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What did I just watch?!

Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence) and Chantal Claret perform an awful songs and Gerard does some hilariously awful acting. What did I just watch?!

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The Webways

A fellow soldier in the MCRmy runs a fantastic website called The Webways. Although it's mainly dedicated to MCR, she posts all kinds of things, ranging from interviews to blogs about make up.
Last year she did an interview with me about being a moderator for both of the band's websites, so check it out as a starting point for the site (copy the url and remove the space before "interview")!
http://thewebways.net/2014/03/04/ interview-kerry-oliver-moderator-for-mcr-com-and-mcrmy-com/

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MCRmy Members

Anybody who is a member of the official MCRmy should avoid the site until further notice and change their password as a precaution once it's back up. It appears to have been hacked, although I wouldn't worry as it looks like it's by a group of amateurs just trolling various bands. I doubt any information will have been taken but hopefully I'll have more info for you soon. Stay safe, junkpunks.

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The MCRmy lost their best soldier today

Vienna. Not many of you will know Vienna. In fact probably none of you. But she was the best member of the fanbase probably before you even knew MCR existed.

I met her when I joined the MCRmy nine years ago, but she had already established her title as "MCRmy mom" by then. EVERYONE who was part of the MCRmy Street team during the revenge and black parade era knew and loved Vienna. Even the band knew and loved Vienna.

She has fought cancer before, but this time it was too determined. Not even Vienna, the strongest and most inspirational women I've ever met, could beat it. She fought with grace and determination, but eventually there was nothing she could do but accept her fate. She was completely at peace with the situation, and in her final weeks surrounded herself with loved ones. Even then she still only cared about them, not herself.

This morning her pain ended, and now she will look over the whole MCRmy from above.

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School problems? No problem!

There's a lot of posts about how stressed people are over going back to school/starting high school, so I wanted to tell you some home truths. You've probably heard a lot of this before, maybe from your parents or a teacher, but maybe hearing it from someone who's been there and done that will help. I hope I can anyway :)

1. Once you're out of school, no one from school matters anymore. You never have to talk to anyone you don't want to again. That slutty bitch? Did I hear she had a kid? That one who skipped loads of lessons? Didn't I hear he was working at McDonalds? You literally will never have to talk to these people again!

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Action Cat

What do you guys think of Gerard's new song? I love it, I personally prefer it to any of the other guy's new stuff.

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My kitty has a facebook page

And you should like it! https://www.facebook.com/TalizorahTheCat
In other news, if you're in the UK, you need to get yourself to London tomorrow for the final UK MCRmy meet up. It's at The Barfly from midday until 5pm. Frank, Ray and James have sent raffle prizes, including signed memorabilia and Jet Star's helmet (yes, the actual one Ray wore). Every penny raised is going to the Make A Wish charity, and the event is supported by the whole band (they won't be there though). Also, their autobiography "The True Lives of My Chemical Romance" written by Tom Bryant will be on sale there, nearly two weeks before it will be on sale anywhere else. As if that wasn't enough, Tom Bryant will be there to sign copies and chat to people about the band. The facebook event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1436084056637771/?fref=ts

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Thank God it's nearly Friday!
I've had a really tough week at work so I'm super excited to have tomorrow off! It's my boyfriend's 23rd birthday tomorrow, so we get to chill out all day then I'm surprising him in the evening with cinema and a posh meal. How is your week going? Looking forward to the weekend?!
On a random note, I'm loving the hot weather in the UK. I normally plait my hair when it's hot to keep it out of my face, and then it looks amazing when I take it down (hence the picture). It's so flat and lifeless normally, why can't it always look floofy?!

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A Moment of Appreciation

Tina (the awesome lady at Warner Bros who looks after this site, MCRmy.com, MCR's facebook etc.) sent me this t-shirt the other day. I'd had a really awful day at work and knew when I got home I only had about ten minutes before I had to go back out again. When I got home, there was a parcel waiting for me which I'd completely forgotten about, so when I opened it it made my day! Thanks Tina :)
How's everybody's day going? I'm having my hair cut this afternoon (not had it done for at least six months), then I have to take my car to a garage as I think my alternator is dead, then tonight I'm taking the Senior Section (older version of Girlguides/Girlscouts) to do the pub quiz!
Happy Thursday!

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Sunday Funday

My boyfriend is snoring, our cat is going suuuuper hyper, and I spontaneously dyed my hair purple. How's your Sunday morning going?