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Well I must be tall

on April 17, 2016 - 7:24am

Haven't had a blog since Tuesday because all my blogs are repeats of the previous ones. I was gonna make one on Friday but it would be just a crush one but I don't want to be know as the girl who is addicted to her crush so I didn't. All that happened was at lunch it was just our year group so I could see him easier and then in Quad, he either looking at me or my friend but I could tell he was looking in our direction because he was about a metre or two away so yeah. My friend was freaking out because someone sprayed her with boy's deodorant but my crush wasn't looking straight at her though.

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Window seats are good :3

on April 12, 2016 - 8:55am

Fourth time lucky. I kept clicking off by mistake. Not much has happened today so I'll talk about the interesting stuff. French: As I was walking into the classroom, looking into my crush's classroom across the hallway, the teacher was sitting people in new seats. Now I don't usually mind where I sit but I hope I'm not sat where I am for the reason I was thinking of. So I'm not sat on the table right at the back. There is meant to be four people on the table but there is just two of us. Now I wouldn't mind that if it was someone that would actually talk to me.

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Wait... I have friends?

on April 12, 2016 - 2:50am

I've been spending most of my time messaging people on Talk and To The End, oh and Twitter, so I didn't make a blog yesterday. Not much happened yesterday anyway so I'll make a blog tonight.

~Charlotte, Charlottie~

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on April 9, 2016 - 4:33pm

A bit late, because it's already the 10th for me but happy birthday Gee!

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Why was that test so easy?

on April 8, 2016 - 8:54am

We had a test in French and it was easy as to say that it's worth 15% of our grade.
Just a reminder, I try to reply to every comment so if you do comment on my posts, check back the day after for a reply. It's nice to see a load of new faces on this site and I'd like to make some new friends.
So let's go through the day, if I can remember it XD.
Bus: Some of my friends have started walking to school rather than getting the bus so the bus stop was nearly empty. The bus was still full.
At school before lessons: Sat on the usual table, it's definitely not because my crush sits on the table



Monday March 21, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

I've just realised how bad this March has been for me being a Eddsworld fan and a killjoy.

To start off, let's get the simple one out of the way. March 22nd. I believe there are people 'celebrating' that right now. I have about Hm 7 hours until March 22nd. There's one thing. To be Frank, that's the only My Chem thing on my calendar for March.

Now let's get into Eddsworld. To start off, 4 years ago on the 25th of March, Edd Gould died from leukaemia. He was the 'star of the show' as some may say. He was the animator and a voice actor for his character, Edd. What else? This year, this March, the Eddsworld Legacy has come to a close. No more animations, at least for a while. What else? On the 9th this month, The End Part 1 came out. 15th the Eddsworld Documentary came out. 16th The End Part 2 came out.

So I'm not having a good March. I don't hate March, it's just I hate THIS March. Although, saying that so much good has come from this March. I don't want to be a person where bad overtakes good. I'll try not to be too upset tomorrow XD

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Saturday March 19, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

So I'm not in a happy mood right now because I've only just taken into realisation that all good things have to end. Why? Surprisingly it's not a mcr thing although that does link into it. It's my favourite YouTube channel. Now my favourite YouTube channel is Eddsworld. You may have heard of it or you may have not but please stick around whilst I tell my tale. So I've been a fan for a while but if you haven't read my bio on here it says 'I've never felt so guilty to miss out on something. Wait... I missed out on Eddsworld. Rip Mcr and Edd Gould'. Now, I was just maybe a year off watching the animations that the original animator, Edd, animated. He died in 2012 and I found his channel maybe late 2013/ 2014. Now that was one end but another has just come.

After Edd's passing, Tom, one of the voice actors on the channel, agreed for Edd that he would continue the channel to make Edd proud and he did. Now, just this month an animation on the Eddsworld channel came called 'The End Part 1'. Now at first I thought it was some joke from the video but it turns out it's something bigger.

When The End Part 2 came out, I only realised it was the end of the Eddsworld legacy whilst watching the credits so I wrote a massive comment saying thanks to everyone for continuing on the channel. It hadn't kicked it that that was the end. The official end until now.

How did I realise? Well I was on tumblr, searching up a username because I agreed to follow them. Afterwards I was looking at the top searches or whatever and guess what was there. Eddsworld. I had a look at it and smiled at first because I saw loads of fan art from the channel but then I saw a post from Tom about it. He was showing that it was the end of the Eddsworld Legacy and that if it did carry on then he would no longer be associated with the channel. He said he had passed it on to Edd's family and they can continue if they choose.

So without Tom, the only main character that has their original voice actor would be Matt. Edd was voiced by Tim. When Tord came back for the The End vids, he was voiced by Jamie and only Tom and Matt voiced their own characters. Without Tom then that just leaves Matt. I though you couldn't have Eddsworld without Edd but Tom proved that wrong. Now how can we have Eddsworld without Tom?

So why do all good things have to end? Mcr ended, Eddsworld is coming to a close and unfortunately I know that one day I won't be using sites like this anymore. At least I have this one saying from my mum to keep me going 'You never really grow out of the things you enjoyed when you were 13'. She even proved it by saying 'I still like Guns N Roses' and my dad proved it by saying 'I still like The Jam'. I bet there are some of you out there that could argue back to that or wish that was wrong but I hope it to be true. In ten years time, I still want to be a Killjoy, I still want to be watching Eddsworld and Tomska and Dan and Phil and I want to be happy. I don't care if it ends, it's still there. It's still content I can watch or listen to. It still exists.

All good things don't have to end, you just have to sacrifice some for others to last.

'Eddsworld, Eddsworld! I'm sorry who's world again? Eddsworld. With Tom! (Blue Hoodie)… Matt! (Purple hoodie also green overcoat)… Edd! (Green hoodie)' We can just cross some of them out now :(

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Friday March 18, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

I know why they exist they are just annoying. We have had quite a couple and we have a lot more to come : / That's why I've been quite quiet on here. Stress has been taking over and all I've wanted to do is talk to people privately. I've been on talk a lot along with to the end. This site has just been left. Sorry. Now, what can I talk about?

This week is the Sports Relief week so we have been celebrating it with Guides and school. If you don't know what Sports Relief is then just google it.

In Guides, we did a sports meeting where we did runs and skipping whilst wearing red and donating a pound. I got some sports relief socks with the year 2012 on them. That's before 2013. This was on Wednesday.

At school, we did a mile run in PE whilst again wearing red and donating a pound. This was on Thursday. They put a picture of us all on Twitter so if I can find out how to get the link for the picture on my iPad then I'll add it in the comments. I'm right near the front wearing a I Like Trains top from asdf movie.

I guess that's really all that was interesting...

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Tuesday March 15, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

So the highlight of today was in French for once.

We walk into the classroom and it's boiling hot in there. Well before that, I looked across the corridor at the class there because that's where my crush was. I think he say me enter the room because he was near the window as I entered. The teacher came round and handed us sheets saying 'How to revise for your controlled assessment' in bold at the top. Well, I'm not prepared for a test that is literally 15% - 25% of my grade and the end of Year 10.

So I was panicking inside. Ha Panic. I'm currently listening to Let's Kill Tonight. I wasn't showing it on the outside apart from the fact that I was very slow with my actions like 10% slower than the rest of the people on my table. All the pressure got to me too heavily so I just stopped revising. It didn't help that it was boiling in the room so I was boiling up because of my panic and because of the temperature of the room. I asked my friend to ask miss if she'd open the window. The window was opened but being on the other side of the classroom didn't help so I decided to pretend I needed the toilet to get some fresh air in to calm me down. I got my planner signed so I could leave the classroom and just opened the door and walked out. As I walked in the corridor, I looked into my crush's class and I think he saw me. I was in L block and the toilets in L block have been locked since they got the new doors in so since April last year. Sometime around then. I had to walk to U block. That meant I could go out of the building and into the breeze. It was cold but it was a good chill. It felt better than being in the classroom. I was enjoying it so much that I walked the long way round to the toilets so I was outside for longer.

When I got to the toilets, I didn't use it because I didn't need it. I just needed an excuse to calm myself down. I sat on the toilet seat and put my head in my hands. Luckily, the U block toilets are full rooms apart from like a crack under the door so I had a bit of room to walk around. After a minute or so of walking around the room, I left the toilets and went back out and into the cold. It was refreshing and I wished that I could have all my revision lessons out side so I can calm myself down. I got back to the classroom and did better job at revising than I did when I first got into the classroom.

I get really stressed when I'm revision for tests. Sometimes the stress turns into anger, sometimes into upset and sometimes into panic. I don't think I'm ever happy whilst revising and that's why I find it hard to tell myself to revise.

Now with this test coming up I have to revise. Luckily the test isn't until after the week off school next week so I'll have time to revise during that time. Now let this be a warning. If I'm not on many of these sites then that will be why. I'll be trying to persuade myself to revise. If the weather is good then I'll do what I used to do and go out into the garden with a blanket and lay down on the grass and revise out there with the breeze to calm me down. I may even put some music on quite quietly to calm me down but not to distract me.

We find out on Friday what the test is about so I'll have a better idea of what to revise. I won't start revising now because I know that not knowing what the test is about will make my revise sessions into just a shouting rant against my dad. 'HOW AM I MEANT TO REVISE WHEN I DONT KNOW WHAT TO REVISE?'. I just can't tell myself to revise everything just incase. I'm not like that. It has to be specific. If it isn't then the stress will turn to panic then to anger and there will be no progress. I rarely revise for tiny tests because I know all it will do is that. Big tests I try to revise at least every day from the day I find out what the test is about till the day of the test.

Well let's just hope for good weather! *crosses fingers*
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Monday March 14, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

Highlight of the day: To be Frank, not much has happened so don't be surprised if this turns into all of today.

There are some new nicknames for the creepy bus because... well I got on it today because it was the first bus to turn up. It was late at the time it turned up so all I wanted to do was get to school. According to the driver, they don't allow people to stand up on the bus because it is an old bus. You can tell it's an old bus because it has seat belts. It's more like a coach rather a bus. New designs don't have seatbelts and allow people to stand. I was sat next to some year 7. Behind me was (Erm does he have a nickname? Nope. He won't mind his name on here) Drew and diagonal to me was Emily 2. About three rows down was Alex and Cam (sorry about that nickname. It's all I could think of) but they were trying to hide from us. The old buses also have three seats in a row on the left side and two on the right and they seem to have double the amount of seats as the downstairs area of a normal bus. I guess standing makes up for those missing seats though. So us three year 9s were talking about why the other bus didn't turn up and Emily 2 said that the other bus went straight past their stop and seemed to head off in the wrong direction. I asked her if she thinks it would come to my usual stop to pick up the twenty or so students missed by the bus we were on

I'll finish this later gtg

Friday March 11, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

I've decided only to do blogs on the most interesting thing that happens to me. Wait that will mean I'll have no blogs on a weekend. Na, I couldn't not do a blog for more than two days. I'll just do whatever is in my head on a weekend. Now today's interesting thing is from lunch... for once. It also links isn't after school too so ill tell you when the switch is.

So it started as a typical Friday lunch time. I leave DT with Maddy to go get lunch. We accidentally walked around the long way to the car so we had to stand in a queue. We were at the front though. Anyway I got a 'crispy chicken salad with barbecue sauce',a banana milkshake and a chocolate cookie. Maddy just got some melon cubes. We bumped into our friend (not literally bumped just saw oh and he doesn't have a nickname) J so we walked with him through the crowds and to our table. J went and sat on the high tables on the walls and me and Maddy went and sat on one of the lower tables with our group of friends. (I really wish I'd put music on now. It's so quiet). Now Kempy, sat at the other side of the table, picked up a £5 note from the floor that was dropped by L. Now he didn't know it was hers so he announced it to the table 'I legitimately found a fiver on the floor'. L, who was stood right next to him, said 'Erm that's mine' trying not to be mean. Nowhere refused to give it back but that's what Kempy is like. Trust me, I've known him for many years. Maddy noticed that Kempy wouldn't give it back so she fought she would fight for her. (A and 'Phan trash', that will be her nickname now, are spamming me saying stuff about Dan and Phil) L didn't really mind that Kempy wouldn't give it back because she knows what he's like from being in classes with him for two years. Maddy gets up and walks over to the other side of the table. Now can I say that at the point she stood up, I knocked all my food onto the floor by mistake. Luckily all that was left was one chicken strip and the salad but I only ever eat the chicken anyway. I was just picking up tomatoes and lettuce up off the floor whilst the next part happened but I've heard two sides of the tale. One from Maddy and one from E's boyfriend, Alex. I can say his full name cause we count each other as 'best friends' although we know it's false. We just grew up together and we are really good friends. Anyway Alex said that Maddy punched Kempy and he tapped her on the face back. Maddy said that he slapped her round the face and then slapped 'old lady cloud'. Maddy comes crying back over to my side of the table with L trailing behind. Now being the 'comedian' I am, I tried to make her laugh cause i didn't know why she was crying. I said 'I know how to make you happy! I knocked all my food on the floor' pointing at a lone tomato and a couple lettuce leaves. She started cracking up. I made her laugh again because she'd left one melon so I called it 'the Lone Ranger'. She then overheard Kempy making some jokes and she shouted across the table 'Is that your job in life? To make people feel s*** about themselves?' She then started to cry again so I tried to make done more jokes. I made a joke whilst she was still crying and then I said 'I can't tell if those are tears of joy or what..'. We were just cracking up the rest of the time on the table. I left her with 'the Lone Ranger' and L and I headed off into Quad.

Skip to the end of the day and I was talking with Gabby and Alex as we were walking from the bus stop to our houses. That's when I hear Alex's side of the tale. I heard a mixture of Maddy's and L's at the table. His was probably more reliable because he wasn't involved but he was acting really biased towards Kempy. All Gabby was really doing was looking at my highlighted fingers. I got bored in French so I highlighted my fingers on my left hand with coloured stripes. In order going from left to right I had a purple finger, a blue finger, a yellow finger, a green finger and an orange finger. Now after washing my hands quite a bit, most of the flour has gone and all I can really see is the blue and green stripes. They look exactly the same colour now, turquoise.

Well I really did need a whole blog for this XD

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~