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So Few Of Us Left Here..

I've noticed lately that there are very few people that use this site. There are less blogs, comments and messages going around. It's quite sad actually, like I remember when there were so many blogs each day that I didn't have enough time to read them all! Now there are so few that even if I come on here after say 3 days there are only like 5 new blogs. I just wish that this community had died out so much of the past year or so...

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Good News!

I've got good news today. I got my braces off today! At least now I'm not self conscious about that anymore... That's one thing I no longer have to worry about. I might actually start smiling now. XD

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So I haven't been on here on ages, but I thought I'd come and see what's happening. I've been pretty down about a lot of stuff lately and I was wondering if any of you guys felt the same, or had any advice.. I don't even know how to explain this.. like it's awkward, and I'm finding it difficult to describe what I'm feeling and make sense at the same time. Okay so really the only way i can describe it is as a constant feeling of loneliness. And I feel like I need someone who really understands me, that I can talk to, like one of the problems is that I don't have that person, and I can't talk to anyone about this because the point is that I always feel lonely and there's no one I can talk to and tell the whole truth to. Partly because I know they won't get it and partly because it could offend them, because they kinda are part of the problem.

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Anything New?

Heyy guys, back at school and it still sucks. Anything new with you guys?

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100 Truths

1. Real Name? Lilana (it's made up!)

2. If you could change your name? nah, don't think I would

3. Obsessions? Bands and Books but mostly bands

4. Male or Female? Female

5. Elementary School? I live in Northern Ireland so this school thing isn't really relevant..

6. Middle School? -

7. High School? -

8. Want to go to college? haven't decided

9. Natural Hair color? Blonde

10. Tall or Short? Short

11. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans

12. Phone or Camera? Phone

13. Health Freak? Nah

14. Orange or Apple? I don't really mind, apple maybe..

15. Do you have a crush on someone? Nope, unless band members count..

16. Eat or Drink? I don't have a preference

17. Ever broken a bone? Nope

18. Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi

19. Been in an airplane? Yepp

20. Been in a relationship? nope

21. Been in a car accident? Nope

22. Caused a fight? I guess so..


24. Best Friend? Quite a few (strange I actually have friends now..)

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I did try to change my profile pic on here to a pic of me for a change but apparently the file size is too large... so i changed it to the one you can see instead. i guess il be staying a mystery for another while.

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So I Saw This And Thought I'd Try...

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite movies
2. Sometimes I just don't want to grow up
3. I quote disney movies..

1. I worry about everything
2. I complain about young girls dressing and acting to old for their age
3. I try to go to bed early (i never actually happens(does that even count?))

1. Learn how to skateboard
2. Fall in love
3. Meet new people/make new friends my age

1. I like action movies (often more than romantic ones)
2. I don't sit in a ladylike manner (especially if I'm alone)
3. I like watching some car shows. Like Fast n loud

1. I love make up (eye make up and lipstick)
2. I love shopping
3. I want an attractive body


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Sorry Not MCR Related

Apologies this isn't MCR related (hence the title) but i need to fangirl.
Okay so AFI had a contest for fans to submit footage to make their newest music video, A Deep Slow Panic, and the video was finally premiered, via AFI News HQ. There's a little part of my footage in the video. Apparently thousands of videos were submitted and they used 25. So I'm really proud to get even a little of mine in it. For those of you who want to see it here's the link.

that's it via the AFI News HQ website. :)

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Once Upon A Time

Now I'm just trying to find more people to fangirl with.... Do any of you watch the tv show Once Upon A Time..?

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The Fault In Our Stars

Heyy, so has anyone read that book, The Fault In Our Stars... ?? Btw no spoilers are included here, promise. Everyone is talking about how amazing it is and then my friend lent me her copy. But then this guy I know spoiled it by telling me what happens. I was so cross. Anyway I finished it earlier. It was really sad. But i liked it. If any of you have read it let me know what you think. Seriously I was emotionally drained after reading the really sad part. I really don't cope well with sad/emotional books and movies... :/ And I'm gonna go see the movie when it comes out next week. Which mightn't be such a good idea, as I could come out of the cinema with eyeliner all over my face, but ah well, the crazy things us humans do!