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Party Poison jacket for sale!


Someone please buy this, I need the money so that I have spending money for reading and I can go and see Gerard. Happy to negotiate on price, but dont really want to go lower than £100 because reading is expensive.

Either bid or email me please.

Email address is :


help a poor brudda out

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Party Poison jacket for sale!

Haven't posted on here for ages,


Remember back in 2011 when the danger days jackets went up for sale on here? And there were only something like 100 of each one made?

Well I got a Party Poison one, and I'm now selling it :( I never got to wear it, it's medium size and I'm sad to see it go but I need to sell it so that I can get some spending money to go to reading with (I'm sure you can all understand my desperation seeing as Gerard is going to be playing there) So if any of you guys want to buy it the link is here:


I am willing to lower the price a bit, but it did cost me like £100, and reading is really expensive so I really don't want to sell it for less than £100 really.

If any of you guys are interested in it either bid, or email me at hannahtweed_96@hotmail.com

or do both.

Someone buy it please. Give it a good home and help a poor girl out :)

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Ouchies!! D:

So, yesterday I got my anti-tragus pierced. It KILLED and i almost kicked the guy who was piercing it in the balls, un-intentionally of course! XD I think it was worth the pain though :)

In other news, it's been nearly two weeks since my Party Poison jacket was shipped, I hope it gets here soon D: Does anyone know how long it usually takes to ship things from the USA to the UK??

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Drawing :)

So i decided a while ago that i REALLY needed to leanr to draw, because I love drawing, but I'm not very good at it. So i got a year 7 in my form to teach me how to draw manga, this is my first attempt without any help :) not very good but for me it's good :)

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Memory book, DT and all that shizzaz :D <3

So i decided to make a 'memory book' which is basically full of pictures, and old tickets and stuff including my ticket from when me and some friends saw MCR back in February, it's got a load of MCR lyrics in :D just thought i'd share the picture i drew that's on the front with you guys (Yes the top went horrifically wrong -_-). I'm not very good at drawing, hence why it's terrible :L
Oh and there's a picture of mine and my friends' Killjoy names and all the shizazz :D And the last picture is all i did in my last DT lesson :D I did that all over a massive piece of card, my teacher was not pleased . . .
Lemme know what cha think, or not, what ever is fine with me :D

Peace out, stay safe, all that shizzaz :D <3