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I Miss You

Hello there the angel form my nightmare the darkness in the shadow of the mourge the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley we can live like jack and salley if you want where you can always find me and we'll have halloween on christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends we'll wish this never ends

I Miss You X2

Where are you and I'm so sorry I can't sleep i can't dream tonight i need somebody and always the sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting every time and as i stared i counted the webs form all the spiders catching things and eatign there insides like indescion to call you and hear your voice of treason will you come home and stop this pain tonight stop this pain tonight

I dedicate this song to my friend Mimzi because she has dissapered and idk what happened to her and i know i wrote it in two big paragraphs but that's jsut how it is

i wish i could see her but not even her cousin will tell me anything

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is it just me or now days do all girls that are taken try to hit on you and ask you if you have a gf or not?

for fucks sake i might have a gf and if i do why the hell do you want to knwo your taken so leave me alone i mean yeah your a hot girl but ur taken so leave me alone plz and thx you

lets talk about justin beiber that little queer has a fucking movie coming out about him and he stared on csi what a little fag all he can say is one time 5000 times and baby oh baby 1000000000000000 times so stfu and die already plz and thx you

now lets talk about annoying people

they always be like man i gots my swagga on i look so gangsta cuz my ass is showing and i don't care if i get gang banged in the bum cuz im a gangsta

yeah fuck you

and lets not forget the drug addicts

they can go kill themselves cuz there lives are shit anyways

trust me drugs are bad and will kill you

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adoption anyone?!

hello kiddies who is cool enough or sexy enough for me to say you are now getting adopted come on don't be shy

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the mind yet wonders and travels through space and time life is but a dream a dream called reality and how you interpret it is how you live it

we are such fragile creatures we can only bear so much when it all ends will we say we had our fun and will we say we learned our purpose

i my self am not to biest (spelling) on any religion but ask me this my friends when your time is up where do you think you go?

dreams can become reality when one passes through a realm between life and death in sleep i have been able to do that for about a year

having visions of future events and flash backs of the past i have even seen the truth though some of you may not believe me

it exists i've been there in one of these visions my spirit has been taken there so i could see the light and be healed i may not be entirely of that faith but i still carry some of its beliefs

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random epic ness of epic purposions

hi everyone i haven't been on here in a while but im just gonna say whoever doesnt use this site ur going to be deleted form ym friends list

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i wish i could take her back

she left and now i feel an empty spot in my soul bleeding and torn apart as if some one has drained the life right out of me

tormented iam by the sight of her leaving me i get no sleep at night waiting for her to return i just cant breath can you end this missory for me

i want to be with her but i know it will never work she's gone

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Litlle Lornette

why did you leave me mimzi why you told me we could talk on here but now you don't even get on here or msn any mroe i miss you

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i think i've fallin for a girl

she's really pretty and she seems to talk to me we have similar intrests and stuff but idk if she has a boyfriend or not

btw she's the same religion