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Epiphone Phant-o-matic Contest Winner

on January 17, 2012 - 6:27pm

Thank you to everyone that shared their favourite memories of Danger Days. We received over 3,000 entries! Congrats to PuresaPoison who will receive a Epiphone Phant-o-matic guitar designed by Frank and signed by MCR. Read their favourite memory below:

I'm going to keep this short for you, I'm guessing you'll have to go through hundreds of stories, and I really don't want you to waste a lot of time.
I don't have this grandious story, but it's beautiful to me.
So I don't see my dad very often, so when I do, I make the most of it.
My dad was driving me home from school, radio on low and sun falling behind the rolling mountains.
I begin to hear the first notes to The Kids From Yesterday. Me being the weirdo I am dive towards the nob and begin to blast the song.
Singing and dancing in my seat.
My dad looks over to me and smiles.
It was one of those small smiles. The ones where you feel so greatfull to have something you love there with you.
So he smiles and turns up the volume even more. He chimes in with me, which totally throws me off.
He looks over to me again and smirks. For some reason, he knew why I was confused.
"You play this song on your bass all the time," He laughs and starts to harmonize with Gerard's voice.
I grin and roll down the windows.
We speed off into the sunset. Just us two, no one there to spoil it. And now whenever I hear that song, I think of him, and what he might be doing. And when I ride down that street, I have to sing that song.
My dad is a kid from yesterday.
On day I'll be too.
We'll live forever in the lights we make because we are the kids from yesterday
Cheesy I know, but true.
Thank you so much, from me and my dad. -PuresaPoison

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Big Day Out Fan Interview

on January 17, 2012 - 3:11pm
Big Day Out gave fans the opportunity to submit their questions for My Chem to answer. Watch their responses in the video below. My Chem will be performing at Big Day Out in addition to headlining dates. For info, visit the Tour Page.
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Win A Chance To See MCR Side Stage In Australia

on January 12, 2012 - 11:28am
For your chance to watch My Chemical Romance from the side of the stage in your Australian city, tell us in 25 words or less tell us what character you would create for yourself if you were a part of the Fabulous Killjoys, and Why! One winner and an accompanying guest will be chosen to watch via side stage for an Australia show in their city. Limit one entry per person. Contest ends January 19, 2012 at 9am PST. Winner and guest must be aged 15+ and provide their own transportation to the show. To submit your entry, go to My Chemical Romance's Facebook Page and leave a comment on the contest post. MCR will be playing Big Day Out and additional headlining shows. Visit the Tour Page for all the information.
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Win a meet & greet with My Chem at Big Day Out Auckland

on December 21, 2011 - 4:33pm is offering My Chem fans in New Zealand a chance to win a meet and greet for them and a friend at Big Day Out Auckland. All you have to do is create an original Killjoys comic strip. Enter here
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Win an Epiphone Phant-o-matic Designed By Frank & Signed By MCR

on December 16, 2011 - 6:17pm
FrankContest For the last two days, we've been releasing photos of a prize we will be giving away to a lucky My Chem fan- a Wilshire Phant-o-matic Epiphone guitar designed by Frank. Learn more about the guitar on All you have to do is send in your favorite memory associated with Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Here's how to enter: - Register on - Fill out the form to submit your entry Some entries may be featured on and! One fan will be chosen to win the guitar. Contest ends 12/21 at 12 noon PST.



Tuesday November 29, 2011 
| Posted by: MCR
Thank you to all the killjoys that submitted entries for the Killjoy Jacket Design Contest! There were hundreds of submissions and the quality of the entries and the amount of effort everyone put into the designs was overwhelming. Here are the winners: Grand Prize: by. WolfMistress This jacket is for my killjoy persona, Bella Blitz. The images are my original sketches (notes and scribbles included), and I did a front and back view. Basically in deciding ideas, I went with a play on words from the name Bella Blitz and used the idea of "blitzkrieg," or "an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory" which seemed highly appropriate to the idea of a killjoy. So for the design, I made the style like a bomber jacket (my steampunk influence) with 3/4 sleeves to be a little different. The back has a bomber plane itself and bombs dropping from it in multiple colors. I went ahead and included a belt and raygun to complete the look, so creating my gun will be the next step! :) Runner Up #1: by. Scrumtrulescent I chose a mouse with a gas mask for the back of the jacket. Reflected in the eye's of the gas mask is a mushroom cloud. This cloud represents the massive amount of toxic bullsh*t being released daily. On the bottom of the gas mask are the letters MCR. The gas mask represents, well MCR, for giving us protection from the toxic sh*t by being true to themselves and art. The left arm badges are allegiance and zone badges. The right chest badge is the confirmed kills badge. Runner Up #2: By. ViennaKiss While killjoys are in 2019, my love of the band & The MCRmy made me make my Killjoy Jacket a bit of MCR history. I tooled the leather with the old school MCRmy logo, the Widow, & my MCRmy name...I added bits that represent pieces of MCR lore: Japanese flag to represent 'SING', a little painted plastic "soldier" that one of the MCRmy kids gave to me, the pins for "I'm Not Okay" and "let's" "dance" (homage to Bowie), the armband--the new version of the old Revenge era armband, etc. I am very thankful that G, Mikey, & Frank were gracious enough to autograph the back for me...and appreciate The MCRmy so much.
Monday November 21, 2011 
| Posted by: MCR

The MCR official online store has launched some new items right in time for the holiday season, including the “Bring More Knives” t-shirt, “Nightwatch” girls t-shirt (designed by Becky Cloonan), two different cases holding Dunlop guitar picks and now offering some of our items from tour.

Also if you spend over $75 in the MCR store you will receive FREE shipping by using code GIFT2011.

Click HERE to head the MCR store now!

Sunday November 20, 2011 
| Posted by: MCR
In addition to the Big Day Out festival dates, MCR will be performing 3 headlining shows in Australia. Tourdates: January 24, 2012 Eaton Hill Hotel- Brisbane January 27, 2012 The Hordern Pavilion- Sydney January 31, 2012 Festival Hall- Melbourne General onsales for all 3 shows begin Monday November 28! Ticket presales for the shows will begin at 12noon Friday November 25 to 11:59pm Sunday November 27 via The presale password is: BIGDAYOUT Check the Tour Page for all dates.
Tuesday November 01, 2011 
| Posted by: MCR
My Chem’s interview from the Voodoo Experience is airing tonight on Fuse TV’s Top 20 Countdown at 11pm EST/ PST. Check your local listings for more info.
Wednesday October 19, 2011 
| Posted by: MCR
Look alive Killjoys! We saw your petition for a replica Killjoy Jacket and we’ve decided to run a contest to celebrate Halloween. Design your own Killjoy jacket (make one, draw it, or use your photoshop skills) for a chance to win one of the official Danger Days Jackets (Jet Star, Kobra Kid, or Fun Ghoul). Grand Prize: 1 winner will receive an official Danger Days jacket of their choice (Jet Star, Kobra Kid, or Fun Ghoul) AND a “Welcome to Boo-tiful Newark, NJ” Halloween shirt. Runner Ups: 2 runner- ups will receive an official Danger Days jacket of their choice (Jet Star, Kobra Kid, or Fun Ghoul) Here’s how to enter: - Register for - Take photos or submit images of your entry - Fill out this form to submit your entry The deadline to enter is October 31, 2011 at 6pm PST. Winners and their submissions will be announced on Good luck and can’t wait to see your work! Official Rules and Regulations Please note: due to international contesting laws and prizing, contests of this nature are difficult to run outside of the US.
Wednesday October 19, 2011 
| Posted by: MCR
The “Welcome to Boo-tiful Newark, NJ” Halloween shirt has launched in the Official My Chem Online Store. The black shirt is printed in Glow in the Dark ink on the front and features a Roman numeral “X” on the back to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of MCR. The shirt is a re-print of one of MCR’s very first tee designs.