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Dear MCR

When I was 8 years old I heard the song "Welcome to the Black Parade" and automatically fell in love with the band. Since then I've found that I've learned everything mentally and physically possible about the band history, members, and anything related. I remember when I finally got the money to go see you guys in concert..had been looking all year twice a week to see when you guys were coming to Las Vegas it never came up..soon after I had found out you guys had already came..i was so devastated that I became depressed and refused to speak to anyone for 2 weeks..finally I decided.. ,"I've always got next year!" but next year never came...the band came to an end..i'm hoping you guys will do a Farewell Tour..Forever a Fabulous Killjoy always in the MCRmy and survived the Black Parade..So Long and Goodnight Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Frank, and the awesome Bob (although hes been out of the band for years he will always be the drummer of MCR.)