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We're Still Here

As sad as we all are that MCR has broken up, I know we can all make it. We have to, because their message was always hope. They always told us that we can do it, don't give up, live and love. So that's what I'm going to do. I will be sad, but I won't be angry and I won't beg them to come back because they've made their decision and I can't change that. I respect them way too much to try and change their minds. I will remember and use the things they taught me how to do, namely, how to Really listen to music. Don't just hear the sounds, listen to the energy, the lyrics, find the meanings, if it isn't clear, find what it means to You. MCR is gone physically, but they're Ideas and what they stood for are very much alive in all of us. We can turn our sadness into creativity, turn it away and help others. They were amazing, remember that.