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You know, I always question to myself "Do people know I exist" or "Do I exist" Lately, I kind of find myself being alone all the time. yes. yes. I know, people also experience those kind of stuff. "You're not alone. That's just normal. Don't be such a emo, kid" Well, 'scuse you. For your information. I don't wanna be an emo. I don't even know what that means! Just to let you know, I never liked living with this kind of life. I don't wanna be alone. For some reason, a lot of people doesn't know me. I mean, like in this situation for example: I have a classmate for 4 years (and yes we've talked for more over than 2 days) and coincidentally we became classmate this year! and guess what she asked me "who are you?" No. No. No. Like, we've been classmates for 4 fucking whole years, we've talked, we became seatmates... How could you not remember me? was she mocking me or is she just genuinely this stupid. Yeah. I actually tried not getting bothered by that. Because, you know.