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Heyo /(^~^)\

Got ma hair done!!!! FINALLY XD it was a pretty rad weekend. I was out of internet range at my grandparents house the whole time. BAKING!!!! ^~^ made peanut brittle, pecan brittle, fudge, it was awesome.... Missed a bunch of drama on facebook **thank god!** haha XD and guess what!! I GOT A PART IN THE SPRING PLAY!!!!!!!! XD XD I'm so excited!! even if i only get to be a dead body, it's super awesome! XD I actually get to be two different dead bodies XD I can't wait!!

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hey guys i'm back.

I'll just say this, after a long year out of life I finally came back. I've missed you all and I hope y'all are alive and well xxx killjoys forever

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Hey there,

So I'm from Wisconsin and I was wondering if there are any MCRmy members in Wisconsin? If so message me I'd love to talk!!!❤️

Xo, Acid Sunshine

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I'm brand new on this site, I've known about it for a while, but never got around to making an account. I remember the first time I heard MCR. I think I was like 5, so about 8 years ago, and Helena was playing on MTV. I loved the video and always asked my sister to play it for me on youtube. I was infatuated with the video and then when I got a bit older I listened to Teenagers and I'm Not Okay. Now I've heard almost every song released by them, except for a few songs from Bullets. (psst...add me on wattpad cx my username is hesitant-killjoy-118)

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newsflash: I have feelings!

I have the reputation for not really wearing my heart on my sleeve and not really being vocal about what might've been bothering me if I appear sad. Not like a "heartless bitch" reputation, but like I've been told that I have a vibe that communicates general hate (Yeah, I'm a little bitter/cynical/spiteful at times but seriously. Outside of the work/school setting I'm actually really lively and happy and junk) at times So because of this, people have taken to teasing me about things that I am in fact quite sensitive about, and yeah, it really bugs me. They don't know this, obviously, because I don't let on.

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hey its me again. I know this is going to sound really messed up but is it weird that I believe in the devil and that ghosts or spirits can haunt. also that I think death is really fascinating. is it weird that im death obsessed. but I guess im just messed up like that. but is it just me or is that weird. I hope you all have a good week.

xxxxx HANNAH

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one week left!!!!!

hey my family of killjoys. I cant wait cus ive only got one week of school left and after this week I don't have to see those bitches for the next couple of weeks. I hate my school so much. its like everyone is really fake and being someone their not just to impress someone. but then theres me who is the only person who listens to heavy metal and wears black. I mean im one of the only people who is sticking to who they are. I HATE PEOPLE SO MUCH! but at least I can come on here and talk to people who are nice sweet and who are true to themselves. why is everyone so fake. I mean I refuse to be friends with someone whos fake because you wont know what they are really like. that's why I cant trust anyone in my school. I cant even trust my little group of friends cus when I trusted one person I got bullied for it and she also made me depressed. I hate life sometimes. but thanxs all of you cus you all really help me and are so sweet to me. ( soz for the rant)


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if you wanted honesty

am i the only one screaming inside?

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Hi I'm Alexis

Hello. My name is Alexis, I'm 15 and I'm from India.

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!!!!!!!!TAP LESSONS!!!!!!!!!!!1111

I've always loved the idea of performing, but ever since I was little, I've been dubbed as "the shy girl" (which really pisses me off because even my family calls me "the shy one" when referencing to myself and little sister and doesn't really allow me to grow as a person) and I've been living up to that title up until last year, when I started becoming more confident, and in turn a little more vocal. I'm still quiet, but when it comes to shy, I'm more uncomfortable around new people in new situations, and that's something I get over fairly quickly now.

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Blog Entry:5:48

Mood- Emo

vdhjfdo;i ghipdfgvhpdv huidfvh pidfhvdkljv d hvdhivbd uvr dhilvbfdkjl

IHeartBullets says: what are you doing tonight?

KillMyselfBecauseILoveYou: I dunno prolly gonna *** Myself

IHeartBullets says: that's cool us emo's so deep it's un bear able

KillMyselfBecauseILoveYou: Sigh

IHeartBullets Says: Heavy Sigh

Hang in there my love

Scene Two

Lars Hey Lars You left that (&^*^&%^&% MCR CD in my Car again

*backgorund music* and it goes like this and I'm already there and she's calling my name from the streets saying the water is poison and I say come on and give me my poison

Lars: GET OUT *shoots le prep dude with airsoft gun*

Hey woah hey oooooowwwww hey that hurts!!!

* evil music in background*

woah okay man just calm down I'm going to leave this here ok?


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My chemical romance saved my life. I mean I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for them. also if I ever feel down I can listen to them and I feel a lot better. mcr is the one thing that means most to me. this site has always helped me as well. im so glad ive found mcr. I love them and always will love them.

xxxxxx HANNAH.

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So here i am, today such a different person. I'm so happy that i'm back. I can't focus on writing this cuz im sitting in front of my telly and watchin some disco stuff. Yeah... that's the evidence that im okay. I had to had an impulse to change and it was my friend who noticed that my behaviour isn't the same as it was in my days of empire. I love her so much!

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My Chemical Heartbreak

Some songs just make you feel, you know? Bittersweet hurt. That means its a good song in my book, if it can touch and effect you.
I found some of those songs. Songs by mcr like:

Disenchanted (live in mexico)
The kids from yesterday
Desert song
The light behind your eyes
the world is ugly (sometimes)
The kids from yesterday (gerard's narration)
Stay (not on an album)
Shut up and play

The songs that make you shiver. Make your head rush cold. make you feel understood. Make you understand. That's what MCR has done for me.

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Weird Day....

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