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Woke up and it's 11:34PM :/

Hey, beautifuls.
Lately I've been sleeping too early, like around dinner time, and then woke up at midnight or later, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Because there's nothing to do around the house: the table's clean, the lights turned off, silence turned on, and the only thing I can do is the most common, lazy thing I always do on the evening.
I wanted to record some vocal songs but my recorder and microphone got busted last week, so I couldn't record anything on soundcloud. I'm not going to complain like an annoying bitch about something this stupid--I just want to give a heads up on what I've been doing. I'll get a novel to read later, or if possible, play the PS4--maybe have an online play with someone here that might be interested. Just saying.

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So you know....

Happy Lover's Day, beautifuls.
Lutsov love, kisses and hugs. :)

I did it!!!! I've done it!!! I've freaking kill it!!! I've beat xi's former hardest song EEEVVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!! I freaking finally got grade A and max combo of +400 in xi's Halcyon on Cytus!!! THE HALCYON!!!! HAAAAAAAALCYYYYYOOONNN!!!

Maybe you wouldn't understand, but to be able to beat this song by getting an A is godsent! God gracious! God miracle for me!!! It felt like another curse has been lifted from me once again, the weight on my shoulder no longer feel heavier than before...the tears of joy that I've been saving for a moment like this did not turn into tears of frustration anymore.
It is not just a song in a game. It is a song that I really, really love and adore to hear, and I have great respect to xi for his composition, but I also have so much hate for his songs because they are never been easy from the start. And that start...was Halcyon. Yes, this is only the start, but at least I could move on from the starting point.

.........this will be my new twitter...........ha.....................think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.................................

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hmmmm :/'s my dad's birthday so happy birthday dad. I will try to smile for him tonight when we are bbq.

What about you guys?? Guys?? Or girls?? Or ladies?? Or zombies??

~I am not afraid to walk this world alone~
~I am not afraid to keep on living~
~I am not afraid to take a stand~
~I am not afraid~

Stay beautiful..

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Hey beautifuls

I am feeling a bit bored and lonely and wanna talk to someone right now. I'll have Sid to help me be insane and smile and happy so that no one will get bored or tired by my moodiness and gloominess and melancholy. He also wanted me to share our kik eventhough I haven't been using it a lot it's sidhaven if you want to talk on kik.
Stay happy!

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Hugs anyone???? v.v

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10 Things About Us

Damn trend got me into doing you....not in an awkward sexual way.....God, this is a really bad start to my blog.

1. I have two split personality
2. My actual self is Nik, but my opposite self is Sid
3. I use his name more on the internet because I blame few of the flaws and fuck ups to my other self, as he is who whispers into my heart and control my mind to do reckless things.
4. I have scars on half of my face, which suits to my split personality.
5. I am not a very religious Muslim.
6. I am allergic to smoking, smokers and smoke.
7. I am also allergic to dust particles, almost easily.
8. I am long-sighted.
9. I am afraid of dead fish floating in the water.
10. I have a crush on Emma Watson.

Now, time for me to say something about myself. By the way, this is the one and only Sid.

1. I hurt people who try to hurt Nik
2. I am a really good bad advisor
3. If I ever have a body for myself, I rather have a figure of a female--but with my dick attached.

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Sorry for another blog post for this new year's eve!!

I just wanted to say that I finally got my results and I couldn't even be more happier than before! Thank God so much that I got all my results passed and now I have no need to worry about the past--and I can look forward for the future!!
2015 will be the year that I will finally finished what I have started!
Happy new year, guys and girls!

Also also, I am so proud of each and every one of us who have survived 2014!! We all have darkness surrounding us but in the end, we made it to the light that we seek. But like everything, it will fade again. And hopefully, 2015 won't be a damn bastard to us.

Stay beautiful always, beautifuls. :)

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As you may already know, I love this song despite having a mixed criticism with the album. Nevertheless, Coldplay will always be one of my inspirations to making music.

This song is available to download on Soundcloud:

I hope you enjoy this cover.
Happy new year, beautifuls!