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I don't know if anyone here would like to read my fan fiction on wattpad-currently all that I have up is a couple Black Veil Brides-based and 'random writings' things up, but I promise there will be more soon :) I'm just trying to focus on a few things at a time.
I try to update on weekends, whenever I have some spare time on my hands, or if I don't feel like doing homework lol
So yeah, it would really mean the world to me if you guys went and followed me there (I know if you go far back enough in my profile on this website, you can find some of the stuff I used to write, but all of that reeeeeeeeeally needs to be edited. I was reading it the other day and wanted to punch myself in the face-it was so bad >.< But ya know, you gotta learn from your past and become better at what you're trying to do-all part of the process.)

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Happy Thanksgiving lovelies!

Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful Killjoy family! I'm so thankful for all of you, you have no idea :) I'm also very thankful to have my amazing boyfriend in my life for almost a year now...god it feels like I've been with him for forever.

What're you all thankful for?

Jess xoxo

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I'm officially moved in :)

So after a few weeks of not bothering to unpack the many boxes that were in my new room, my boyfriend and some of our other friends came over to help :) Thankfully they waited till I was done with everything else before starting to put up my posters lol Now all the boxes are gone and I'm done unpacking!!! Woohoo!

How was your weekend lovelies? I have today and I had Monday off from school-which is great cause I have a lot of homework to do today lol

Jess xoxo

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I'm an aunt!

I've officially been an aunt for a couple weeks now and tomorrow I finally get to go see my beautiful little niece...I haven't seen my sister for a while either, so I'm wicked excited. My niece is only a few weeks old and she's a curious little thing-already trying to hold her head up and everything. From the pictures that I've seen of her, she seems to be just like her mom- flipping off the camera or making a bad face lol
I can't wait to meet the little munchkin!!!!!!! <3

Jess xoxo

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A Taste of My Photography

Just thought that I'd share this cool picture I took while it was raining yesterday :) (ignore my tumblr watermark lol)

Jessie xoxo

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Afternoon Coffee Thoughts

First off, I took this picture earlier cause I felt cute. I'm aloud to be cute, okay? lol
I felt like Monday flew by, to be honest. My classes went by like that *snaps sassily*. I'm glad they went by quick and my teachers didn't give us much homework-it gives me more time to read my book.
Whichhhhh by the way, is AMAZING. It's called The Culling and it's the first book in the Torch Keeper series. We got this book in at my school's library with some grant money that the GSA (or Gay Club,as my fellow members call it) received for different school-related needs. Now with this new box of books that we got, our library now has more literature to support and show awareness for the LGBT community. We even got some LGBT related comic books, which I'm suuuuuuuper excited to read.
Picture day is coming up fast and I don't know which one of my black dresses I'm going to wear. Hopefully the blonde in my hair will be dyed red by then-I'll post pictures for all you lovelies to see :)

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*frustrated/bored sigh*

I need to get laid. That is all.

Jessie xo

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My 100 Truths

1. Real Name? Jessie

2. If you could change your name? Probably not, but I used to want my name to be Skylar

3. Obsessions? Bands

4. Male or Female or Other? Female

5. Elementary School? I moved away from my old elementary school

6. Middle School? nah

7. High School? Junior Year

8. Want to go to college? It'd be nice

9. Natural Hair color? Brown

10. Tall or Short? Tall

11. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans

12. Phone or Camera? Both

13. Health Freak? No not really

14. Orange or Apple? Apple

15. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes

16. Eat or Drink? Drink

17. Ever broken a bone? Nope

18. Pepsi or Coke? Either is fine

19. Been in an airplane? Yes

20. Been in a relationship? Yes

21. Been in a car accident? Nope

22. Caused a fight? Probably


24. Best Friend? Christina and Big Jess

25. First friend you ever made? This kid named Arthur, I think.

26. First Crush? Uhh...Zac Efron?

27. First Word? Couldn't tell ya

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Kinda nervous...

So tomorrow is the start of Junior year for me...I honestly don't know what to expect. I have no idea who I have classes with and some of my teachers I've only said a quick "hello, good morning!" to as I hurried off to whatever class I was on my way to. I feel like I'm gonna have a shitty time trying to make some friends, since the 'friends' I have now just like to talk and most of them start drama...I have no idea what I'm gonna do at lunch; who am I gonna sit with?
I'm definitely looking forward to getting my class ring though...when I get it I'll post pictures so you lovely people can see it :)
My boyfriend and I are still going strong, thank god. We really haven't fought over much, just silly little things. At least I know I have friends where he works and I always have you guys-my lovely Killjoy family (though we are sooooo dysfunctional at times)

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I feel like my 'friends' only keep me around as something to take their anger and frustration out on...they don't include me in anything 99.9% of the time and then they just ignore or talk over me. I was supposed to go to one of their sweet 16 parties tonight but because my mum was working, I had no way there. I asked everyone that was going if they could help me out and they all said no. Even the two people I consider my best friends in the world are starting to drift away from me...the only one who seems to want to talk and be with me is my boyfriend.
My older brother says that my sister can't live without having a social life or she'll go nuts.
Well I have so little of a social life, it's driving me insane.
Can't see my 'friends' or my boyfriend tonight. What a great fucking night for me.

Jess xo