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AP 309.2 Cover Real Friends, Electric Century, Touché Amoré

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▶ Gerard Way ((Full)) Live Debut @ Reading Festival HD

gonna see if this vid actually posts

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My typical weekend...

8:00-7:00 AM
Buried in my cave (my room.) listening to music by mcr. draw many art fails. play violin or piano. type on my computer. sing to myself. record myself playing the violin. draw many art fails again. play 'Helena' on violin. ('Cancer' on piano.)

9:00-11:35 PM
Read a book. listen to music by mcr. draw a t-shirt I wish I could have. type my boring story. draw fail arts again. blah blah blah pretty much over again. =D

if my parents take my brother and I somewhere, yeah, that's the only difference. Sometimes, the only time I want to go out somewhere if I download music I have never heard before. I sometimes ride my boring scooter. (Wish I could ride a skateboard.)

sometimes I stay up late studying for a quiz or even a comprehension check. (it's like a mini quiz.) staying up late and studying for a quiz makes my parents happy and proud.

and that's my typical weekend.

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Tony Hawk 'Huckjam Series'

It's not that perfect haha ;)

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Random drawing

I just put random stuff on here. (During summer.) I'm having a 'not-so-good' day. so i don't feel like posting anything more than 3 sentences. :(

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The Outcast

everywhere i am, it looks like i'm just a lonely crow. i don't really mind not having close friends at school or anywhere else. though sometimes i wish there was someone always by my side...a friend or two. i try to ignore the fact that i have no friends. sometimes it just goes by, sometimes it's stuck in my head.

this year's school is okay. at least i'm taking art class. everything else all are boring. (maybe except for orchestra.)

i will be kindly be your friend if you want me to be. it's just that i don't try to make friends on my own. don't mind if i'm an outcast with no friends. i started being very independent in 3rd grade and don't think 'friends' match in my type of lifestyle ever since.

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artwork 1

another drawing I did over the summer :D

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Furry Drawing

This is a drawing of a Furry I drew over the summer. yesterday I finally found out how to get the pics I took on my phone. can't believe it took "so long". haha ;)

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Science Projects......

Science projects. mine has something to do with computers. couldn't think of a better idea to do and I was running out of time.

Not suppose to be on here! i'm in school right not. science class. (4th peroid.) i have art class next.

today i'm gonna try to post my drawings here and some art sharing sites. gonna start planning my comic book today after school! So excited. :) you're looking at a young artist right now haha gotta go

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Awesome book

This is actually a good book to read. thought it was boring at first but it turn out to be good. :)