting sink in that she had completely unexpectadly left her life, her mom, dad, brother, and friends, to save a genre of music from extinction. But to her it was more than just a group of bands and songs, it was a life style. She lived that genre everyday.

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Revolution: MCR (my newest fanfic)

on December 5, 2012 - 6:11pm

hey guys, id like to say that it has been a while since i wrote a fanfic. i did my 15 part THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE a while ago and two short fanfic collections, but i wasn't in a state of mind to a full new one until about now. i think you guys will really like this one. thx for all the support and enjoy!

Jenny walked out of her bedroom fully dressed. It was 2:00 AM, a school night, and she got up from blasting her rock records to get a soda. It had been 3 and 1/2 weeks since parents started the special interest group POP- Parents Opposing Punk.



Wednesday November 07, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

i KNOW some of you just saw The Voice just now. and you HAD to have heard that team butcher SING. wtf? the song didn't fit anyone of them. i was so excited once the music started. and then they all had GREAT voices, but that song was not fit for them. they BOMBED it. whatevz...

Saturday November 03, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

i think it's funny that in Conventional Weapons, Number One has the gun on the cover, but Number Two has the song Gun. on it and a knife on the cover. dafuq?

Tuesday October 23, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

i no i haven't been writing recently. i sat down a bunch of times to write more min-fanfics but they all sucked. Im not in a creative state of mine to start a whole know fanfic. But just be on the lookout.

Monday October 15, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

Another short collection of mini-fanfics. this is a sequel to Bury Me In Black: The Fanfic Collection. Two of these three stories are sequels to stories from Bury Me In Black. ENJOY!

1.Bury Me In Black Pt. 2- "I'm sorry the number you've a dialed is not available. Please leave a message at the tone. If you would like to leave a call back number, press 5". "Hey, Gerard, it's Helena. F--k you."

2. Vampires Will Never Hurt You Pt. 2:Vampire Money-Gerard and Helena had planned another attack on the hangout for that afternoon. Being it was daylight, vampires were naturally not as strong. They entered the bar in new, but similar disguises. This time they were not recognized. They sat down in between two vampires: One to Helenas left and one to Gerards right. When his vampire looked away, Gerard slipped the tiniest peice of garlic into his beer. Helena did the same to her vampire. Once the vampires started choking on the poison the garlic was to them. Helena and Gerard threw off their disguises and pulled many small cucifizes from the coats and started tossing them on the vampires. As the vampires started dieing from burns inflicted by the crucifixes. Helena and Gerard fleed the scene with smiles on their faces.

3.Like Phantoms, Forever/The Ghost of You- Ray and Frank were hanging next to the TV. It had been a week since Gerard passed away in that plane crash back from his families house in Scottland. They were taking it pretty hard. Then all of a sudden, they heard a voice coming from the TV, but not the TV show. It was Gerards! "Wait, what the f--k?" thought Frank. "Damn, Mikeys shrooms were stronger than i thought." thought Ray. But then, Gerards ghost rose from the cable box. "GERARD!" Ray and Frank yelled simultaneously. "Hey, guys". said Gerard calmly. "What are you doing here?" yelled Ray. "Yeah," said Frank, "aren't you supposed to be in Hell?" "F--k you, Frank, what makes you think i'd be in Hell?" said Gerard. "Anyway," Gerard continued, I guess i'm back for some unfinished business. "What could it be?" said Ray. "Well, this bastard Carlos ripped me off in the middle of a cocaine deal. So, i should go kick his ass and see if i go back to purgatory." "Ok, have fun with that." said Frank. "Bye guys." said Gerard. "Bye" said Ray and Frank.

That last one was my first attempt at a comedy on this site. Hope you liked!

Friday October 12, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

here's a collection of mini fanfics based off of specific MCR songs. Hope u like!

1.Bury Me In Black: "I'm sorry, the number you've dialed is not available. Please leave a message at the tone. If you would like to leave a call back number, press 5." - "Hey honey, it's me, Gerard. Look i'm sorry about what happened, about all the stuff i wrote about killing you. I'm sorry i was always drunk, but i promise, i'm trying to change. Look, i've been calling you all week. I know you got my messages. I've left a thousand. Sorry, if you feel like i'm smothering you, but i don't want things to end. Not like this. If you want to break-up, just tell me when you'll be home so i can pick up my shotgun. But understand that if we stay together, you will NEVER find me sleeping in empty pools and alleyways again. I PROMISE! (sigh) just please pick up the phone, i'm nothing without you. I'm sitting here at my window looking up at the black skies drowning myself in misery next a can of gasoline. I'm sorry for all the white lies. Just... i love you. Call me back."

2.Vampires Will Never Hurt You: Gerard and Helena put in their fake teeth. If they were gonna go in this bar and blend in, they needed to look like them. This bar was a top vampire hangout. He just hoped the vampires couldn't sense the mortal life in them. They walked through the door with there make-up on to make them seem more pale. Gerard and Helena sat down at the bar, next to a few vampires. They seemed to be blending well. Little did they know some vampires in the back had already sensed them and were plotting their deaths already. The vampires inched slowly towards Gerard and Helena. They were large and strong. They eventually showed up behind the couple. Gerard could just barely feel the breath of the larger one on the back of his neck. He knew then and there they had been figured out. Gerard gave Helena a glance and she knew what he was thinking. They reached to there pockets for there stakes, but the vampires already had there hands on the two, dragging them off of their barstools. The vampires, however, were burned by the crosses the couple wore around their necks. They let go and Gerard and Helena fled the scene. They would have to try again in daytime, when they weren't so strong.

3.Demolition Lovers-Gerard and Helena were driving along the deserted road, the police hot on their trail. The couple was trying to swerve all over the road to get the cops off their trail, but they were failing miserably. They were running out of gas. They shot eachother a glance and nodded their heads. They knew what they had to do. They drove off the road down a large hill into a deserted field off dieing grass. The car died. They got out with smiles on their faces, thinking they had lost the cops. They were dead wrong. They started running to the other side of the field when they realized the police were chasing them on foot. They headed towards the otherside of the feild and towards the woods where they would surely lose the cops. The cops were gaining on them with amazing speed. The couple was so close to the other side, when Gerard felt the first bullet skin his right arm. The second bullet hit Helena in the calf. That's when the hail of bullets came at them, through their torsos and necks. The police were trying to avoid the face, so the families wouldn't be too upset. The bullets continued to shatter the now paused Gerard and Helena. Everything felt slow-motion for them. The couple glanced at eachother until they hit the ground and landed in their puddles of blood and tears. Their final thoughts were that they knew this would happen eventually. They knew through all the bank robberys and murders it would end like this. But it was worth it to do it with eachother. And they would do all again. And again and again. Just for it to end over and over again in their puddles of blood and tears.

None of these stories have anything to do with my 15 part fanfic THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE. Hope u enjoyed

Thursday October 11, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

Hey readers, yesterday i ended my drama story Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge with Pt.13/Finale. It ended at 13 partly because i wanted to pay homage to the fact there was 13 songs on the album. Besides from the main 13 entries, there also part spin-off. I also thought you guys would be interested in the story BEFORE the story. Here u go!

Gerard showed up at Helenas apartment wearing his ski-mask. He knew he looked suspicious. But it was better than letting everyone see the face of Gerard Way, the famous murderer and robber. He knocked on her apartment door. She recognized the ski-mask immediately and said, "Come in." He walked in with his hands in his pocket, but took his left hand out to close the door behind him and his right to pull off his ski-mask and toss it on the couch. He sat down next to his mask and Helena sat next to him. "So what's up?" said Helena. "Nothing" said Gerard, 'Just wanted to discuss the profits." refering to the bank robbery they had committed earlier. "What about them." said Helena as she place her elbows on her legs and placed the palms of her hand on her chin, making her look cuter than ever. Gerard almost idn't want to say what he had say, knowing it would definately anger her. "Well," he started, " i just thought we should split it... uhm... 60/40. With the 60 going to me.... n-not to upset you but... i-i did do most of the work." At first Helena looked as though she was taking this into consideration calmly. Until she stood up. She yelled, "You peice of shit! You're trying to smuggle me out of my half AGAIN!" "No! I just thought it was fair. I-if you want the 60 %, have it. I don't care!" Gerard yelled back in fear of his woman. She said, "F--k you! You know what, i could better partner in crime than you, you greedy asshole!" Gerard stood up, now in anger. "I am not greedy!" he yelled at her. She almost burst into tears of anger as she ran to the kitchen, near the cabinet with the gun in it. He yelled, "Don't you dare go for the gun!" as he reached for his own packed in the back of his belt. She didn't attempt it, however, she just reached for a dish and tossed it at Gerard. He ducked just in time to avoid and for it to hit the wall. Now, Gerard pulled out his own gun. He almost shot but couldn't bring himself to shoot his love. Helena was different, however. She got the gun from the cabinet and shot Gerard in the upper chest fatally. Gerard fell bleeding on to the couch, dropping his gun in the process. She rushed over and stole his gun from the floor. She calmly walked to the phone, called in an anonymous tip to the police, and fled the scene.

JUST SAYING: I will not make any other stories related to 3 cheers following this one!