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is mcr getting back together?

hi everyone. sorry for not posting anything lately. as you know there are diffrent quotes on the front page of this website. and i signed in and it came up with listen up and i was just wondering if this is mcrs way of saying that mcr is getting back together. but it is really unlikely but i wish it was true. anyway in my life at the moment im getting bullied again and yesturday i got stalked home by 4 boys and because they insulted me for listening to mcr i lost it and swore at them and kicked them in the balls in the middle of the street. i mean my life was going right and now these boys are just starting the bullying back up. i just hate my year and i wish i could just stay home and listen to mcr all day. but thats my life so far and its shit but i hope your lives are going well and KEEP RUNNING AND STAY STRONG.



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Danger Days Messages

So I'm seeing Danger Days messages when I refresh? First it was "Listen Up!" Hell yea, I'm listening. Jgffhxv. Jakajxb. Then it was "Do it now, Do it loud!" I believe. Now its "Keep Running!" What's going on?

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30 day mcr challenge.

Day 12: Favourite photo of Ray
Idk why :)
BTW I saw the future is bulletproof and look alive sunshine thing I hadn't seen it till now is it a hacker? I hope its a secret message from MCR to tell us their reuniting but tbh it probably won't be..... :'(
All I know is the Future Of The MCRmy Is Bulletproof

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Weather forecasters are right

We got 2 or so feet!!

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Still taking suggestions.

As of right now, I am designing a locked heart with a saying to go with, and a Unicopia. Anyone want anything?

On another topic, another one of the main roles for our Spring play quit. I'm trying out for the part, though I doubt I'll get it. My drama teacher has a habit of going back on her word, also I'm not that great of an actress. Oh Well, right ;)
And yet another topic, my best friend in Montana is FANTASTIC at doing makeup. I haven't seen her in over a year, so when she sent me a photo of her and her different make up styles, I was blown away! She's just gotten so much more beautiful since last year! and her makeup, Dayum!

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What's Happening?

So I keep on hearing about this Danger Days flash stuff...someone please explain?
I'm confused, haven't been on in a while...

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so someone really close to me passed away this weekend and the memorial is on saturday and i cant force myself to go but i can't miss it and i literally have no motivation to do anything anymore and i dont give a fuck about school because i dont have any friends besides nik and i cant do anything anymore and i just want out of this house because everyone is so mean and i just dont care anymore. skating is impossible and whats going on with gerard?? revenge makeup and black parade hair?? if they're seeding a reunion im gonna be confused. if anything, i expected danger days 2019 setting to come true.

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So I'm sure you've all seen the post about the things going on with MCR and the website, how the Danger Days flashing disappearing updates (I've been checking and refreshing the site like a drug addict in withdrawal) and all that stuff, well guys did you see this??? Black Parade hair and Revenge makeup? AM I OVERREACTING OR?????

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Drawing failures


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we're supposed to get 2-3 feet of snow!! school is already canceled for tomorrow. we're betting the power will go out too
- Z

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Give me some stuff to draw?

I'm designing a Tattoo for my sister, and a couple more for my friends. If you've got some ideas, i could draw them out and add them to my portfolio. I'm not very good, but it could give me some practice.

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Still no news on the flashy Danger Days references then? Probably a hacker out there to disappoint us, but lets just hope I'm wrong. Anyways, here is the second cover i posted on youtube Chandelier - Sia. Hope you guys like it and ill post a blog when i have something new up! :)

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 11: favourite photo of Mikey

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30 Day MCR challenge

Day 11: Favourite photo of Mikey

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Gerard Way in Amsterdam

january 24, 2015. That was the day I went to my second concert. It was the first time I saw Gerard live and it was amazing.
around 13:00 I was in Amsterdam
13:20 I picked up my comic, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
14:28 after being lost for an hour I finally found 'De Melkweg' where the concert was. (Fun Fact: melkweg is Dutch for Milky way and Milky way sounds like Mikey Way)
14:45 Gerard came out the tour bus and I saw him! He's so short omfg.
19:08 the doors finally open and I storm to the merch table to buy a Gerard Way shirt. then I hurry to the podium to stand in front.
'Nothing but thieves' opened the concert and gave us concert-vibes! after them gerard came up. He gave amazing speeches about transgender kids and mental illnesses.
the concert went great and there were only two songs left. then it happened... I felt lightheaded and after half a minute I fainted. I was like 1 meter away from Gerard and I didn't notice O.o