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New Gee and Frank stuff

Sooooo, Gerards new stuff is ok, I like Brit pop stuff like Pulp and whatnot, but im not a massive fan. I want to like it more...maybe it will grow on me, buttttt
FRANKS album is awesome!!! a bit more the sound I wanted to hear.
cant wait till he tours the UK I have to go.
Excited! :-)

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moved in! and I have internet!!

Not that anyone would remember my last blog, but it was about moving, so, FINALLY we (me and my gf) are in our flat, and we have the internet!! Wooo!!
Its sad how much we all rely on the internet these, but anywho, how are we all?
What are we thinking of Gerards new stuff?

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So, moving....very stressful!
I am moving out with my gf, we are 25 and been together nearly two yrs, it will be awesome when we get there but estate agents are fucking annoying!!!
They lie and lie and lie some more, take it from me, there are no honest estate agents...if you find one...tell me please..thanks.
Thats the rant
Lots of love to you guys Killjoys Forever XxX

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Who has read the MCR book by Tom Bryant then?

Sup guys and girls,
Who has read The True Lives Of My Chemical Romance? Written by Tom Bryant.
What do we think of it?
I wasnt able to get to the meet up in London at the start of June due to work, but an awesome mate got me the book :-)
Also I miss everyone here :-(
Hope everyone is awesome!!

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letters to gerard

Hey all,
As I am sure most of you have written to gerard, has anyone had a reply?
I did write one letter as I thought writting multiple times was a bit much, and to give hima chance to read letters from lots of people, he probably got millions...anywho, anyone get a reply?

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And I am left to wonder once again...

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Who else is enjoying the Killjoy comics then?
I havent been on here for ages and I feel like ive lost touch with this little community.
So im back to say hey!!
Hope you are all ok

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Anyone who cant get a Kerrang want one?

hey guys,
so the Kerrang MCR special is out, and i know alot pf countrys cant get it. so i have bought some extra ones and i would like to send them to fellow fans who really want it.
i like to think if i wanted something that was avaikable elsewhere my my chem family would help me out.
i only have 2, so who wants one?

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address' s

Hey guys,
Need some help, can i have the postal address' s for the band...really want to write some thankyous, seems fitting after following them for 8yrs.
Thanks in advance for any help :-)
Love you all XxX

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Conventional Weapons!!!!!!!

i dont have to say it.....we are ALL thinking the same thing!



my day at work was crap, but this has turned everything around! best friday for a while! lol