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well i was on YouTube a second ago checking out Glee's version of Sing and the amount of arguments in the comments are ridiculous. things such as "MCR version is better" and u get where its going. lets put it this way people hate glee lol.

my comment was "Okay im a HUGE fan of MCR, i don't mind glee but im not really a fan. i was intrigued to see the difference between the two. in my honest opinion im obviously gonna love the original (MCR's) version better but i don't understand the arguments cause glee's sounds is still nice :) glee can only sing this song with MCR's consent and from an interview i watched i think i remember Gerard saying he was really chuffed that glee did this version so be happy people! <3 4everMCRMY keep RUNNING!!" okay so i was a good girl :)

Anyways after that little blabber (< have no clue where that word came from). i don't think im up to anything special today other then logging into here a few times and probably getting some of the sun cause i doubt it will be staying here long haha :)

4everMCRMY ~Tiger Trigger~ love ya Killjoys <3