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crazy shit

hey guys so it's story time

back in like kindergarten/1st/2nd/3rd grade, i had this friend named Elijah.
we were really good friends for those 4 years, and i didn't think i would ever heard from him again after he moved away, and that made me really sad.
I was just thinking about this like half a year ago.

a couple months ago, I was introduced to a guy named Eli. he's friends with my boyfriend's best friend, and that's how we "met."
he started attending the tech school connected to my school, and we've been talking a lot lately.
recently, we were talking about our past and all that good shit, and the other day we were joking around and he was like
"dude I'm sad"
so of course i ask him why
he goes "because you said i don't have any swag" (he's weird..)
so i was like "Eli i never said that what are you talking about"
and he was like "yeah you did back when we were 5"

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hi everyone that cares!
a lot has happened since i last posted, i haven't posted since june 25th because i've been soo busy! (school blah blah)
my second to last post was about my job and license and how proud i was of myself. weeelllll.
i already quit my job. fuck kmart. seriously. some (not all) of the people there treated me like shit and i was done with it sooooo.
but on the other hand. warped was incredible! i saw all the bands that i mainly wanted to see (om&m for the most part but yeeeee), my boyfriend and i met damon fizzy, jason/veeoneeye, and bowling for soup, who were ALL so sweet and really cool btw, and we got a bunch stuff while we were there :3
we spent most of the summer together which was awesome, we went camping one weekend and spent every day together for 2 weeks after that which was really great, i love him to pieces.

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anything in common? talk to me! i need friends!

Name: Sarah
Birthday: December 29, 1997
Birthplace: Vermont
Favourite Color: red
Favourite Drink: vanilla bean coolata
Favourite Food: probbbbably pizza
Favourite Sport: does sleeping count as a sport
Time right now: 9:04
Hair Color: dark brown
Nail polish right now: metallic blueish purpleish
Size feet: 6
Dress size: 4
Height: 5'0
Perfume: some perfume from bath and bodyworks
Glasses?: nooo
Last party?: uh well i went to a birthday party for my boyfriend's 5 year old sister xD
Favorite Male celebrity: jfc there's too mannyyy. umm Ansel Elgort at the moment
Favorite Female celebrity: Iggy Azalea to be completely honest
Favourite season: summer! hands down.
Cold or hot nights: cold. cuddles and fires c:
Tea or Coffee: tea
Favorite Band: being completely honest, right now it's 5 Seconds of Summer. fuckin love them
Favorite TV Show: adventure time. or regular show.
Best friend: Logen Andrew <3
Can you trust this person?: more than anyone

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i'm growing up :')

guys so i'm really excited and just felt the need to make a post about this.
in the last 2 days, I've got a job at kmart and my license :)
most people do get those things when they're 16, and i am 16 now.
but i'm just really proud of myself.
i did a really shitty job in school this year and i felt like a downright disappointment to my family. but to see them so proud of me is a really awesome feeling. i'm really excited.
i have orientation for work tomorrow, and i get my first paycheck july 11th.
gaaah i'm just in a really great mood guys :)

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warped countdown- 17 days

i honestly can't believe that there's only 17 days left until the day that i've been waiting for for three years.
i'm seriously so excited, my boyfriend is the best for this. seriously. <3333

mansfield, we're coming for you in 2 1/2 weeks.
fuck. yes.

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random boyfriend appreciation post /).(\

so guysss /).(\
this is my wonderful boyfriend, Logen.
he has been at my side through thick and thin for two years now.
we were best friends until about april of freshman year, until he helped me realize how much of an asshat my boyfriend at the time was. i will never forget the first time that we really opened ourselves up to eachother. we skipped first period and went out to sit on the bleachers and just talk. we ended up crying in eachothers arms and wiping eachothers tears away.
our first kiss was when i was still with *asshat ex boyfriend*- but i was his first kiss and he was so scared that he was shaking cx it was cute though. he's come so far since then, i've turned him into a little sex demon >:-) oops.
to be completely honest, he has made everything in life leading up to this day worth living for. i've never had more intense feelings for a person. he lights up my world, and he is really the best thing to ever happen to me, as cliché as that all sounds.

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if we have anything in common be my friend please, talk to meeee

1. i am infatuated with anything disney
2. i get really excited when there are toys in cereal boxes
3. i can't really take much of anything seriously

1. i smoke/drink
2. i forget a lot of stuff
3. i stress about money for the apartment and food and bills i'm going to have to pay off in 2 years

1. learn how to longboard
2. get my damn license already ugh
3. have a date night with my love out at an actual like hotel or something

1. i like video games?
2. i like sex?
3. i eat a lot of food?
are these even considered valid answers...like???

1. i am infatuated with expensive coffee products
2. i own a pair of uggs
3. i literally can't even

1. make new friends because i have like none (anyone on here is welcome tbh)

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i like doing these things. idk.

This is seriously going to get personal, you ready?-- obviiii
If you were caught cheating, would you fess up?-- yeah. but i would never.
The last time you felt honestly broken?-- 1 1/2ish months ago.
Are you craving something?-- vanilla bean coolata
If you could have one thing right now what would it be?-- honestly, to be in logens arms, smokin' a bowl, watching movies, eating ice cream and being dumb as fuck <3 :p
Would you rather have ten kids, or none?-- ten. i love kids
What do you hear right now?-- some spiderman thing my brother's watching
Is your bed against more than one of your walls?-- yess
What’s on your mind right now?-- how school is almost over. 3 more days of my sophomore year. couldn't be happier, this school year has been stressful as shit for me.
Are you there for your friends?-- what friends? hah
Last person to see you cry?-- logen
What do you do when you get nervous?-- i just panic a lot idk
Be honest, do you like people in general?-- haha not at all

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countdown to warped: 28 days c:

sooo guys
i've been waiting three years to go to warped tour.
and finalllyyy, my boyfriend is taking me. in 28 days B)

i'm seriously so excited like i can't contain myself
is anyone else going? if so, where/what date?
i'm going july 10th in mansfield, mass c: llaskjxnwieursfzlsdkj

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tfios ?????????

oh my goody goody gosh darn diddly doo guys so
i went to see the fault in our stars the other day
and i've never cried so hard over a movie
bc gus and hazel and i just


what are your guys' opinions on the movie so far? for those of you that have seen it.
i think it was absolutely incredible but im hearing otherwise from other people
idk im just curious to see what everyone else thinks of it