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Anyone down for a Doctor Who role play??

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Hi there!

Hi there, I'm looking for someone who would to RP Doctor Who. I Have knowledge of past Doctors and some companions of Classic characters, But I seem to have more knowledge on the newer characters starting from the ninth Doctor and on (Except for Cappaldi, I have only seen the first episode and spoilers posted by Tumblr and Facebook pages .. Oh well they are worth it!! :) I'm also asking that The RP isn't smutty-Not that I don't enjoy the occasional smut but it gets awkward after a while!!-

I'm also open for Sherlock, Supernatural- though I'm only on season 4- And SuperWhoLock!!

Please message me if you have any interests or even questions about non-related Rp's or joint written FanFics!!!!! Thanks and have a superb day!!!

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Role play or fanfic?

Hello!! Does any one want to create a Dr.Who, Supernatural, or Sherlock fan fiction or role play!?!??

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Hii there

Hello !!! I have no clue what my first post should be..... But anyway I am izzaaayyyyy Or Captain Kirk!!!!!

I'd love to make up role plays with people if anyone is interested. (But no creepers)

Thanks for being fucking awesome

Have a nice unicornish day!!!!