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Is it bad to call people cunts

K so my so called 'friend' was literally bitching out everyone because my bestfriend was apparently abuzing her when really she was just annoying the shit out of my bestfriend and the only way she could actually get er to stop was for her to hit her, quite funny actually. But anyways so she started postin like millions and millions of statuses about it on facebook so i thought it would be funny to to make a status about her millions of statuses, then she totally like with which made me literally fall off my bed laughing

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My life consists of being unhappy

You know what i realized? That no one will ever stay in your life, no matter how much they say they love you they will always leave.. Either out of just being a complete dick, death, or just out of being sorry.. You know i hate it whne people say sorry. It just makes me feel so fcking stupid. Like i dont need you to feel sorry for me. I tell you my personal shit so you can help me through it, not feel sorry for me.. I think about hating life everyday.. And how much i want to end it.. But people keep telling me its going to get better but at the end of my head i think when the fuck does it get better? When will i be happy? Its been 3 years since ive been really happy.. I put on my smile everyday just to make people fucking happy. When is my turn? When will it be my turn to be happy, to fall in love.. I thought there was light at the end of the tunnel but i believe i was wrong...

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Anyone down to be there for me ?

Hii, so i am a female. I will not tell you my name because id like to keep this account confidential to people i know, i have a story that id love to tell. Like this if you hve ever been in love, its great right? Well my love story was of course... Great! At least it was at first before the end came crashing down and reality hit. I mean we weren't dating or anything but we had a super strong connection, and there was definetly love going around in my mind. Anyways i told him i loved him and all that stuff. It went good and was going good for many months, he didnt say he loved me back though and it was understandable because of a few reasone that shouldnt come up attm.. We were super private about people knowing. Until the day he told his bestfriend.. He was threatening to tell my father and stuff like that.. So the guy that im totally in love with cant even talk to me.. He told a friend of mine that he missed me.. But i didnt believe him..