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Happy Holidays and stuff

on November 17, 2016 - 11:44am

Well the holidays are approaching very fast.

So I hope whatever you celebrate it goes well.

I'm doing good other than the fact that I'm sick.

But I wish I had some one special to spend the holidays with.

*Sigh* maybe one day?

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The cold from Hell

on November 14, 2016 - 6:38am

Well as you can read from the title I have a bad Cold and am sick. It sucks cuz I'm congested as Fuck and coughing up my lungs. I think I got sick from either being around other people who might have been sick ( at Work) or from the Smoke from the forest fires here in Georgia.

Anyways I've found some old friends and shit on facebook but idk if any of them would be interested in talking to me anyways....

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When the cities burn down

on November 10, 2016 - 1:16pm

Well there's a massive Forrest Fire in my State in North Georgia in the Mountains; that started from a lightning strike, but it has burned over 6,700 Acres of land and the smoke has drifted as far south as Atlanta. It's soooooo Hazy and smells of smoke here.

It's pretty bad. I really hope we get rain soon, it's way too dry here.

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Sub Complications and Unknown Oddyeseys

on October 30, 2016 - 2:18pm

Well there's a girl at work that I really like and have a crush on. Her name is Burgundy and she is 19.
But that's the problem, is that too young? I mean she's really nice and we like the same things, but I'm scared to ask her out because of her age.

But then there is another girl named Taylor who is 21 but she's a Single Mom. So I'm not too crazy about that. Also I've been looking on a few sites that I'm on but haven't had much luck.

It seems every time I start to talk to some one they forget about me.


Even my best friend Andrea has forgotten about me.

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Of Mice & Men

on September 29, 2016 - 4:42pm

If I could find the words, if I could shake the world,
If I could turn back time would you still be there?

I can't stop thinking about the way
I left you sinking with no escape.
Now there's no lifeline, no way to save.
But maybe next time I won't throw it all away.

I ask myself everyday...

If I could find the words, if I could shake the world,
If I could turn back time would you still be there?
If I could find the words to say,
If I could shake the world to break you down,
Then would you still be there?

Would you still be there? [2x]

Dislocated, I lie awake
Suffocating in my mistakes.
I lost



Saturday August 20, 2016 
| Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Well I started with my new therapist on Thursday. And let's just say I don't think she is going to be a good match. she's an old hag ( pardon my language) and mainly she just got my back ground info on why I was diagnosed Bipolar/ Schizo Affective, which in terms is kinda personal and I don't always like to bring up my past because it stresses me.

But after that the bitch had the nerve to tell me about my diagnosis as if I didn't know this shit already.

And then after that, she called in my Psychiatrist who I haven't seen since I lived in Winder ( my old house and therapy clinic) and I told them that he was the one who diagnosed me Schizo Affective; and he fucking acted like he had no clue that he had done that. So he asked me about my hallucinations; and he was like do you have them all the time or no? I'm like not all the time. Then he was like which came first the voices or the hallucinations, and I'm like I never had voices, I would hear objects that weren't there but never voices; also I'd see things that weren't there but I had to explain that it doesn't happen all the time like I was an idiot and lying.

Other than that I went to stay the night at my friend Brad's house on Tuesday who also has Schizophrenia, and we went to NAMI ( National Alliance Mental Illness), and I was in the group with all the older members so it was kinda boring and I was the last person to talk and didn't really have anything to say other than let the group know it had been over a year since the last time I was there.

And my other two friends Brad and Dustin went with me so we were supposed to be in the same group but Brad went into a different room, cuz Dustin was in there and I was comfortable and had already sat down so I was bummed.

The other group I guess was the fun group and had all the girls in it ( Damn my Shitty luck) and according to my friends there were these two hot ( "Fun sized") Emo chicks who were talking about how they tried to ( off themselves) and then out of no where started talking about vaginas.

I was just like well shit I guess I should of been with you guys.

So that is my update of woes and bitchery

Saturday July 30, 2016 
| Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

So apparently there were some crazy nut job conspiracy guys who claimed the end of the world would be yesterday; because of polar flip?

What ever the fuck that means. Well the world didn't end and I bet those guys feel like total dumb asses now.

But yeah they were claiming that a 10th planet, which would have been 3 times larger than Earth would have passed by us and caused a Magnetic Polar Shift which would wipe out the Earths population.

Well that didn't happen. So we can all say we survived another end of the world Hoax.

Also there's a Sky Diver doing a Jump tonight with no parachute on live TV, he's supposed to land in a safety net.

I'm excited but also scared cuz what if he misses his target? then the whole world would of watched him die on live TV.

Thursday July 28, 2016 
| Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

well I haven't posted in a while but here we go.

So I had an ex ( I doubt she was even real) who went by Jane Caring on Facebook.

So She was mainly after my money cuz, she wanted me to save enough money to buy her a plane ticket to come visit me.

I'm like ok this is a little sketchy because she gave me her # ( she claimed she was from Florida; but the # registered to North Carolina) and it was a landline # that It registered to.

But I was able to text her, but never called her. She didn't have Face Time or Skype either.

So I'm like aight she's fake. So I played her little game and pretended to be interested.

so then I sent her a text one day and was like how much money do you have?

And she's like why are you asking me honey? then she asked how much I had.

I was like not a lot. and she's like what's that mean? be straight up with me.

I was like $2.

Then she was all you're very stupid, go to hell and never message me again.

I didn't reply but in my mind I'm like "Bye Felicia".

So now I'm just trying to find more local people that actually live within driving distance.

It's hard but I must not give up.

Friday June 24, 2016 
| Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Well I went to the waterpark today.

Me and my two friends and my one friends Care Taker ( Activities Director) [ he's Schizophrenic but acts as if he has low functioning Autism] so we went to White Water ( Six Flags Water Park) and we Rode the Tornado and Bermuda Triangle.

The Tornado was intense you go down a tube into an Inverted Funnel and me and my friend brad where in the tube together so we hit the wall on the funnel and went up really high on the wall; I thought we where going to fall out.

We both weight about 240 pounds. So my friend is like Oh Shit!! and I'm like hang on tight brad.

and me and my other friend dustin went down bermuda triangle and we hit the tube part of the ride and it was pitch black.

But all in all I had a good day.

And yesterday I went to my brothers house and we saw now you see me 2 and had hamburgers for dinner.

To all of you in California I hope you beat the heat and stay cool.

And i hope none of you are in the Wild fires.

Monday June 20, 2016 
| Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Well the title gives it away.

It's hot where I live like 90 degrees.

I burned my feet on the driveway today walking to get the trash from the street.

I think I will use my shoes the next time.

Anyways I'm supposed to go to White Water on Friday ( Six Flags Water Park in Marietta GA)

Hopefully it doesn't Rain or anything like that.

My Brother's Fiance's Family and my sister's Bf's family are coming for the 4th of July so it's going to be quite a party here soon.

My brother said they are going to Stone Mountain to see the laser show and fireworks one day but I'm not sure which day they are going.

I have my own since there legal here but I'd have to water the grass area near where we shoot them off, because we are in a drought.

Wednesday June 08, 2016 
| Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

To the edge
Til we all get off
I will take you away with me
Once and for all

Time will see us realign
Diamonds rain across the sky
Shower me into the same realm

Calculate I'll embrace
Hold on, come with me now
Run away outer space with me
Once and for all

Time will see us realign
Diamonds rain across the sky
Shower me into the same realm

Time will see us realign
Diamonds rain across the sky
I will lead us to the same realm

Get Set!

When the coffin shakes
And the needle breaks
Come run away with me
Come on you'll see
Once and for all

Time will see us realign
Diamonds rain across the sky
Shower me into the same realm

Time will lead us to the same realm
I will lead us to the same realm