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Na Na Na Bass Cover

Hey guys, it's been a while. I've missed it here. I uploaded my bass cover of Na Na Na if anyone wants to see it. Mikey is a large part of why I wanted to learn bass in the first place and without MCR I would have for sure given up on music so I wanted my first cover to be one of their songs because of that. But yeah, how are you guys?

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First gig!!

Hey guys! Long time no blog! Sorry about that... anyway. As you can see from the picture that is me, on stage (notice the MCR t-shirt and stickers on my bass?) because today I played my first gig, ever! I really wanted to tell you guys about it because you're the people who've always been there to support me. Like shit, back in 2011 when my first band broke up you guys really helped me deal with that. So since my first band ended - we never got to play gigs, just youtube covers- I've been trying to form a new one (Shout out to Frank for giving me the balls to not give up on music). I've been in a couple of half bands - by that i mean with like 2/3 people and it never worked out- but this is my first proper band with our first proper gig. So naturally I was really fucking nervous!

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All We Are is Bullets Part 20

LAST CHAPTER GUYS! So I just want to thank everyone who's taken the time to read this and I'm so sorry for all the delays in updating and whatnot. Normally I don't take 5 months between chapters... sorry! Anyway enjoy the final part, I made it extra long to make it up to you guys! And thank's again! - Ash xx

Tammy's POV:

I watched Julia entering the van. I wanted to scream out and call her, because I knew it would be the last time but my throat went tight. It was my last sight of her and she didn't even know. It felt tears welling up in my eyes but I had to do it. It was my fault she lost Miranda and I wasn't leaving that happen again.
My sister being the sadistic creep she is nearly cried out with glee. As insane as she was I never thought she was capable of murder, especially her own flesh and blood, but here we were. Although I wasn't sure if it could be called "murder", she did give me a choice after all but I could tell that she was loving it.

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All We Are is Bullets Part 19

Sierra’s POV:

I couldn’t hold back the smile as I watched Julia and her little friends head back to the van filled with hope. Say what you will about me but I was an honest person and wasn’t backing out of the deal, Julia just didn’t know the price she was paying for it yet. I turned to my sister.

“Take a good long look sis! You sure you want to do this?”
Tammy showed no emotion, just nodded slowly.
I pulled her with me. This thing took time and I had much better things to do with my time.
“Alrighty then. We’ve got an antidote to whip up!”

Gerard’s POV:

I heard the door of the bus opening and voices. Julia! She was back! I ran out and low and behold I was right. There she was.

“Julia!” I exclaimed and pulled her into a hug. “I- I uhh, where were you?”
She blushed, “…sorry… things sorta got to my head for a bit but it’s okay”
“Are you sure?”
She nodded.

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All We Are is Bullets Part 18

Julia's POV:

I sighed and pulled my hands though my hair. How could I save him? How could I go though that again? Tammy hadn't gotten back to me. How could I go back and tell then that I wasn't sure if Mikey would make it or not. I picked up some dirt and watched it fall though my hands, dirt was all I was. I glanced up at the sky, the sun was at it's highest and burning down on top of me. I hadn't noticed how dry my throat felt or that my stomach was growling. I had to go, I stared into the abyss of the water for a few more minutes before hesitantly getting up. I dusted myself off and went back the way I came.

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All We Are is Bullets Part 17

Julia's POV:

I was back in my old bedroom, glaring at the shitty pink walls that stained my room. Locked in again, surprise surprise. When you're "the devils spawn" your family tend to despise you. My life had revolved around the same for walls for some time at that point. I sighed, I wanted to get out. I could leave, burn the house down but I didn't know how. I hadn't full control of my powers. I'd test them secretly; lifting small objects, burning the edges of paper, throwing bolts of energy. As long as my family didn't hear me I was safe. I got 3 square meals a day, dumped outside my room by my ever so loving mother. Except those "meals" were generally scraps from the rest of the families food, the dog probably got fed better than I did. 14, going on 15, and that was my life. It sucked.

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All We Are is Bullets Part 16

Okay, it has been a grand and unforunate total of 5 months since I have updated! So believe me, I'm okay if everyone has forgotten about this story. If anyone's interesed in the other parts thought feel free to check my blog for part 15 and just type the number of previous chapters into the search bar at the top. :)

Julia's POV:

Morning came like a blessing. Morning meant that I could go out and be alone for a while. Not that I wanted to necessarily be alone, but I needed to clear my head.
I eased my way out of Gerard's arms and out of the room. I glanced at the clock which said it was 11:30 AM, but Frank and Ray were asleep too.
I slipped open the door of the bus and stepped outside. The fresh air felt amazing as it hit my face. I hadn't realised how stuffy the bus was. I didn't even need to think because my mind lead me on auto pilot to where I needed to go. Only, a much fancier route.

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Just a little reminder...

... that you are all beautiful and wonderful people. I may not know you personally but everyone is beautiful, and you should never feel like you are worthless because you're not. There is not a single person on this Earth who was put here for no reason, we all have a purpose in life so please keep on living to find yours. Depression does not last forever, but the lows make you enjoy the highs even more. And believe me, life offers some amazing things if you hold on. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but one day you'll look back and say "I made it!"
- Ash xx

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Question? Your opinions would mean a lot

Right so lets momentarily forget the fact that it's been months since I've updated my fic (sorry, I'll get around to that soon!) but I have a question. So I fucking love writing, and it was this very site that inspired me to actually make it a hobby as opposed to having all these stories in my head and the occasional essay for school, before I knew it writing books became a huge dream and aspiration of mine (next to the life long wanting to be in a band dream - which I've also been working on for quite some time now!). Believe me I cringe at the fan-fiction 15 year old me wrote but now I'm not too bad, not to brag (seriously I don't mean to) but a story got almost 1000 views last time I checked so that counts for something right!? Last year I tried writing my first book, and failed miserably... don't get me wrong I love the story but mentally I didn't have the energy to write since I was feeling really low.

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Just some thoughts and memories...

It's funny how I thought I was alright with MCR breaking-up now because I'm so thankful for the memories. But after seeing the May Death Never Stop You trailer I feel the way I did in March.


They should have been on tour now, we'd all have been singing back all of our new favourite songs from MCR5. We'd cry during Welcome To The Black Parade and Famous Last Words and scream our little black hearts out with I'm Not Okay and Na Na Na. Yet here we sit ordering a greatest hits album, wallowing in memories and what could have been. It feels wrong for some reason.