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Four years later...

So yeah.

It's been about 4 years now since I last posted anything here. Jumped out of my tough teens and now I'm moving forward.

If anyone wants to keep up with me, I'm always active on tumblr.

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Got em. signed and everything. :D

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I had a dream last night

about my ex. we've been on and off since last August. we are off right now.

anyway, i had a dream about her and i wrote a sort of poem thing. its about growing older and marrying her and blah blah blah. its really sweet.

funny thing is, that's not exactly what my dream was about

the dream actually consisted of her wanting to talk about my... well...
"jack in the box"
"dart of love"
"family organ"
"giggle stick"
"heat-seaking moisture missile"
"ladies' lollipop"
"pocket rocket"
"sex pistol"
so yeah... the poem is still pretty sweet O.o

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I need to play

any of you people find/have any guitar tabs for the new album? I've got Na Na Na but that's it. i would love you forever if you could find some for me. guitar pro is preferred but ill take whatever. Thanks bundles.

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You guise

i totally just won some signed MCR posters. im a happy dude right now.

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This album...

is fucking amazing. Bulletproof Heart <3

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Still not feeling feelings :l

Still VERY cynical and apathetic, people.

For example, ------->

felt nothing. don't even care.

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picking up my copy of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood tonight at midnight. Ima be playing it tomorrow while watching the video premiere. tomorrow will be amazing.

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of course, i have to drive over 5 hours North or South of here in order to see MCR live. fuck. -_-

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im feeling kinda apathetic about EVERYTHING, and i mean everything. try and make me care about things, fellow Killjoys.