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I keep noticing myself regressing, rather than progressing. I'm not sure what has brought it all back but it's definitely happening again. When I was younger I suffered from social and night anxiety. Both of which come hand and hand, everytime one comes back the other finds a way to creep back in as well. I left my dorm today, during the day, for the first time in weeks. Usually I sleep during the day because my night anxiety prevents me from sleeping at night, but today I was awoken by my roommate who has been concerned about my well-being, she asked me to take a walk with her, so I washed up and I joined her. The sun is extremely bright and extremely potent. So my eyes unconsciously begin to water and my skin grows irritated but I didn't want to alarm my roommate so I kept it to myself. I felt very brave for doing so and thought that I was maybe beginning to take a step forward but then I noticed that she seemed to have a destination, it wasn't just an aimless walk.