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had a great day/stop laughing at drunk Gee/more blogs yay!

Hey all,

I'm sure you've all watched MCR funny moments videos and whatnot. And you've probably also noticed that a lot of them include scenes with drunk Gerard. Like the kickball scene, the "I killed so many plants" scene, and sometimes the "my pants always fall down scene." I really wish people wouldn't laugh at these. Gee has clearly worked his way up from being an alcoholic. I know that he looks/acts goofy but he's really in so much pain in these clips.... I wish that people would take these parts out but they are more in the older videos so they have more views. Therefore, the poster of the video probably wants to keep the video up and keep the views. I hope people get that it isn't funny...

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Ray Fro

I used to have a ray fro, when I had longer hair
That was kinda how I met J (past relationship). J said I was like Ray cause I played guitar and had da fro. Love my hair now but gotta miss that fro xD
- Z

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I Knew It!!!

GUYS!!! I'm most like frankie!!! I knew it! I even play an Epiphone Les paul like him, but his is custom and ivory colored and mine is model 100 and black with gold knobs! close enough...

() You’re born in April
() You’ve been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
() You’re a born leader
()You love drawing and you do it well
() You love singing
()You don’t take sh** from anyone
(x) You’re afraid of needles
() You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
(x) You've got siblings and you love them
() You’re the oldest child,
Total: 2 (guess not...)

() You’re born in July
(x) You play the guitar
() You’ve got a scar on your head
(X)You can’t swim
(x)had one)) You’ve got a fro!
() You’re 6’1”
() You’re shy
() You wear contact lenses
() You’re called mastermind or the quiet genius
(x) People do/used to laugh at you
Total: 4 (people used to call me toro cause of my hair xD)

(x) You’re born in September
() You play bass

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I've noticed that people aren't getting as many comments.
I have 26 pages of blogs. The further back I went the more comments and feedback I got at least 2 or 3 on the dumb little posts. I got 6, 7 or 8 comments on some posts!! You don't get that many anymore.
We're all here, but I don't get the same sense of community. I posted a blog titled ":'(" August 2013. I was really upset and vented. I got 7 comments of reassurance. I met To Every Enemy (who became a great friend and support) through a comment on that post. 7 comments. 7 people took a moment to tell me that things would get better. Do any of you remember LoneStar? Who was last seen on here Oct 22, 2013? Who posted that suicide note? Who got 20 comments, blogs about them, people looking for all the information on what happened? Where's that love and community?
"if you wanna talk, or even complain about anything... message me?"
"If you want to message me feel free to."
"inbox me if you wana chat, im always about :-)"

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it's different

I just posted about this yesterday, but I can't get it out of my head. I was researching guardianships for adults, so I could learn more about what Ben was getting into. There wasn't much helpful info that I could find, so I looked up his diagnoses. Autism and developmental deployment. I KNEW it would piss me off, so I don't know why I googled it...
They give you a list of symptoms and cures and medication and all that. I HATE it when they tell me that stuff. cause what the definition and what the websites say is SO not what Ben's like. Every special needs kid is different. SO different. two people could have the same disability and ;look ENTIRELY different. And the more diagnoses you add, the more individual their case is, the more individual their treatment is.

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Help... It never ends....

Hey... I don't want to be a downer, but here I am.
Every day. Whenever they're in a room together.

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from his London show. I couldn't go because i live in America. But they're throwing socks at him!!! He's so cute this makes me happy :D
- Z

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Last Year

November 11 is coming up. Last year, Monday, November 11th I went impatient for the first time. Started my treatment that continues to this day.
I have problems with telling people what's going on inside me. I trust the wrong people and don't trust the right. I'm kinda with a kid named Alex now. I like him, and he seems to like me. But he has problems too. Simular to mine. He talks to me about his problems and feeling, witch is good. i try talking about mine and it's okay. But I'm so scared to talk about my emotions and everything that's happened with other kids. Why? It all leads back to J. J told me about their emotions and life and what was happening to them so much, that they sparked my mental health issues that were already present into a whole new level. What if I did that to someone? Broke them.

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Just Friends

Today we had our late bonfire night celebration. Fireworks, food, and lots of people. I invited My very good friend, Dylan over. I've been friends with Dylan for 2 or 3 years. He's as good a friend I could ask for and better. He's always there for me. Whenever I was being unsafe and wouldn't tell anyone or get help, he'd text my mom what was happening immediately. He was very quiet and awkward when we met, but he's starting to open up.
The thing is, back when we first met, two years ago, he was just so sweet and I didn't really know him that well. I made a mistake. we had very impulsive sex.
My parents were not happy with this, to say the least. My dad even threatened to beat Dyl with a shovel, which is now an inside joke between Dylan and I. Dylan was completely beating himself up over it. I was really confused.

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A Smile for supernatural fans

I must be really immure to find this scene this funny and I'm sorry to anyone who has this... But season 5 episode 7 was the best scene for supernatural. WATCH IT YOU
- Z