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Revolution: MCR Pt. 8

on December 14, 2012 - 3:18pm

the 8th part to my new epic/drama fanfic! plz enjoy...

Jenny and Dillan walked back from their supplier of clorophorm. It was illegal to own clorophorm for illegitimate purposes, of course. So, they had to purchase illegally from a supplier, much like that of drugs. They walked back to their pre-planned meeting spot about a block from the police station with their clorophorm and rags. They spotted from down the block Tom and Stephen on the side of the police station. Good, they're in position, thought Jenny to herself.

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 7

on December 12, 2012 - 2:15pm

part 7 of my new epic/drama fanfic! please read and enjoy!!

As the crew got moving again passed the traintracks, Jenny felt terrible for Tom. Tom knew John had only been arrested, but for the position they were in, he might as well've died. With the group now on the run, he might never see him again. Unless, that is, John escaped soon. Then, Jenny hatched a plan. She had always been at this kind of stuff. When she was 13, she used to break her friends out of their rooms when they were grounded or even in detention. They would do some for her. So, now she thought, why not get John out?

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 6

on December 10, 2012 - 12:53pm

hereugo! pt. 6 of my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

"GO!" Somebody yelled. The cops were outside and nobody had to ask to know what they were there for. Jenny scrampbled to get her sleeping bag, clothes, and books. However, she noticed the others took nothing bu food, water, and identification: the essentials. They only took the ID's because if they left them and the cops found him, they would be exposed. Jenny followed and decided to drop her sleeping bag and clothes and all that and just go. For a group of 13 people, it seemed like a stampede. They heard microphones go on, "Come out!

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 5 (please read)

on December 9, 2012 - 11:54am

the 5th part of my new fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny woke up the next day to see Debrah packing her bags with tears in her eyes. That was it. She had been expelled. But, even though this was what Jenny wanted, she couldn't help but to feel bad. Compassion was in her nature. And, evidently, it was in the others' nature too, because they didn't seem exactly thrilled either to see her go.

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 4

on December 8, 2012 - 9:05am

the 4th part to my new fanfic, Revolution: MCR! please spread the word, i noticed that this one doesn't have as many readers so far as my last fanfic, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! Enjoy!

Jenny asked John, "So, how come it's just us four? How come the other couldn't tag along." "Well," John explained, "If the whol damn group was out here, we would be more noticeable, plus, if we all got pinched by the cops, we would have no other members to keep the MCRmy going." It made sense than.



Friday December 07, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

The 3rd part to my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny was exhilerated to have been accepted so quickly and easily among them. But she knew they were not stupid, so when they gladly asked her test questions about MCR and punk in general, she answered whole-heartedly and with respect. So, she finally asked, "What's next? I mean, what is our next plan to fight for punk acceptance"? Debrah, the skeptical snob, answered, "Well, we were gonna go buy some pot and kick a few homeless people." the others looked surprised. The ugly one said, "What are you talking about? We..." but than was "shushed" by Debrah, who then whispered into his ear, "Relax, i'm just testing her to see if she's for real." The ugly boy said, "Ohhh." and told the other members of Debrahs plan. But it wasn't too long before Jenny blurted "That's ridiculous! You guys can't be serious, i mean, this is the typ of shit we're fighting! The punk steryotypes, the idea that punk rockers are street thugs and potheads, and not just people expressing themselves. If this is what you guys do than i'm out!" The other members smiled. "Good". said the attractive one. "We were hopeing you would say that. We were just seeing if you were for real about your image. Can't be too careful with these things." said Debrah as she threw a bitchy devilish smile at Jenny that eventually turned to a pure deathstare once the others turned around. Jenny knew that Debrah didn't trust her still from that. She didn't know why and she didn't care. She just knew she had to prove herself to Debrha, or prove to the others that she had it out for her. The next day they were out on their first mission with Jenny. "We wanna do something that won't cause the unexpected fatalities that happened last time, but we want to make it big enough to get a nation-wide story on the news, like last time." explained the ugly boy, who had introduced himself as Tom, " And then maybe we can get more recruits like you, Jenny, while at the same time, fighting these laws!" "The f-cked up thing is, " said the attractive boy who had introduced himself as the ugly boys brother, John, "that the last stunt we pulled didn't change a damn thing. In fact, more records are being banned as we speak." "Damn, " said Jenny. "So, what's the plan?" Tom said, "We are gonna break into the radio station about a block from here. And whe are going to play some of the banned CDs' over the air across the whole state. Then we can't be called violent anymore and we rebel for our cause." "But, " said Jenny, "How do we hijack a radio station full of staff without being violent?" "You'll see" said Tom. And she most certainly did.

Thursday December 06, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

this is my second upload about my band. i thought i'd give you guys an example of our bassist: me! i'm TRUELY sorry if i make some retarted faces whil i'm playing, but ti do that unintentionally when i play sometimes.enjoy! :)

Thursday December 06, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

i recently started a punk/alt. band called Sociopath Anatomy. I recently completed the first song i wrote for guitar instead of bass so i thought i'd share it. I'm also going to upload my fifth or sixth bass line soon.please enjoy!

Thursday December 06, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

The 2nd part to my new epic drama! please enjoy...

Jenny was on a greyhound to Marlyland. She lived in New Jersey, so it was easier than going to Colorado. She wanted to find them, the MCRmy, and be part of them. But with the police on the hunt, it wasn't like she could ask around for them. It was starting sink in that she had completely unexpectadly left her life, her mom, dad, brother, and friends, to save a genre of music from extinction. But to her it was more than just a group of bands and songs, it was a life style. She lived that genre everyday. She stould up for what she believed in and expressed herself no matter how crazy people thought she was. And bands like My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, and others pushed her to be like that. She was happy with her life. So, in a way, fighting for these bands was saving her own life. She snapped out of her deep thought once at the bus station. She left the bus and felt to make sure the lump of stolen cash was still there. She honestly felt bad for robbing her own mother, but she felt she had to do it. She figured she would start her search for the MCRmy by looking for uninhabbited, abandoned, broken down parts of the town, like deserted woods and abondon warehouse; places where people wouldn't usually go. While walking down the unfamiliar streets of a place she barely knew anything about, she realized how long this might take. However, that night, while looking around her 6th 7th warehouse next to the 2nd set of woods she looked through, she turned a corner and felt a hand wrap around her face. She smelt something funny and passed out. Jenny had been clorophormed. She woke up inside the warehouse with a group of 5 girls and 4 boys wearing Misfits, My Cheical Romance, and Green Day shirts hovering over her. "Who are you?" asked a boy with short brown hair she felt was a little ugly. She answered, :Uh... i'm Jenny. Ar.. Are you the MCRmy?" One of the boys, a more attractive one, noticed her Aim For The Face t-shirt and said she's clean. Let's show her around". The other girls picked her up and the group gave her a tour of their punk rock shrine and personal heaven they had created in this wharehouse. She almost cried. But, one girl, a condescending, snobby one named Debrah, was suspicious of Jenny. She thought she might be a spy. She kept her eye on her.

Wednesday December 05, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

hey guys, id like to say that it has been a while since i wrote a fanfic. i did my 15 part THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE a while ago and two short fanfic collections, but i wasn't in a state of mind to a full new one until about now. i think you guys will really like this one. thx for all the support and enjoy!

Jenny walked out of her bedroom fully dressed. It was 2:00 AM, a school night, and she got up from blasting her rock records to get a soda. It had been 3 and 1/2 weeks since parents started the special interest group POP- Parents Opposing Punk. The group claimed that punk rock and other genres like post-hardcore and metal promoted, encouraged, and imposed violence and the use of profanity among children and teenagers. Jenny, being a rocker herself, was ashamed to be the daughter of a POP member. Her mother was an active member and protestor to her daughters behavior. And 15 states, including Maryland and Colorado, had already banned the records certain bands such as The Misfits, Macabre, and, by far the most controversial, My Chemical Romance. MCR may not be the most famous or impactful band, but the fans were rising in record numbers to rebel against the anti-punk rock movement. Jenny was relieved that there were people still fighting for there rights. She turned on the news in the living room, quiet enough that her mom would not hear, but loud enough to hear personally. A re-run of the news was on. "I now repeat the most astonishing news in ages." the newscaster stated. "An uprising seems to have began in eastern and mid America, as a group of teenage vandals stormed several record stores in Maryland and Colorado. There rampages eventually broke out into several block long riots that left a total of 12 dead. 1 of the teenagers was captured, the rest escaping. The teenager, identified as Bradley Scott, has not spoken a word about his friends yet. The others remain unfound but have sent anonymous threats via email to the governors and record store owners threatening a repeat of the previous events unless the laws are changed regarding the banning of punk and metal albums. They state the deaths to be unintentional. However, the group of parents known as POP use last nights example as proof of Punk Rocks negative impact. Government officials have begun to callthe group of teenagers a "terrorist organization". Surprisingly, hundreds of teenagers and young adults support the movement of the rebels via facebook, tumblr, and band websites." Jenny was shocked at this news. The newscaster continued, "The group has been called the "Rebellion", "Resistance", and the 'Society Against Society'. But based on the t-shirts the teens were seen wearing and the records the teens stormed the stores to find, they have become most commonly known as...
... the MCRmy." Jenny gasped. She went up stares, put on her "Art is the Weapon" t-shirt, stole some money from her mothers purse, and left that night. She was a rebel. She was... a killjoy.

Thursday November 22, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

hey guys, im seeking support for a new independant film me and a friend are making. It might possibly feature a snippet of a Bullets song in the credits, so i thought it would be appropriate to put it up here! i've attatched one of the trailers i made. it really is my passion to my movies with my friends and i work as hard as i can. So i'd appreciate if you guys kept on the lookout for my upcoming syfy/mystery Frozen Hell and my friend Trevors new horror Asylum. The link for his trailer is below. thx guyz!