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on January 4, 2013 - 7:58pm

i had seen all the other 6 TCM movies so i had to watch the new. people in the theater were talking about how much it sucked and luaghing the whole time, and i admit it had its funny parts, but i actually REALLY liked it! its worth the watch if your into that kinda stuff.

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 11 might not happen

on January 4, 2013 - 1:50pm

i was writing a fanfic for a while called Revoultion:MCR about a teenage runaway named Jenny who joins a criminal rebellion in Maryland after Punk rock slowly gets banned. i wrote 10 parts so far and its been 2 or 3 weeks since i wrote one because i was grounded from the computer. i don't know if im really in the right mind state to continue it. 2 or 3 weeks ago when i was really into it , this story would be different. so, if i don't have a knew one up by Monday then you can probably bet igave up. srry.

P.S. i got A new electric guitar. it's an Epiphone Special SG model.

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this has been killing me recently

on December 16, 2012 - 2:18pm

first off, i'd liket to ask, why did Matt leave MCR in 2003 or 4? And i feel like nobody ever thinks about him. I see alot of people talk about how much they love Bob, and believe me i like him too, but Matt was the orignal drummer and he played on my favorite MCR cd, Bullets. On YouTube and on here, i never see anybody EVER talk about Matt. so, did he do something to get kicked out that nobody wants to talk about or do you people just not like him? cuz personally, i think he was a slightly better drummer than Bob. I mean just listen to Demolition Lovers and Cemetery Drive. He rocked on them!

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 10

on December 16, 2012 - 6:32am

the 10th part to my drama/epic fanfic! please enjoy!!

Alexander sat at his small home in New York. His babysitter while his mother was in Maryland was a easily-agitated old foreign woman known mostly by her last name: Black, the color of her soul. He was watching the news and he saw the riot at the police station. And there at the front of it all was his mother. He decided it was finally time to see what the fuss was all about; he went into Jennys' room when Mrs. Black wasn't looking and took out a random CD.

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Revolution: MCR Pt. 9

on December 15, 2012 - 1:35pm

the 9th part to my epicdrama

The police struggled to restarin the crowds of protestors: POP and their opposers. However, one of the punk supporters manage to sneak behind a cop and knock him out with a club. The crowds raged and cheered. A riot formed as crowed rushed the police station. A few of the supporters made it to the backroom and found the cells of the MCRmy. They tried to unlock the cells but were tackled by cops and POP members. Outside in the lobby, you could here shots being fired at and by punk supporters.



Saturday December 15, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 9th part to my epicdrama

The police struggled to restarin the crowds of protestors: POP and their opposers. However, one of the punk supporters manage to sneak behind a cop and knock him out with a club. The crowds raged and cheered. A riot formed as crowed rushed the police station. A few of the supporters made it to the backroom and found the cells of the MCRmy. They tried to unlock the cells but were tackled by cops and POP members. Outside in the lobby, you could here shots being fired at and by punk supporters. The cops managed to scare of a large portion of the POP members with the gunshots. But, the punks weren't baking off; they managed to overthrow the majority of cops, trampling a few, the remainder of which hid in the breakrooms. The cheif of police was out when the riot started and pulled up to the police station surprised at the broken windows and crowds of people rushing in and out of the station including cops. He reached for his shotgun in the passenger seat and parked his car on the side of the building, out of sight. He left the car and approached the building bravely. He cocked the shotgun with one hand and pushed his way to the inside of the station. One man punched him in the face, and as two others tried to rush him to the ground, he fired a shot, hitting one of the attackers. He died upon being hit, and as the shell dropped a large portion of the punks evacuated. As, some of the cops came out of hiding and scared off the last of the attackers, they check on the backroom to find that the cells were all open. The back window was broken. Somebody had freed them!
Meanwhile, Jenny, Tom, John, Dillan, Stephen, and a large group of teens and young adults that had freed them all walked back to the abandon train station that the others had found and decided on as they're new hideout. They broke open a boarded up door and went inside to set up. They invited the group of people to join the MCRmy and thier cause. One of them, a blonde one named Zach said, "Hold on, i gotta go the others." Him and a few friends left to get even more recruits to join the Resistance. They returned and in all they now had a total of about 33 members. But, unknown to Jenny, her own mother had followed them and planned to expose them. Unknown even to Jennys' mom, Debrah also followed. Just as Jennys' mom turned to go to her car and call the police, Debrah stepped in front of her. "Hello." said Debrah. "God!," exclaimed Jennys' mom, "you scared me half to death. Who are you? You're not one of them are you?" "No, not anymore, at least." replied Debrah. She continued, "But i know them and know their weaknesses. I also know your intentions. I saw you at the POP rally down at the station. I can help you pull something ten times worse than getting them arrested." Jennys' mom knew it would be glorious to show those rebels whos boss and take revenge on her daughter, but she was also her mother, and she couldn't do anything to bad. Her conscious would kill her. "What did you have in mind?" asked Jennys' mom. Debrah smiled.

Friday December 14, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 8th part to my new epic/drama fanfic! plz enjoy...

Jenny and Dillan walked back from their supplier of clorophorm. It was illegal to own clorophorm for illegitimate purposes, of course. So, they had to purchase illegally from a supplier, much like that of drugs. They walked back to their pre-planned meeting spot about a block from the police station with their clorophorm and rags. They spotted from down the block Tom and Stephen on the side of the police station. Good, they're in position, thought Jenny to herself. But than Dillan said "Look!" and they spotted Debrah with a devilish smile walking into the police station. "No!" yelled Jenny. They were close enough for Tom and Stephen to hear her yell. They came out of their suspicious background and said "What's up?" back to them. Jenny and Dillan yelled "Run!" simultaneously, but it was too late. Cops came out of the building looking around. They spotted Tom and Stephen and just as they started to run, they were on the ground, in cuffs. Jenny and Dillan ran before the cops could see them and started to run. They turned a corner, and passed a cop who was not yet aware of who had just ran passed hi. But, he did notice a bottle of clorophorm fall from Jennys' pocket. He yelled "Hault!" But they ignored him. He chased after them and grabbed hold of Jenny. He jerked her wrist towards him and she squealed in fright and pain. It took Dillan a few seconds to realize Jenny was no longer running next to him. He turned and saw Jenny yelling as she struggled and the cop restrained her, reaching for his handcuffs. Dillan ran back. The cop didn't notice him until Dillan said "Hey!" The cop looked up and Dillan said, "Be gentle, she's a lady!" The cop looked confused and Dillan took advantage of this take one swift punch, breaking the cops nose. He looked down at Jenny who was shaking the not-yet-locked handcuff off of her left hand. The ground had scraped her arm and made her bleed slightly. Dillan reached down and said, "Grab my hand." She did so and they ran away. But , they only got a few feet before running into another duo of cops who turned both of them around and put cuffs on them. The police now had almost half of the MCRmy in police custody. The stayed there overnight, waking up to the sound of yelling and chanting outside. They sat up with their stiff backs from sleeping on hard provided beds in a cell at the station. "What the hell is that?" mumbled Tom quietly to Stephen, who shared his cell. Outside the building, there was a rally of angry citizens who had seen the late night news and were aware of thw MCRmy's arrest. They held up picket fences saying "Free the rockers!" and other such motivational lines. This inspired the MCRmy inside the station. But, of course, also outside the station was POP: Parents Opposing Punk. And among them, yelling at the very top of her lungs, was Jennys' mom.

Wednesday December 12, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

part 7 of my new epic/drama fanfic! please read and enjoy!!

As the crew got moving again passed the traintracks, Jenny felt terrible for Tom. Tom knew John had only been arrested, but for the position they were in, he might as well've died. With the group now on the run, he might never see him again. Unless, that is, John escaped soon. Then, Jenny hatched a plan. She had always been at this kind of stuff. When she was 13, she used to break her friends out of their rooms when they were grounded or even in detention. They would do some for her. So, now she thought, why not get John out? "Hey!" she exclaimed. "Yeah?" said Tom. "Why don't we get John?" she said. "Well, it's not that simple", said Stephen, "the guys under police custody". "So what?" said Jenny, "It doesn't have to be simple. It just has to work." "Well, what do you got in mind?" said Tom desperately and with obvious hope in his voice. "We could go to the police station and just do what we did at the radio station. Create a diversion, empty out the room, and move in and get John." "But, " said Mary, "The cops wouldn't just leave a criminal alone in the station. They always have at least one person keeping guard. Trust me, i've been in there enough to know." "I got that covered." said Jenny. "How so?" said Stephen. "We're gonna go there, f-ck it, maybe even break a car window again, so the majority rush out, and than we do what you guys did to me the first day we me: clorophorm them!" "Damn it, that just might work!" yelled a boy named Dillan. "Yeah! so lets go get a lead pipe and some clorophormed-up rags!" said Tom. "Alright." said Stephen. "Dillan and Jenny go get the clorophorm and rags. Tom, come with me, we'll get eh pipe and find what room John is in at the police station. The rest of you, break up into a groups of 2 or 3 and find a new hideout. SPLIT!" Jenny and Dillan broke off. This is gonna be awkward, thought Jenny, for she had never had a one on one conversation with Dillan before. But it wasn't that hard, because most of the time, it was just Dillan talking about how he hopes the plans work and telling stories about the MCRmy from before she showed up. Meanwhile, Tom and Stephen snuck proffesionally, naturally, and stealthily over to the police station. They were just about sneak around the back to check the windows for any sign of John, when across the street, Debrah was out for a walk for the first time without fear of being arrested in a while. She spotted and recognized Tom and Stephen sneaking around the police station and decided it would be a perfect time to exact her revenge on Tom for tattling on her and Stephen for finalizing her expultion. And it was all too easy. They didn't suspect a thing, they were already at the police station, all she needed to do was waltz on in and say "Hey! There are two MCRmy members snoopin' around out back." That was it. She smiled at the thought.

Monday December 10, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

hereugo! pt. 6 of my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

"GO!" Somebody yelled. The cops were outside and nobody had to ask to know what they were there for. Jenny scrampbled to get her sleeping bag, clothes, and books. However, she noticed the others took nothing bu food, water, and identification: the essentials. They only took the ID's because if they left them and the cops found him, they would be exposed. Jenny followed and decided to drop her sleeping bag and clothes and all that and just go. For a group of 13 people, it seemed like a stampede. They heard microphones go on, "Come out! We have you surrounded!"But that wasn't true and the MCRmy knew it, because if they were surrounded, there would be lights in the back windows. They throught books and lamps to break the windows so they could jump and hop out. Jenny, along side Tom and Mary, was among the last to leave. She wasn't used to this obviously, but the others looked so natural as they led the way of escape through the woods behind the warehouse. Jenny, while running, counted everybody. Tom, Mary, Stephen, herself, and 8 others. That equaled 12 . But there was supposed to be 13. Where was John! She stopped and fell behind as she looked back at the warehouse she saw John jumping out of the window. She almost ran back to help him until she saw him get dragged back into the window by cops. She increased pace again and caught up with the others. Jenny didn't want to do this: was punk really worth pissing her life away running from cops and vandalising record stores with a group of teens she barely knew. But then she thought of the others: did the others really wanna do this either? NO! Who wants to run from the cops for defending thir lifestyles. But of course punk was worth it! Punk and people like those teens she just met made her who she was. Besides, it's too late to turn back. She was in Maryland, she was an outlaw, and she had just ruined and chances with her mother or brother. The MCRmy was all she had. They finally stopped running once they reached the railroad tracks. Tom stood in front of everyone "Where's John?" he asked the crowd. "Uhm..." said Jenny. All eyes turned to her. She had to say something. "He won't be joining us anytime soon".

Sunday December 09, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 5th part of my new fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny woke up the next day to see Debrah packing her bags with tears in her eyes. That was it. She had been expelled. But, even though this was what Jenny wanted, she couldn't help but to feel bad. Compassion was in her nature. And, evidently, it was in the others' nature too, because they didn't seem exactly thrilled either to see her go. It was just then that a thought came to her: she felt bad for a girl she knew 3 days who had been a total bitch to her, but she didn't even think about how her mother and little brother were feeling now back home, with no clue as to wear their beloved Jenny was. Jenny started to tear a bit, but didn't want to appear weak in front of the others. So, she tried to go to sleep again before they noticed she was up. But soon after, one of the girls she hadn't had a chance to talk to yet, named Mary, walked over and shook her awake. "Wake up, sleepy." she said. Jenny pretended like she was just waking up and rubbed her eyes, but she was really rubbing them to get the tears out. "What is it?" asked Jenny. "Well," said Mary, "We got a a new recruit today, all the way from Texas! We thought you would like to meet him." "Alright" she said before getting up. Jenny stood up and walked over to meet the new boy. But as she layed eyes on him, she realized he wasn't from Texas, he was from New York, like her. She knew this because, it was her little brother, Alexander. " No." she thought. "How did he find me!? God, does mom know where i am?! No!" Alex falsely introduced himself as Jimmy. He pretended not to recognize Jenny so as not to alarm the others or confuse them. Jenny offered to give Alex/Jimmy the tour of the warehouse. "What the f-ck are you doing here?" asked Jenny quietly as they walked. "What are you doing here?". asked Alex. "I'm here cause i need to be." said Jenny. "No, you NEED to be back home!" said Alex with a bit of anger in his voice. "How did you find me? Does mom know where you are" asked Jenny frantically. "No, ma doesn't know i'm here. And how did i find you? You are the biggest punk fan i know and you've always been the rebellious type. I figured, you know, a rebellion of punk rockers in Maryland equals you." said Alex. "Great" said Jenny, "Now both of moms kids are missing. She must be bugging out!" "Relax" said Alex. " I'm here to take you home!" "No! Alex, you need to go home. I need to save punk rock!" "Alright." said Alex, "Either you come with me and we can make up a cover story together or you stay, i go, and i tell mom the truth and mom comes here and smacks the shit out of you." Jenny sighed. "Well, i guess moms gonna have another pain in the ass. cause i'm staying." said Jenny. "Whatever." said Alex. "Tell, the group i said bye." Than Jenny thought, how was she gonna explain Alex/Jimmys' dissapearance. She had to much on her mind. She let Alex go and fell asleep sitting against the wall. She woke up to the sound of sirens. "No."

Saturday December 08, 2012 
| Posted by: inoyu49

the 4th part to my new fanfic, Revolution: MCR! please spread the word, i noticed that this one doesn't have as many readers so far as my last fanfic, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! Enjoy!

Jenny asked John, "So, how come it's just us four? How come the other couldn't tag along." "Well," John explained, "If the whol damn group was out here, we would be more noticeable, plus, if we all got pinched by the cops, we would have no other members to keep the MCRmy going." It made sense than. As they walked around to the side of the radio station, Tom and Debrah split from the rest of the group as part of the plan and left Jenny alone with John. She was nervous to talk to him with noone else around. John explained the mission before she even asked, "Ok. So, what's happening is, there is a a fire escape where Tom and Debrah are going. On one of the platforms there is a window that is almost always open. It seems like a great place to break in, but it is the managers office, so there is almost always somebody there. Our job is to create a diversion, something to lore the manager and his buttbuddys out of his office and out of the building. From there, Tom and Debrah sneak in and lock the doors. I'll explan the rest as we go along." Jenny just nodded and trusted John enough not to ask what his plan for the distraction was. John ran around to fron of the building, Jenny running close behind. They saw a car in the front parking lot parked in a reserved spot. The ran up to it, than John pulled a pat from his backpack. Jenny said, "Holy shit." to herself and laughed quietly while John bashed in the window of the car. The alarm went off, John dropped the bat, and the two ran back to the side of the building. Meanwhile, Tom and Debrah heard from fire escape platform that the manager was recieving a phone call. The manager put the call on speaker and kicked his feet up to relax while taking the call with his hands behind his head. "What is it Jimmy?" the manager said into the phone. "Well," the man named Jimmy replied, "Sir, it seems there has been an incident with your' car." "What?!" he exclaimed. "Jimmy, get up here and finish this paperwork while i check on my car!" the manager ran out and just as Debrah and Tom began to crawl through the window, the man named Jimmy walked in and the two jumped back on to the platform before he could see them. "Great, now what?" said Tom. Debrah said, "Screw this!" and jumped through the window, Jimmy turned around and Debrah drew a blunt object and whacked him upside the head knocking him unconscious. "Debby, what are you doing?!" yelled Tom. "Shut up and get in here. Tom climbed in and the two went in and found a vent which they crawled into and out of into the broadcasting room. The drew CD's from their backpacks and played them for the whol state to hear, than retreated along to base along with John and Jenny. Tom was so outraged with Debrah for resorting so quickly to violence, that when he got back to base he demanded her expultion from the group. "You did what?!" yelled a teen named Stephen at Debrah. "You may have just set us back in our work to the beginning!" "Oh, yeah, like the first 13 deaths didn't do it." said Debrah sarcastically. "We were trying to make up for that!" yelled Stephen. The other members of the group just stood back and watched them exchange words. Jenny, despite this definately setting them back a bit, was a little happy that Debrah was probably gonna get expelled. Jenny slept well that night, as comfortable around these people as if she had known them her whole life.