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joyriding - frnkiero andthe cellabration

I thought this site needed a pop of color.

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No Shows - Gerard Way

Check it out.

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Still Alive BTW

1) Favorite food?
Fettuccine Alfredo (is that how its spelled?)
4) Favorite color?
Red and/or blue
5) Top 3 movies?
Control, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I'm Gonna Explode
6) Top 5 musical artists/bands?
My Chemical Romance, Pencey Prep, The Smiths, Pulp, Joy Division (in no specific order)
7) Favorite piece of clothing that you own and why?
My black parade jacket which i wear everywhere even though its like 100 degrees out and yes i mean the one from the music vids
8) Pet peeve(s)? ignorant, close minded people (but really only the ones that shove their ignorance in your face you know what i mean?)
9) Season/time of year you like the best?
10) Do you need or have glasses and/or contact lenses?
i need glasses but i havent had any for years since i was in elementary i think

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imma do it too because boredom

1. My Little Pony and The Aquabats! Super Show is the shit.
2. When im sad, I try to cheer myself with sour patch kids (or just any good tasting candy will do.
3. I love hide and seek.

1. I have a coffee addiction.
2. I tend to see things in a very broad and open way and tend to talk very philosophically with certain subjects.
3.i act calm and maturely and use my advanced vocabulary around other adults instead of blowing up like any other teenager in order to get what i want (works especially well with teachers).

1. Be in a punk band and play Joy Division covers
2. Get better
3. Go to art school

1. Dresses are not my thing.
2. Nail polish is a no no (mostly because it bothers me when i play piano).
3. I usually say my sexuality is Gerard Way with stage gay (hes a boy right? haha jk lolz (that lolz is ironic i swear))

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This is the Website

2014 Art Final. Illuminated letters.
By vampiredetonation.

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hey guys i havent been on here in a while
i just feel like i cant talk to anyone about anything that going on around me or in my head.
i feel like eventually everyone stops talking to me or they just dont care anymore.
sometimes i just feel like even though i do talk to you, you still dont really understand. i mean i know some of you care but do you really understand how it feels? i know some of you go through shit but the exact same thing didnt happen to the both of us so no one knows exactly how it feels.
i know im getting bad again but i dont do anything about it.
i dont have anyone to turn to.
no friends. no family.
not even here even though you guys are some of the most caring, non judgemental, understanding people ive had the privilege to talk to.
i just dont feel like anyone can help me anymore.
and i know i cant help myself.
i began giving up on myself a long time ago.

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Life on Mars? - David Bowie

I just love this.
This is the song I'm currently learning on piano and it's a real challenge. I'll still be learning Nocturne in Eb Major on the side. I finally got Victor's Piano Solo from The Corpse Bride down so yay. I learned Fake Your Death the day after it came out in about an hour (haha i have no life). I'm still working on relearning Asleep by The Smiths, but i haven't really put much time into that one.
Anyone else here play piano?

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It's always the same thing.
Over and over again.

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Vampires, Ghosts, and...Light Sabers? (drawing)

Here ya go sorry :P

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Vampires, Ghosts, and...Light Sabers?

Comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated.
(Did I even spell light saber correctly?)