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Wow! I need to praise my family

on April 30, 2016 - 6:57am

On Wednesday, I realised how much my family do for me because of a video to do with a bad son and mother relationship. I mean seriously I take most of the stuff they do for granted and I wish I didn't. Here is an example from most of my families that I am so thankful for:

Dad - Went out at midnight to a store to see if they had something that I needed for my homework that was due in THAT DAY
Mum - She always cleans the house and I never help out. Whenever she cleans my room, I just sit on my and watch YouTube videos or listen to music
Brother - Max puts up with all my thoughts.

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Why was English so dark?

on April 25, 2016 - 9:27am

Day.. Day.. Day! LET'S GO!

First lesson - Drama: We had a supply teacher and we were in a different room. No one was doing the work. I was drawing on whiteboards in the corner with my friends. Some people I knew were crying because of something they had happened before school. Someone was crying because her group wasn't paying attention and the rest of the class was just sat or running around the room. By the Way, we are all teenagers and not toddlers XD
Second lesson - Science: So we have a concequence system at our school where you have c1 - c6 Permo. C1 to C3 are warnings.

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Waiting for Monday

on April 24, 2016 - 8:02am

So I was talking with my friend on Friday at lunch and she noticed I was smiling and she asked why. I told her it was because I could see my crush. She asked who it were and I said I would tell her online later on in the day because it was a very busy area we were in. So I got home and messaged her online and told her who it was. She said that she'd never seen me talking to him and I told her about how we don't really talk because we are acquaintances rather than friends and she offered to sort of introduce us because she is friends with him.

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Weird day. I am weird though XD

on April 21, 2016 - 8:38am

Day, day, day! Let's go

First lesson - English: The computer broke for the first 10 minutes of the lesson so we just chatted. Nothing else.
Second lesson - Maths: So for some reason, people were asking others what their dads are called. Now they were doing this was because they were trying to find people with dads that have names that are really typical, like the first thing that comes to your head type names, so they could made a band out of them names 'The' [insert the town I live in] 'Dads'. So my dad has a typical name so when I said my dad's name, they laughed and added him to the list.

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Well, I feel like I have a problem

on April 20, 2016 - 12:54pm

At guides tonight, we were watching clips from an event that one of our young leaders went to in Japan. Now it was a really big event and I mean really big. I don't remember how many people went but it was in the thousands somewhere like 20,000 maybe? I don't know. Anyway so there was a clip that showed the area that they camped in and it was massive and then there were the clips of the people that went... and I sort of had a mini panic attack. I don't know why. I guess it was because of such a large thing and maybe it was just too many people or the fact that the event was so large.



Tuesday April 12, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

I've been spending most of my time messaging people on Talk and To The End, oh and Twitter, so I didn't make a blog yesterday. Not much happened yesterday anyway so I'll make a blog tonight.

~Charlotte, Charlottie~

Saturday April 09, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

A bit late, because it's already the 10th for me but happy birthday Gee!

Friday April 08, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

We had a test in French and it was easy as to say that it's worth 15% of our grade.
Just a reminder, I try to reply to every comment so if you do comment on my posts, check back the day after for a reply. It's nice to see a load of new faces on this site and I'd like to make some new friends.
So let's go through the day, if I can remember it XD.
Bus: Some of my friends have started walking to school rather than getting the bus so the bus stop was nearly empty. The bus was still full.
At school before lessons: Sat on the usual table, it's definitely not because my crush sits on the table behind on a morning *winks* (sarcasm). He brushed passed the table.
First lesson - Maths: SOMEONE WAS SINGING TWENTY ONE PILOTS' STRESSED OUT! I felt like joining in but they were singing most of the words wrong so they would of probably blamed me for getting it wrong.
Second lesson - English: We had a normal lesson, for once.
Break: SKIP
VMG: Talked, downloaded some photos onto my memory stick
Third lesson - DT: We were designing logos for made up companies. I didn't have a company name so I made the logo first. The logo looked like a lemon wearing sunglasses so I called my company Nerdy Lemon Inc. (like the gaming lemon). My crush's cousin called me Charlottie today. I nearly laughed in his face. (P.s the joke is some people on this site call/called me Charlottie because it sounded 'cute')
Lunch: After eating my food, I went out into Quad and there were a load of boys in my year group playing tig. They started to grow a crowd by the end of lunch, everyone in Quad was looking at them. The year 11s were mocking them but they continued on. They do this every lunch time. I feel like my crush was looking right at me again in front of L block.
Fourth and fifth lesson - French: A test the whole 2 hour lesson. So easy, well at least it was easy for me. Everyone around me were panicking (ha panic). I was there smiling the whole way through. They should of studied more XD.
I'm done! My day is never too interesting XD

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Thursday April 07, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

Well I haven't posted since 22nd of March and I haven't had much to talk about anyway so if I did post it would of just been like one word blogs. Let's talk about stuff.

This morning, before school, I left my friend in the cafeteria without telling her where I went. When I came back to the cafe she was sat on a table with one of my friends. The bell was about to ring and we stood up and so did the table behind us. Guess who was on that table? My crush and one of his friends. Anyway so we stood up and my friend said to the other guy 'Oh it's okay now! I've found Charlotte'. He then asked 'where is she?' because he doesn't know me. My friend points at me; my crush and his friend look at me. MY CRUSH SAID HI TO ME! I just waved because I couldn't get my words out. It's the fact that he looked at me longer than his friend and his friend didn't really say hi that makes me smile.

The other day, he was looking at me and then turned towards his friend and then his friend put his hands on his shoulders. I don't know why he did this but he was definitely looking at me because he turned back and looked again. Is that bad or good? I don't know. Can anyone tell me why he may of looked at me?

I'm pretty sure I've seen him point to me or just look at me perfectly in line at me with his cousin. I don't know what is going on but it's only started at the start of March.

The rest of the day hasn't had much happening. Wait, we did half a lesson of work in English because the project overheated. It's not as bad as yesterday. We did 15 minutes of English because miss told the class she was vegetarian and the 'dumber' lot of the class were asking why.

That's all really!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Tuesday March 22, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

I think Instagram is fed up of me spamming March 22nd stuff. Already today I've posted 27 posts and 9 of them are videos. Some to do with my chem and some just to do with me. I privated my account again because I got floods of followers that I blocked.

Surprisingly I've only posted once on my fan account on tumblr. My Instagram is a personal account. So yeah. I've just left Instagram for now. I'll watch YouTube clips

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~

Monday March 21, 2016 
| Posted by: Charbarmanning

So its March 22nd for me and im already 'celebrating' at quatre past midnight by listening to bullets. Wait why has the live version of The Ghost of You come on when im listening to Bullets?